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Employee tax assessment in Austria - how long does the payout take in 2020/2021?

As soon as the employer has received the wage slip in Austria, it is possible for employees to carry out an income tax adjustment (colloquial) or an employee assessment (official name). This means that you can get too much paid income tax back from the tax office.


How much money will I get back from the tax office?

The amount varies from person to person, depending on the tax-deductible expenses and work situation (continuously employed or just a holiday job for young people), as an orientation you can count on 100-500 € return per year - however, the possible amounts differ in individual cases.

Info: On average, the tax office currently reimburses € 360 per person for overpaid income tax.

How long does the payout take in 2020/2021?

The duration of the processing by the tax office of the respective employee assessment is of course different from region to region. In addition to the number of applications for income tax adjustment, it is of course also relevant whether all data has been submitted in full and whether any queries need to be clarified. A specific statement on the subject of “How long does the payment in 2020/2021 take” for the wage tax adjustment or the employee assessment cannot be given, but some recommendations.

What can I do to guarantee rapid processing?

1.) Carry out an employee tax assessment as quickly as possible and send it to the tax office (via FinanzOnline) as soon as all data is available and this is possible.
2.) Make all data and documents (documentation of expenses, additional business expenses, all details) available to the tax office in full
3.) If you do not receive a response / payment from the tax office after 4-6 weeks, you can also actively seek contact and, for example, make an appointment with the tax office.
4.) The question “How long does it take to process the tax return for 2020/2021” should be clarified individually with the responsible employee or your local tax office
5.) After processing, the transfer is usually done quickly, the transfer from the tax office is quickly on your account

Tax Adjustment - How Long to Wait?

When submitting the documents you shouldn't wait long, but proceed as quickly as possible. You should be patient with the processing time and waiting for the payout, as many applications have to be processed.

How long does the transfer from the tax office take after notification?

In Austria, as in Germany, payments are processed within a few days after a decision from the tax office.

How long can the tax office take for processing?

The responsible tax office and the Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria officially have six months to process your application. Therefore, it makes sense to carry out the employee tax assessment as early as possible in order to get your money back from the tax office.

Carrying out wage tax adjustment retrospectively - what to watch out for

You have 5 years retrospectively for wage tax adjustment in Austria. This means that the wage tax adjustment or the employee assessment in 2021 for the years
2020,2019,2018,2017 and 2016 can be carried out. Don't give away any money and settle NOW!

> Current waiting times: In recent years there have been some media reports that reported waiting times of up to 5 months. How the current situation will be in 2021 for compensation for 2020 remains to be seen. Clear communication with the tax office, complete documents and the rapid submission of your documents are always useful to ensure rapid processing.

When is the automatic tax adjustment paid out?

You will automatically receive part of your social security contributions back in the second half of the following year by way of the “application-free employee tax assessment”. The maximum amount is 110 euros (300 euros from 2020 assessment) per year.

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