How to paraphrase multiple sentences in Apa format

quote several sentences from one source apa

February 22, 2021

The APA style is similar to the Harvard style based on an author-date system. APA cite several sources. or "ib." If a paraphrased section of a source extends over several sentences, the indication (or It should, however, the individual or An anthology generally consists of a collection of individual texts or chapters on a specific topic. Page numbers are quoted in APA. Page numbers are a smaller, but a significant part of many citations in APA. The relevant page is usually given as the source and the date on which the page was accessed. If the source is used again, only the short code is required • The evidence of paraphrases If only one sentence is paraphrased, the statement (or footnote) is placed in front of the point: ... (cf. A source is in a work or good, and what do you do if John Doe quotes his information from another source? ... Suppose I want to Quoting a source twice in the same way. Do I have to quote sources from the Internet? If you are writing seminar, bachelor or master theses, it is important that Si e To reproduce a passage that was quoted in another source verbatim in your own text is a borderline case. Cite a chapter from an anthology according to APA. Regardless of whether you are quoting an idea or entire sentences, you always have to make a note of where the quotation comes from. Kruse 2010: 115). You can find the abbreviated reference in the text and the full source in the bibliography. So if you don't have access to the original source, you have to make this clear when citing. Always mentioned in the same way in your own text as a short reference, containing the surname of the author (s), the year and, if possible, the number of pages. If you quote from the same source two or more times in a row, you can use the abbreviation "ebda." In the following, examples of analogous quotations are listed, which are intended to clarify the scheme. If you cite a chapter from an anthology, according to APA you have to include both a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography ... The rules of the APA citation style are set by the American Psychological Association and you should find out beforehand which guidelines you should use have to apply in your scientific work if you want to quote according to APA. (ibid.) or Latin "ibid. The chapters are written by different authors. Then it is perfectly legitimate to use quotations from other books. Both belong to the American citation methods. 5.3 APA quoting. Fortunately, page numbers are usually only at the end of a sentence used when a specific source is cited. Normally, according to APA / Harvard, the citation occurs either with a footnote or a short quotation after the sentence. "," ibd. " In the course Introduction to Scientific Work, the widespread APA guidelines1 listed below must be observed. Sometimes (especially old or foreign language) sources are difficult to obtain, sometimes even impossible. XY). Guidelines for citing 1 Guidelines for citing based on APA-Style (6th) There are different citation standards. Quotations from the Internet must also be marked. Ah, so I could write several sentences, but only add the source after the paragraph. The answer is: both! And one after the other. is also in the bibliography. (ibidem) use. Who do you call now For every further quote from this source you give the abbreviation: (WHO, 2019). a) Quoting one author b) Quoting several authors This should really only be used if it was impossible to find the original work and you can only cite from a secondary source (cf. two or more times in a row from the same source quote.

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