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Dark soundtrack

Songs featured in Dark and Original Soundtrack

Season 1 [edit | edit source]

Season 2 [edit | edit source]

Season 3 [edit | edit source]

OST [edit | edit source]

Music by Ben Frost, performed by Sinfonietta Cracovia. Music edited by Lewis Morison.

Dark: Cycle 1 (Original Music From The Netflix Series)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Everything Is Connected" / "Everything Is Connected"
  2. "A Human - A Butterfly"
  3. "Hell Is Empty, All Devils Are Here"
  4. "Tick Tack, Tick Tack" / "Tick Tack, Tick Tack"
  5. "Why Not Forest Path" / "Why Not Forest Path"
  6. "Apocalypse" / "Apocalypse"
  7. "No DeLorean" / "No DeLorean"
  8. "That's Not Mikkel" / "That's Not Mikkel"
  9. "A Journey Through Time"
  10. "I Can Change The Past"
  11. "God Give Me Serenity" / "God Give Me Serenity"
  12. "Where Is Transition" / "Where Is Transition"

Dark: Cycle 2 (Original Music from the Netflix Series) [edit | edit source]

  1. "Black Matter" / "Dark Matter"
  2. "Winches 2053"
  3. "Bootstrap"
  4. "Everything in an infinite loop"
  5. "The Travelers 1" / "The Travelers 1"
  6. "You are much too good a person"
  7. "Everyone gets what they deserve"
  8. "The Apocalypse must happen"
  9. "We have no more time"
  10. "The Travelers 2" / "The Travelers 2"
  11. "I thought I had more time"
  12. "Follow the signal"
  13. "The White Devil" / "The White Devil"

Dark: Cycle 3 (Original Music From the Netflix Series)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Origin"
  2. "Before Everything Happens Again"
  3. "A Drop - An Ocean"
  4. "The World Is Going Down Today"
  5. "Not Your Martha" / "Not Your Martha"
  6. "Du Lebst" / "You Live"
  7. "Anderer Mensch - Anderer Schmetterling" / "Other Man - Other Butterfly"
  8. "If Everything Succeeds, She Will Live"
  9. "Eva" / "Eve"
  10. "Franziska & Magnus"
  11. "Anderes Winden 2052" / "Other Winden 2052"
  12. "Leben und Tod" / "Life and Death"
  13. "Higgs Field"
  14. "If Anything Of Us Will Remain"
  15. "The Last Cycle" / "The Last Cycle"

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Katharina Nielsen give her friend a tape: "Know what the song's about? A man who kidnaps a girl and takes her to the forest, just because she's wearing red lipstick. In the end he kills her" This song is Jeanny, recorded by Austrian musician Falco.[3] The same song plays on Benni's radio when she is visited by Magnus Nielsen.[11]
  • Ulrich Nielsen in 1986 has an album called Fist of Hebron by a band named Tabula Smaragdina, which is the German name for the Emerald Tablet. The album and the band don't really exist.[3] Some sources say that Seth, son of the Biblical Adam, is the real author of The Emerald Tablet, which was taken aboard the ark by Noah. After the Great Flood Noah hid the Tablet in a cave near a place called Hebron.[27]
  • Kreator's song "Pleasure To Kill" is playing in Ulrich's room when Egon Tiedemann pays him a visit.[3] The lyrics My only aim is to take many lives / the more the better I feel appears repeatedly as a connection between Egon and Ulrich.

References [edit | edit source]