How to use Novorapid Flexpen

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NOVORAPID® solution for injection in a pre-filled pen. FlexPen®.
Please read the following instructions for use before using your
NovoRapid® FlexPen® carefully.
Your FlexPen® is an extremely easily adjustable pre-filled insulin pen.
►You can set doses between 1 and 60 units in steps of 1 unit each.
►The FlexPen® has been specially designed for use with NovoFine® or NovoTwist®
Disposable hypodermic needles (8 mm or shorter) were developed.
► As a precaution, always carry a spare insulin pen with you in case your FlexPen®
is lost or damaged.
Preparation of the NovoRapid® FlexPen®
Check the label to make sure your FlexPen® contains the correct type of insulin.
Take off the cap.
Take a new needle and pull it out
Screw the injection needle straight and tight onto yours
Pull off the large outer protective cap of the
Needle and keep it for later.
Pull off the inner sheath of the injection needle and
Always use a new hypodermic needle for each injection to avoid contamination
Handle the hypodermic needle with great care not to remove it before use
bend or damage it.
To reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks, never insert the inner sheath
back on the needle after taking it off once.
NovoRapid® FlexPen®
Check the flow of insulin
Before each injection, small particles may appear in the cartridge during normal use
Collect amounts of air. Follow these steps to inject air
avoid and ensure correct dosing:
Set 2 units with the dose selector.
Hold the FlexPen® with the injection needle pointing up
and tap lightly with your finger a few times
the cartridge so that any air bubbles in the top of the
Now press (while still holding up
Injection needle) push the button all the way in. The
Dose selector goes back to 0.
A drop should now appear from the tip of the injection needle
Insulin leak. If not, change the injection needle
and repeat the process up to 6 times.
If still not a drop of insulin appears, is
the device is defective and must not be used.
Injection needle (example)
Large outer protective cap
Check that the dose selector is on 0.
Set the number of units you inject
The dose can go up or down
corrected by turning the dose selector in
turn the appropriate direction until the correct dose
is opposite the marking on the dose counter. If
You turn back, be careful not to look at that
Press the push button, otherwise insulin will leak out.
You cannot set a dose higher than the number
of the units remaining in the cartridge.
Do not use the residual meter to measure your insulin dose.
►Your FlexPen® has been developed to function very precisely and safely. He must
be treated with the appropriate care.
If dropped or crushed, there is a risk of damage and the
►The exterior of your FlexPen® can be cleaned by wiping it with a medical swab
become. Do not rinse it, soak it in liquid, or use a lubricant
to treat. This can damage the pre-filled pen.
►Your FlexPen® must not be refilled.
Push the injection needle into your skin. Perform the injection technique that
Your doctor or healthcare team has shown you.
Make the injection by pressing the push button
Push it all the way in until 0 appears in the display. Respect, think highly of
Make sure you only press the push button during the injection
By turning the dose selector, no
►Hold the push-button all the way after the injection
and leave the injection needle for
at least 6 seconds under the skin. To this
Way ensures that the full
Dose of insulin was injected.
►Pull the injection needle out of the skin, release it
then the pressure on the push button after.
Insert the injection needle into the large outer one
Protective cap of the injection needle without the large outer one
Touching the protective cap. If the injection needle is covered,
press the large outer protective cap of the
Needle tight and then unscrew the needle.
Dispose of these carefully and put them back
The cap back on your FlexPen®.
After each injection, unscrew and discard the injection needle. Keep
Always open your FlexPen® without the needle attached. Otherwise it could be liquid
leak and this lead to dosing inaccuracies.
Caregivers should be extremely careful when handling used hypodermic needles
to avoid accidental stitches.
Dispose of the used FlexPen® carefully without the needle attached.
Needles and NovoRapid® FlexPen® must not be shared with third parties.

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