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“Flintstones family” names: These are the characters from the cartoon series

With "Familie Feuerstein" a funny cartoon series hit the American television screens in the 60s. We want to introduce you to the characters by name.

The “Feuerstein Family” leads a turbulent life in the Stone Age town of Steintal. Together with a couple of friends, the prehistoric clan repeatedly slips into the most impossible adventures or works on the larger and smaller problems of everyday prehistoric life. The cartoon series was conceived in the 1960s by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, who had previously developed the humorous cat-and-mouse game of "Tom and Jerry" as feature films for the MGM film studio. As early as 1962, the animators understood “The Jetsons” as a futuristic alternative - because in the equally funny cartoon it is a family who will plunge into everyday chaos in the future. But we want to show you the Stone Age figures with their names and properties.

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“Flintstone Family” names: These are the members of the Stone Age family

Fred Flintstone

Fred is the head of the eponymous family and married to Wilma. The proud family man is basically a warm and selfless guy, even if he gets loud every now and then and can freak out a bit. But that's mostly because of his best friend, who keeps driving him crazy. Despite his sometimes childish behavior, Fred is a good father. The hardworking worker can be recognized by his sturdy stature and orange shirt.

Wilma Feuerstein

Wilma is Fred's wife and the one in marriage who is much more serious and has a strong will. In addition, the attractive redhead always acts prudently. Wilma can also be recognized optically by her white dress, pearl necklace and red lipstick. She proves that the loving wife is one of the most beautiful women in Steintal in an episode in which she sneaks into a beauty pageant with her friend Betty. But sometimes Wilma is also unhappy, which then manifests itself in a heartbreaking sob.

Pebbles flint

Pebbles is Fred and Wilma's little daughter. The special trademark is the bone braided into red hair. Usually the girl is seen in a green dress with black dots, the diapers change in color over the course of the seasons. Because of her age, Pebbles is of course playful at the beginning, but also a very cute child. However, the little one can also be very energetic when she wants something. Her talent for baseball is evident in the first few years of her life.

Barney Rubble

In addition to being Fred's colleague in the mining industry, Barney is his best friend. In contrast to Fred, Barney is much more benevolent and relaxed. Basically, Barney is more positive than his best friend - who is always the target of Barney little jokes and banter. The rather short caveman can be recognized by his brown shirt and blond hair. In addition, Barney is a loyal and caring husband to his Betty who almost adores his loved one.

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Betty Rubble

Betty is Barney's wife and can be recognized by her blue dress and black hair. In contrast to Fred and Wilma's relationship, marriage with her husband is marked by far more affection. Affection, which the two show publicly without shame. Betty is also very prudent and considered when the two men have gotten into trouble again, but every now and then she becomes emotional, which can sometimes end in tears. In the course of the series, Betty likes to be more stubborn. Their jealousy also becomes an issue over time.

Bamm-Bamm Rubble

Bamm-Bamm is the son of Barney and Betty, but not a biological one. After they find Bamm-Bamm in front of their door, they adopt the child without further ado. The little rascal can be recognized by his white hair and the tiger-look peaked cap. The boy gets his name when he swings his baseball bat and shouts "Bamm-Bamm". The boy is incredibly strong and cannot always control his strength. As a teenager, however, he becomes calmer and more sensitive, which is not least due to pebbles. At the first meeting he falls in love with his neighbor.


Dino is a "Dogasaurus" and the Feuerstein's pet. Basically the animal is a dinosaur, but it is characterized by the typical behavior of a dog. One year before Pebble was born, Fred finds the stray dinosaur and just wants to play with him for a while, but he follows him home - where he is taken in by Wilma and Fred. Dino is not only playful and loyal, but also a protector for pebbles and bamm-bamm. Dino's skin is purple with black spots and he has three black hairs on his head.

“Family Feuerstein” names: From television to the cinema

By the way, for “Familie Feuerstein” it wasn't just a TV appearance. Their names and properties were later used again in two real-life films. In "Flintstones - The Flintstones" stars like John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Elizabeth Perkins and Rosie O’Donnell embark on a Stone Age adventure. And in “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” from 2000, Hollywood greats like Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin and Alan Cummings slip into the roles of popular cavemen.

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