How do I install Body Lift Kit Rodeo

Bodiliftkit absolutely need your help

So the BL is inside, even without extending the steering linkage.

Thank you for your help.

Only since the kit is inside (which looks awesome) do I have a few more questions.

1. At the back you look directly at the tank (between the bumper and the body) how do you have that?

2. The gap between the axle and the body is sanded in the wheel arches with a rubber mat, which is the best and where can I get it at the cheapest price?

3. In front the black cover with Jeep on it, it is now so strangely high in the middle, are you leaving it that way?

4. Due to the BL, I would need larger tires, at least for optical reasons, so you have to help me, what for which, where can I get them very cheap (the price is very important because I am a trainee and have little kneading ^^). As for info in the vehicle registration document, 15.1: P215 / 75R15 100S and 15.2: P215 / 75R15 100S