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Issue # 662
Week of February 24, 2014

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-R.I.P. Harold Ramis. Talk about a brilliant entertainer ... - Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE # 1 ***
-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Statement From Kiss

[Note: This is from - Tim]

To All Our Fans In Regards To The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Out of respect, Ace and Peter's recent statements demand a quick response to you, our fans.

Our intention was to celebrate the entire history of Kiss and give credit to all members including long time present members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and additionally Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr all who have made this band what it is, regardless of the rock and roll Hall of Fame's point of view.

Although Kiss has moved forward far longer without them, Ace and Peter are at the very foundation of what we have built and this would all be impossible had they not been a part of it in the beginning.

It is over 13 years since the original lineup has played together in make-up and we believe the memory of those times would not be enhanced. Contrary to claims made through the media we have never refused to play with Ace and Peter.

We have spent 40 years dedicated to building Kiss without quitting or wavering as the band has moved forward with huge tours and platinum albums through different important lineups for forty years to this day.

Kiss has always been a band unlike any other. That is why we started Kiss. That is why we continue Kiss. Being unlike other bands also means making choices and decisions unlike other bands.

This is understandably an emotional situation where there is no way to please everyone.

To bring this to a quick end, we have decided not to play in any lineup and we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

We are excited and are looking forward to seeing you all on the Kiss 40th Anniversary worldwide tour.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 2 ***
-Manowar’s KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Silver Edition CD Will Now Be Released On March 21, 2014

[Note: This is from - Tim]

The KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Silver Edition CD, featuring two discs and two 24-page booklets will now be released in retail and in Manowar's own online stores, and http: //www.thekingdomofsteel. eu /, on March 21, 2014. Both online stores will also offer exclusive Power Packages, containing the CD and brand new merchandise, not available anywhere else and only for a short time. The digital album is already available on iTunes and on Google Play worldwide.

“The KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Silver Edition CD is a limited edition. It is important to us that every Manowar fan that has decided to own this collector’s item at the time of its release has a chance to find it in the store of their choice. Due to strong pre-orders we have increased our initial order and we decided to change the release date, so that all stores get the music at the same time, and every fan has a fair chance to get one of these limited edition CDs, ” said a label representative.

Manowar’s KINGS OF METAL MMXIV is a completely new recording, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their iconic 1988 album KINGS OF METAL and their following world tour.

While staying true to the 1988 version, KINGS OF METAL MMXIV captures the listener with new arrangements and other new elements, and with stellar vocal performances by Eric Adams, powerful drums by Donnie Hamzik, a searing new guitar sound by virtuoso Karl Logan, and a new record-breaking performance of the bass solo “The Sting Of The Bumblebee MMXIV,” played at 300 beats per minute by Joey DeMaio.

“This is an entirely new recording as far as the music goes,” explained bassist and producer Joey DeMaio about the album. “Everything has been newly recorded. A tremendous amount of work and effort has gone into this new album, on all levels, and you will hear this when you listen to it. "

Already a significant force with international success since their debut album BATTLE HYMNS, the KINGS OF METAL release in 1988 and the following world tour in 1989 catapulted Manowar into a new sphere. Songs like: “Heart Of Steel,” “Kings Of Metal,” “Hail And Kill,” and “Blood Of The Kings” became instant classics celebrated since by metal fans all over the world.

“We started talking about the 25th anniversary of the album’s release, and how it could be done in a very special way. We love these songs as much as our fans do. So we started discussing the idea of ​​a new recording which would allow for a fresh and massive sound, and added new elements, ”explained Joey DeMaio. “And then the idea of ​​the anniversary tour was born, to celebrate this album in an appropriate way. Live, with our fans! " he added. “We have pushed man and machine to the maximum to honor the original recordings and we couldn't be happier with the results. Everything sounds bigger, for once due to the ability to cram more sound onto a record than we could in the past. Because technology has gotten better; As well as the equipment we are using, from the guitar strings and the guitar pickups to pre-amps, to the microphones and the recording process. Technology has progressed so much! The result is massive! " commented DeMaio.

With “Hail And Kill MMXIV” and the title track “Kings Of Metal MMXIV,” the album starts with the power and might synonymous to metal fans all over the world with the name Manowar.

The power ballad “The Heart Of Steel MMXIV” is featured in three different versions: Acoustic Intro, Guitar Instrumental, and Orchestral Intro Version, the last two being bonus tracks. “Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV” is, in the best sense, inspiring.

For the spoken word track “A Warrior's Prayer MMXIV,” Manowar joined forces with celebrated British actor Brian Blessed, a renowned Shakespeare and character actor who has starred in, among others, Kenneth Brannagh's “Henry V,” Oliver Stone's “Alexander,” and as Prince Vultan in the cult movie "Flash Gordon." Not only an actor and adventurer, Blessed was also awarded the “Spirit of Hammer Award” for his contributions to heavy metal. For the sound design on the track, the band recruited Hamilton Sterling, a Hollywood veteran who has contributed to numerous action blockbusters including "Batman - The Dark Knight," "War Of The Worlds," and "Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World, "two of which won Oscars® for Best Sound Editing.

“Thy Crown And Thy Ring MMXIV,” Manowar's signature concert outro, is majestic both as Orchestral Version and as Metal Version (featured as bonus track), while “The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV,” now with additional new lyrics, is a salute to all countries that Manowar has performed in this day. The tracks are further highlights on an album that bursts with energy and might.

“On Wheels Of Fire MMXIV” concludes the main album’s tracks in the most forceful and propulsive way possible.

Fantasy artist and longtime collaborator Ken Kelly contributed two new cover paintings that feature, as a continuation of his 1988 works, the flags of all countries that Manowar have performed in to this date, or are confirmed to visit during their current world tour.

The KINGS OF METAL MMXIV Silver Edition, that Break Out Magazine in Germany calls “a new masterpiece,” features nine main and nine bonus tracks with a total running time of 88 minutes.

“KINGS OF METAL MMXIV, the album and the tour, will be a completely new experience, even for fans that have celebrated our shows and listened to these songs many times before,” promised Joey DeMaio. "Get ready to get your heads blown off!"

Manowar's new world tour, featuring the performance of the new KINGS OF METAL MMXIV album in full and many other classics in a new multi-media stage show, started on February 8, 2014 with a long-anticipated US tour and will resume on March 18 in Europe.


Disc 1:

Hail And Kill MMXIV
Kings Of Metal MMXIV
The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Acoustic Intro Version)
A Warrior’s Prayer MMXIV
The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV
Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV
The Sting Of The Bumblebee MMXIV
Thy Crown And Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version)
On Wheels Of Fire MMXIV

Bonus Disc 1:

Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Metal Version)
The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Guitar Instrumental)

Disc 2:

Hail And Kill MMXIV (Instrumental)
Kings Of Metal MMXIV (Instrumental)
The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Orchestral Intro Version - Instrumental)
The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV (Instrumental)
Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV (Instrumental)
Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version - Instrumental)
On Wheels of Fire MMXIV (Instrumental)

Kings Of Metal MMXIV Trailer:

Kings Of Metal MMXIV World Tour - Confirmed Tour Dates:

Tue, March 18, 2014 - Olymp Palace of Sports - Krasnodar, Russia
Fri, March 21, 2014 - Luzhniki Palace of Sports - Moscow, Russia
Sun, March 23, 2014 - Yubileyny Sports Palace - St. Petersburg, Russia
Tue, March 25, 2014 - Rock Café - Tallinn, Estonia - SOLD OUT
Thu, March 27, 2014 - Rock Café - Tallinn, Estonia - SOLD OUT
Sat, March 29, 2014 - Teatro Arena - Vilnius, Lithuania
Sat, May 17, 2014 - Spodek - Katowice, Poland
Wed, May 21, 2014 - Hangar 11 - Tel Aviv, Israel
Sat, May 24, 2014 - Metal Summer Festival - Istanbul, Turkey
Fri-Sun, June 13-15, 2014 - Legacy Open Air - Weismain, Germany
Fri-Sat, July 25-26, 2014 - Magic Circle Festival - Helsinki, Finland
Wed, Nov 12, 2014 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA, USA
Sat, Nov 15, 2014 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL, USA
Sun, Nov 16, 2014 - Royal Oak Theater - Royal Oak, MI, USA
Wed, January 14, 2015 - Grugahalle - Essen, Germany
Fri, January 16, 2015 - Zenith - Munich, Germany
Sat, January 17, 2015 - Jahrhunderthalle - Frankfurt, Germany

More info and constant updates:

*** PRESS RELEASE # 3 ***
-Gamma Ray: Power Metal Icons Unleash New Lyric Video Via Revolver; EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD To Drop This Spring

The perpetrators at Revolver are pleased to premiere the lyric video for “Hellbent,” from German power metal icons, Gamma Ray. The new tune comes by way of the band’s long-anticipated new full-length, EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD, set for release this spring.

A record that almost wasn't, EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD was composed throughout 2013 with Eike Freese (Dark Age) at the mixing desk alongside bassist / co-writer, Dirk Schlächter, and was nearing completion before Hammer Studios, their home, rehearsal space , and meeting point for many metal bands throughout Germany, had burned down leaving much of its contents in ruins. Fortunately, the EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD masters managed to make it through unscathed. “If this could not stop us, nothing ever will,” joked light-hearted Gamma Ray vocalist Kai Hansen, adding that, “We got rid of a lot of sh * t that we gathered there. Unfortunately, a lot of good equipment as well. Anyhow, we look towards the future, we saved the production and we can continue now in this new place. "

Sample triumphant new teaser track, "Hellbent," now playing at:

EMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD will be released in North America on CD, LP, and digitally via Armory Records in conjunction with earMusic on April 15, 2014.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 4 ***
-Edguy: SPACE POLICE - DEFENDERS OF THE CROWN - More Details Revealed!

On April 18th the new Edguy album SPACE POLICE - DEFENDERS OF THE CROWN will be released worldwide.

Besides the regular CD edition the album will also be available as a limited digi-book edition containing two CDs.

Also available will be a strictly limited hard-cover Earbook collectors' edition (28.5 × 28.5cm) containing the two discs, a photographic history with more than 130 photos from the band's archive, liner notes, touring history, etc. More details will be revealed soon.

The track list of the album reads as follows:

1. Saber & Torch
2. Space Police
3. Defenders Of The Crown
4. Love Tyger
5. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
6. Rock Me Amadeus
7. Do Me Like A Cavemen
8. Shadow Eaters
9. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Bonus disc track list:

1. England
2. Aychim In Hysteria
3. Space Police (progressive version)
4. Space Police (instrumental version)
5. Love Tyger (instrumental version)
6. Defenders Of The Crown (instrumental version)
7. Do Me Like A Caveman (instrumental version)

Pre-order here:

The limited edition will come with a special collector’s artwork.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 5 ***
-Death Dealer Has Been Officially Confirmed As The Opening Act For The 2014 Metal All Stars European Tour

Fresh off their critically acclaimed debut release WAR MASTER, Death Dealer will bring their high powered brand of heavy metal to Europe for the first time ever.

The band features legendary guitarist Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar), bassist Mike Davis (Halford, ex-Lizzy Borden), drummer Steve Bolognese (ex-Into Eternity), guitarist / producer Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden), and vocalist Sean Peck (cage).

Ross The Boss, who will also be featured as a guitarist with the Metal All Stars show, expressed his excitement, “I can't wait to unleash this band upon the metal masses! Get there early, it is going to be an unforgettable night of music! "

Metal All Stars lineup:

Vince Neil (Motley Crue)
Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down)
Joey Belladonna (Anthrax)
Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-Accept)
Cronos (Venom)
Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly)
Brian Fair (Shadows Fall)
Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar)
Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne)
Nick Menza (ex-Megadeth)
Jasin Todd (ex-Shinedown)
Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall)
Kobra Paige (Kobra And The Lotus)
Jon Donais (Shadows Fall)
Jesse Billson (Heaven Below, Level Zero)
Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong)
Bones Elias (Rock Of Ages)

Tour dates:

March 23 - Sofia, Bulgaria, Arena Armeec
March 24 - Bucharest, Romania, Romexpo
March 29 - Istanbul, Turkey
April 1 - Minsk, Belarus, Palace Of Sport
April 3 - Stockholm, Sweden, Hovet
April 5 - Riga, Latvia, Arena Riga
April 6 - Helsinki, Finland, Hartwall Arena
April 8 - St. Petersburg, Russia, Sport Hall Yubileiniy
April 9 - Moscow, Russia, Moscow Arena

Special Guest Vince Neil of Motley Crue appears on all dates except March 23, 24 & April 1.

Official websites:

*** PRESS RELEASE # 6 ***
-Sabaton: Final Artworks And Track List Of HEROES Revealed!

On the 16th of May, Swedish Heavy Metal band Sabaton will release the follow-up to their successful CAROLUS REX record, which will be called HEROES.

HEROES was recorded at Abyss Studio, along with producer Peter Tägtgren (Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, and more), with whom Sabaton already worked on CAROLUS REX.

The track list of HEROES will be like this:

1. Night Witches
2. No Bullets Fly
3. Smoking snakes
4. Inmate 4859
5. To Hell And Back
6. The Ballad Of Bull
7. Resist and Bite
8. Soldier Of 3 Armies
9. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts of Iron

Besides the stand version jewel case CD, there will be vinyl (different colors), a limited edition digi-pak (two bonus tracks), limited Earbook (incl. Five bonus tracks), and the digital download (incl. One bonus track) .

Catch Sabaton live in 2014 on the following dates; more dates to be added:

04/04 USA Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
05.04. USA Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
04/06 USA Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
04/07 United States Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
04/09 USA Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE
04/10 USA Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
04/11 United States Cleveland, OH - Agora Theater
04/12USA Detroit, MI - St. Andrew’s Hall
04/14 CND Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theater
April 15 CND Quebec City, QC - Imperial Theater
04/16 CND Montreal, QC - Corona Theater
04/17 USA Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
April 18 USA New York, NY - Best Buy Theater
April 19 United States Worcester, MA - The Palladium
04/21 USA West Springfield, VA - Empire
04/23 United States Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
04/24 USA Orlando, FL - House Of Blues
04/25 USA Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
04/26 USA St. Petersburg, FL - State Theater
04/28 USA Houston, TX - Scout Bar
04/29 USA Dallas, TX - Trees
01.05. USA Tempe, AZ - Club Red
02.05. USA West Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
03.05. USA San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
05/05 USA Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory
06.05. United States Seattle, WA - El Corazon
07.05. CND Vancouver, BC - The Venue
09.05. CND Edmonton, AB - The Starlite Room
05/10 CND Calgary, AB - Republic
05/11 CND Regina, SK - Riddell Center
05/12 CND Winnipeg, MB - Park Theater
May 14th USA Denver, CO - The Summit Music Hall
15.05. USA Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
16.05. USA Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom

05/31 NL Nijmegen - Fortarock
13.06. CH Interlaken - Greenfield Festival
19.06. D Loreley - Metalfest
06/21 NO Halden - Fredrikstens Fästning
26.06. SK Piestany - Topfest
06/27 BE Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
07/10 D Ballenstedt - Rock Harz
07/11 CZ Vizovice - Masters Of Rock Tickets
07/12 HU Pecs - Rock Maraton
25.07. SLO Tolmin - Metaldays

07/31 SE Stenungsund - Nösnäsvallen
08/01 AT Graz - Seerock
08/02 SE Varberg - Fästningshörnan
07.08. SE Borgholm - Borgholms Slottsruin
08.08. SE Ronneby - Brunnsparken
08/09 SE Trelleborg - Östervång
08/16 SE Falun - Sabaton Open Air
08/21 SE Uppsala - Vaksala Torg
08/22 SE Norrköping - Folkets Park / Borgen
08/23 SE Karlstad - Mariebergsparken

*** PRESS RELEASE # 7 ***
-Epica: THE QUANTUM ENIGMA Details Revealed!

Dutch symphonic metallers Epica will release their sixth studio effort THE QUANTUM ENIGMA on May 2nd (Europe), May 5th (UK), and May 13th (USA) through Nuclear Blast.

Where the 2013 RETROSPECT performance reflected on a decade as one of the leading bands in the symphonic metal scene, the upcoming sixth studio album THE QUANTUM ENIGMA marks the beginning of a new Epica: modern, heavy, and without compromises.

“More than any of our previous albums, this album is a group effort. The only goal we had in mind: creating the album that could lift Epica up to the next level. "

Together with upcoming producer Joost van den Broek, the sextet worked on THE QUANTUM ENIGMA at the Sandlane Recording Facilities in the Netherlands. The album has been mixed by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Hatesphere).

"Every detail finds its way into a perfectly balanced mix, and makes Epica sound raw and overwhelming."

The album will be released in five different configurations:
1. regular jewel case
2. 2CD Digi-pak
3. 3CD Earbook
4. double vinyl
5. Digital download

THE QUANTUM ENIGMA track listing:
1. Originem
2. The Second Stone
3. The Essence Of Silence
4. Victims Of Contingency
5. Sense Without Sanity [The Impervious Code]
6. Unchain Utopia
7. The Fifth Guardian [Interlude]
8. Chemical Insomnia
9. Reverence [Living In The Heart]
10. Omen [The Ghoulish Malady]
11. Canvas Of Life
12. Natural corruption
13. The Quantum Enigma [Kingdom Of Heaven part II]

Digi-pak additional track: "In All Conscience"
Earbook additional track: "Dreamscape"
Vinyl additional track: "Memento"
iTunes additional track: "Banish Your Illusion"

Disc 2 (Digi-pak and Earbook only):
1. Canvas Of Life [acoustic version]
2. In All Conscience [acoustic version]
3. Dreamscape [acoustic version]
4. Natural Corruption [acoustic version]

Disc 3 (Earbook Only):
1. Originem [instrumental]
2. The Second Stone [instrumental]
3. The Essence Of Silence [instrumental]
4. Victims Of Contingency [instrumental]
5. Sense Without Sanity [instrumental]
6. Unchain Utopia [instrumental]
7. The Fifth Guardian [instrumental]
8. Chemical Insomnia [instrumental]
9. Reverence [instrumental]
10. Omen [instrumental]
11. Canvas Of Life [instrumental]
12. Natural Corruption [instrumental]
13. The Quantum Enigma [instrumental]

Longtime collaborator Stephan Heilemann once again created some stunning artwork to accompany the ideas behind the lyrics. Once you’ll be able to lay hands on the album artwork, you’ll see that the cover is part of a bigger picture.

The band will return to the stage after almost a year of absence during which they focused on recording the career-defining THE QUANTUM ENIGMA. Epica’s first performance will be the album release show on April 30th in 013, Tilburg in their home country The Netherlands.

Check out Epica live on the following dates:

04/30 NL Tilburg - 013
04.05. TR Istanbul - Headbanger’s Weekend
14.06. AT Nickelsdorf - Novarock
07/10 CZ Vizovice - Masters of Rock
07/12 PL Wegorzewo - Seven Festival
08.08. P Vagos - Vagos Open Air

*** PRESS RELEASE # 8 ***
-Ian Anderson’s HOMO ERRATICUS Due April 15 In North America

Look Out For US Fall Tour, Dates TBA

Legendary prog pioneer Ian Anderson will be releasing a new studio album HOMO ERRATICUS on April 15 on his own Calliandra Records, distributed by Kscope. The album continues with the story of Anderson’s favorite enfant terrible Gerald Bostock.

Ian and his band (guitarist Florian Opahle, bassist David Goodier, keyboardist John O’Hara, and drummer Scott Hammond, and singer Ryan O’Donnell) will be touring the United States this September through November.

In 1972 Ian's band Jethro Tull released the iconic concept album THICK AS A BRICK, based on a poem by the then eight-year-old Gerald Bostock in 2012. As many fans wondered what might have befallen the character, Ian Anderson decided to explore the different paths Gerald's life might have taken in his 2012 album, THICK AS A BRICK 2.

Following a 40-year political career, Gerald Bostock reunited with Anderson taking the role of tour manager on a string of shows. HOMO ERRATICUS marks Gerald’s return to songwriting, and is based on an unpublished manuscript by amateur historian Ernest T. Parritt (1865-1928).

In "Homo Erraticus," Parritt examines key events of British history with a string of prophecies stretching to the current day and the future. Visions of past lives caused by the delirium of malaria generate the characters through whose eyes the stories are told, including a nomadic Neolithic settler, an iron Age blacksmith, a Christian monk, a turnpike innkeeper, and even Prince Albert.

The album release will be followed by an extensive UK tour, where HOMO ERRATICUS will be performed in its entirety followed by a selection of Tull classics updated with video and theatrics.

Ian Anderson recently won The Prog God Award from Prog Magazine, celebrating the innovators of rock who have inspired generations and carved a way for others to be at their creative best. There is no one who has pushed the boundaries more than Ian Anderson, who to this day remains immersed in his love for the music.

Fronting seminal Prog outfit Jethro Tull and performing simply under his own name, Ian Anderson has performed in more than 54 countries over 45 years; he is widely considered an icon of the genre and is recognized as the protagonist of the flute in rock music. With over 60 million albums sold in its career, Tull has been characterized by Anderson’s trademark acoustic textures created with ethnic flutes and whistles together with acoustic guitar and the mandolin family of instruments. In many recent shows, Anderson has played with orchestras, string quartets, and featured soloists. His eclectic acoustic performances are also a hit with fans of the progressive genre.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 9 ***
-E-Force Unveil Cover Artwork, Track List

French Heavy / Thrash metallers E-Force will release their third album, THE CURSE… on April 11th via Mausoleum Records. E-Force have been labeled monsters of Thrash, and they are, but Eric Forrest’s (ex-Voivod) wide array of musical influences, interesting lyrics, and vocal capabilities set them apart from the pack and ensure that this band is very original.

Track listing:

1. Invitation
2. Perverse Media
3. Witch Wrk
4. Serpent’s Kiss
5. Awakened
6. Psyclone
7. Devoured
8. Mass Deception
9. Your Beloved Hate
10. Infexxxous
11. The Curse Of The Cunt


Besides Eric the current E-Force lineup features the return of KROF on drums; a member of the 2005 European touring lineup, and introduces XAV on guitar. THE CURSE… is a concept album that is based on a powerful collection of songs describing the power and temptation of, and obsession with, the female race.

E-Force are:

Eric Forrest - vocals, bass (ex-Voivod)
KROF - drums
XAV - Guitars

Special guests on the album:

Glen Drover (Megadeth, King Diamond, & Eidolon)
Kristian Niemann (Therion)
Vincent Agar (Yotangor)

E-Force was formed in Montreal, Canada in 2001 by vocalist / bassist, Eric Forrest, upon his departure from the legendary Canadian cyber metallers Voivod. In all Eric spent seven years fronting Voivod. Joining them in early 1994, following the departure of vocalist Denis “Snake” Bélanger, he appeared on two studio masterpieces, NEGATRON and PHOBOS; on the live album, VOIVOD LIVES, as well as on the re-mix compilation KRONIK. Upon his departure from Voivod, Forrest chose to use his nickname, E-Force, as the name for his new band.

E-Force released their debut album EVIL FORCEs (recorded by Pierre Remillard known for his work with Cryptopsy, Gorguts, etc.), to widespread critical acclaim in October 2003. Following the release of EVIL FORCES, Forrest relocated to Toulouse in France which obviously resulted in a lineup change. In February of 2008, E-Force finally released their follow-up album, MODIFIED POISON. The album further expanded the sound and intensity of the band, impressing both fans and critics alike.

Throughout their 10-year history E-Force has released only two albums, albeit prominent ones, but nevertheless managed to perform in 18 different countries since the band's inception, appearing at some of the most prominent festivals of the musical genre, such as: the Six Pack Weekend Festival in Cleveland, Ohio in June 2004 (with, among others Doro, Metal Church, and Dismember), and twice at the Raismes Festival in France, in 2004 (with Angra, Rage, Primal Fear) and 2008. In the winter of 2005, they invaded a dozen countries across Europe, on a successful tour with Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder, and Wykked Witch, playing more festivals the following years, including Brutal Assault (Czech Republic) 2007, Ost Mountainfest (Romania) 2011, and the Metalfest Open Air (Hungary) 2011.

For current tour dates check

*** PRESS RELEASE # 10 ***
-Divebomb Records: Dead On’s Michael Raptis Passes Away (R.I.P.)

We at Divebomb Records are saddened to report that Dead On vocalist, Michael Raptis, passed away on February 12th. We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and band mates in this difficult time.

The band wanted to share this statement with all the fans of Dead On and fellow metal Brethren throughout the world.

“Michael Kenneth Raptis January 1969 to February 2014

“The passing of Mike Raptis has deeply saddened us all. Mike was always a live wire, and souls that burn that brightly usually do not remain in this plane for too long. Even though Dead On had disbanded years ago, and several members have not had much contact with one another over that time, we will always be band mates, eternally locked in time and place. There is a brotherhood that is borne from those moments in time that is timeless. We wish Mike’s family peace during their most difficult time now, and in the days to come. R.I.P. the Reaper… you will be missed. "

Dead On - s / t (Deluxe Edition)

Originally released in 1989
Reissued on CD by Divebomb Records

Divebomb Records website

*** PRESS RELEASE # 11 ***
-Furyon To Tour UK With Mordred This Summer

British rockers Furyon are hitting the UK / EU to tour this Summer with Funk / Metal / Thrash legends Mordred.

Tour dates below:

Aug 22 Dublin, The Voodoo
Aug 23 Belfast, The Limelight2
Aug 25 London, O2 Academy
Aug 26 Birmingham, O2 Academy
Aug 27 Glasgow, O2 Academy
Aug 28 Newcastle, O2 Academy
Aug 29 Sheffield, O2 Academy
Aug 30 Liverpool, O2 Academy
Aug 31 Bristol, O2 Academy
Sep 01 Brighton, Concorde 2

For tickets and further infos visit or

More European dates will be announced soon.

Of the back of the debut album GRAVITAS the band are going from strength to strength. With Album # 2 being written and to record now, once again to be engineered and produced by US producer Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) and his team. Furyon looks to release their second beast later 2014.

Singer Matt Mitchell says: “We've worked real hard behind the scenes to make this possible. There were moments I wasn't sure it would happen but it is, and there are some killer tunes! "

What’s to be expected is more of the same explosive guitar riffs and solos in well-crafted song form. Expressive vocal delivery and melodies to scream along to. A possibly darker album still with progressive elements and a grungy edge. The album aims to be a 10-song album with additions (acoustic tracks and videos). Furyon are extremely excited and looking forward to sharing the outcome of this venture with the world.

Furyon recently confirmed to play Hungary’s MetalWar Festival 2014, which takes place September 5th - 7th in Budapest and Belgium’s Power, Prog & Metal Festival 2014, which takes place April 18th - 20th in Mons. Other bands confirmed include: Pain, In Extremo, Therion, Finntroll, My Dying Bride, Amorphis, Fates Warning, Masterplan, Exorcism, Fatal Smile, and Pagan's Mind to name only a few.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 12 ***
-Hessler Debuts New Female Vocalist And Video

Chicago, Illinois heavy metal band Hessler would like to welcome their new singer, Jessikill.

Following former vocalist Lariyah Daniels ’departure, she was the perfect fit for the music and personality of the band.

Jessikill, a native of San Antonio, Texas is a classically trained vocalist and appeared on the national “X-Factor” television show in 2012, where she received critical acclaim from the panel of judges which included show creator Simon Cowell, international superstar Britney Spears , Disney recording artist Demi Lovato, and record industry mogul LA Reid.

The band began rehearsals in late January 2014 and entered the studio on February 1st. They recorded three songs for an upcoming maxi-single to be released in late March, which will be followed by the March Metal Madness midwest / east coast US tour.

The band’s new music video for the single “Never Lost My Way” was released on February 21, 2014 and is the first recording with Jessikill.

Hessler - “Never Lost My Way” video

Hessler is currently working on more new material and planning for extensive domestic and international touring throughout 2014.

Hessler have performed at SXSW and Rocklahoma in 2012 and 2013, Summerfest in 2012, and shared the stage with Slash, Buckcherry, All That Remains, Steel Panther, WASP, Sebastian Bach, Ratt, Mushroomhead, UFO, Cinderella, Loudness, Doro Pesch, UDO, Skid Row, LA Guns, Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Sister Sin, Crashdiet, Otep, Butcher Babies, Wednesday 13, The Last Vegas, Vampires Everywhere, and many more.

Tour dates:

March Metal Madness:
3/20/2014 Chicago, IL - (1st CD release show)
3/21/2014 Janesville, WI - with Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel
3/22/2014 Minneapolis, MN - with Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel
3/24/2014 Fort Wayne, IN
3/25/2014 Pittsburgh, PA
3/26/2014 Philadelphia, PA
3/27/2014 NYC, NY
3/28/2014 Pennellville, NY
3/29/2014 Cleveland, OH

Jessikill - lead vocals
Igz Kincaid - Lead & Rhythm Guitars & Vocals
Frankie Sripada - Lead & Rhythm Guitars & Vocals
Erik Michael - Bass Guitars & Vocals
Derek Spiteri - drums

Official websites:

*** PRESS RELEASE # 13 ***
-Existance Unveil Cover Artwork, Track List, Release Date

French heavy metallers Existance will release their first full-length album, STEEL ALIVE, on April 25th via Mausoleum Records. Existance entered the studio in late 2013 to record their debut full-length album entitled STEEL ALIVE. The result: "One hell of an ass-kicking album that proves true metal is."

Track listing:

1. Legends Never Die
2. Black Viper
3. The Siren
4. Dead or Alive
5. Slaughter
6. Burning Angel
7. Steel Alive
8. Get Away
9. Prisoner
10. Close To The End
11. From Hell

Recorded and mixed at Boss Hog Studios in Ham en Artois, France. Mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Anvil, Dokken, Halford, Malmsteen, Sepultura) in Los Angeles, USA.


Existance are:

Julian Izard - lead vocals, guitars
Antoine Poiret - Guitars & Vocals
Thomas Drouin - bass & vocals
Alexandre Revillon - Drums

Existance was founded in 2008 by Julian Izard (lead vocals & guitars) and Tom Drouin (bass), who shared a common goal of keeping the musical spirit of the ’80s Heavy Metal alive. If the last name Izard sounds familiar to the historians among you… well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - like father like son, Julian Izard is the son of Didier Izard, who was the vocalist with French speed metal band, H -Bomb, which regardless of featuring French language lyrics, and in spite of only being active from 1983-1986, left a serious footprint on the European Heavy Metal scene of the '80s. Officially only releasing one EP, COUP DE MÉTAL and one album ATTAQUE, the numerous bootleg albums available today bear testimony to their status and influence on a next generation of bands, including Izard junior’s Existance.

By 2009 the Existance lineup completed, the band started out rehearsing and playing covers of such Hard Rock anthems like “Dallas 1 PM” (Saxon) and “Cold Sweat” (Thin Lizzy), refining their chops and become a lean and mean hard rocking machine. Not long after they began to write their own songs.

In 2010 Existance released the obligatory demo. Four tracks were recorded, which enabled them to play a substantial amount of concerts across France with forays into Belgium and the Netherlands. They were also invited to perform at numerous festivals such as: the Paris Metal France Festival IV (PMFF IV), the Isaria Festival, Vouziers Festival (# 21), twice at the Zicophonies Festival (# 15 and # 16), Long Live Metal Festival (edition # 5), and Rock 'N' Metal Convention (# 14).

In 2011, the band returned to the studio and produced another eight tracks. The German label High Roller Records released the second set of recordings in April 2012, both on compact disc and vinyl, distributed worldwide via Soulfood. Thanks to the release being well received by the international media, Existance could now count on a truly international fan base.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 14 ***
-Divebomb Records: New Releases From Grinder, Sultan, & Addictive Due Out March 11

Grinder - DEAD END Dead End (Deluxe Edition) CD

During the height of the worldwide thrash movement there were several epicenters of activity. While New York and the Bay Area were perhaps the most prominent, Germany’s big three - Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction - were leading the charge on the European front. However, what some thrash fans may not be aware of is that there was a secondary stratum to that scene which had some phenomenal, albeit lesser known, acts recording some ambitious material. Grinder were one of those bands who released three albums ’worth of“ in-your-face ”thrash / speed metal during their brief existence. Divebomb Records is excited to present a deluxe edition of what we believe to be their most impressive album, DEAD END, which features not only nine bonus tracks but new interview and archival photos provided by the band members themselves.

DEAD END has been out of print for nearly 20 years and was originally fetching high dollar collector prices online until bootleg copies began to circulate within the European market. Divebomb Records and the members of Grinder have partnered up to take on these illegal activities directly by issuing a band-approved deluxe edition reissue. We hope that we can take the music back and support the artists that created it rather than support those simply repressing “knock off” copies for a quick buck. As always, we are fans doing this for the fans.

Flotsam And Jetsam, Realm, Metallica, Sacred Reich, Mordred

+ 9 bonus tracks
+ Band supplied archival photos / show flyers (16-page booklet)
+ Brand new band interview
+ Restored original art by Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, Sodom, Kreator)
+ Produced by Kalle Trapp (Blind Guardian, Destruction, Kreator, Drifter, Paradox)
+ First time on CD in North America
+ Out of print nearly 20 years
+ Limited edition
+ New mastering by Jamie King
+ Layout / Restoration by Adam Peterson (WatchTower, Epidemic, Solstice)

1. Agent Orange
2. Dead end
3. The Blade Is Back
4. Inside
5. Just Another Scar
6. Total Control
7. Why
8. Train raid
9. Unlock The Morgue

10. Reeling On The Edge
11. Incarnation Off
12. Truth In The Hands Of Judas
13. Hymn For The Isolated
14. The Spirit of Violence
15. Nothing Is Sacred
16. None Of The Brighter Days
17. Dear Mr. Sinister
18. NME

Sultan - CHECK & MATE (Deluxe Edition) CD

During the ’80s you could count the number of prominent Swiss metal bands on one hand, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a plethora of bands trying to fight for their shot at international stardom like Celtic Frost and Coroner had already achieved. Sultan were one of those hardworking bands whose origins date back to 1986. Instead of simply recording a demo, Sultan tried to differentiate themselves from the pack by self-releasing a vinyl single entitled "Rebel Fire."

Despite the single's initial success, four years would pass as Sultan were plagued by frequent lineup changes but were finally able to release their magnificent debut, CHECK & MATE, in 1990. Sultan successfully fused both the past and present on CHECK & MATE by channeling NWOBHM influences, while harnessing the escalating momentum of the new established European power metal scene. Sadly, after one final tour in 1991 the band would call it quits leaving CHECK & MATE as their one and only album, but what an amazing album it was!

CHECK & MATE has been out of print originally for nearly 20 years and was fetching high dollar collector prices online until bootleg copies began to circulate within the European market. Divebomb Records and the members of Sultan have partnered up to take on these illegal activities directly by issuing a band-approved deluxe edition reissue. We hope that we can take the music back and support the artists that created it rather than support those simply repressing “knock off” copies for a quick buck. As always, we are fans doing this for the fans.

Leatherwolf, Riot, Fifth Angel, Omen

+ 2 bonus tracks from first 45rpm single (1986)
+ Archival band photos (eight-page booklet)
+ Brand new interview with drummer / founding member Fabian Ranzoni
+ Out of print nearly 20 years
+ Limited edition
+ New mastering by Jamie King
+ Layout / Restoration by Adam Peterson (WatchTower, Epidemic, Solstice)

1. Falcon
2. Pictures Of Heidi
3. For the light
4. Whizzing
5. Mary
6. Darkness
7. Night Knights
8. Hard nights, heavy pleasure
9. Jingle
10. Shout In The Fight

BONUS TRACKS - “Rebel Fire” 7 ″ single
11. Rebel Clever
12. Power Of Fire

Addictive - KICK ‘EM HARD (Rebooted Edition) 2xCD

Few bands survived the rapid decline of thrash metal in the early 90s, but not only did Australia’s addictive soldier on, they released a superb slab of classic speed metal against all odds. Following up their raw, yet impressive 1989 debut album, PITY OF MAN, the band enlisted Ozzy Osbourne / Rainbow bassist, Bob Daisley, to produce what would become their finest moment.

Rumors originally claim misplaced master tapes are the culprit behind the delayed KICK ‘EM HARD 1993 release. No matter the cause Addictive tried to overcome those delays and had unquestionably upped the ante with KICK ‘EM HARD, revealing a band whose ravenous desire to succeed overshadowed the industry’s climate predicting disaster for themselves and their thrash metal brethren. Combining all the best elements of early Metallica, Kreator, and Megadeth, Addictive were a band surely on the rise delivering a crushing sophomore album, but the shifting tides of the music industry unfortunately left them drifting aimlessly by the mid-'90s.

These two classic albums have been out of print for nearly 20 years and fetching high dollar collector prices online, but Addictive has remained a cult favorite with die-hard thrash fans. KICK ‘EM HARD (Rebooted Edition) contains brand new mastering of the band’s entire discography, an interview, and a redesigned, full-color booklet with archival photos of the band’s history. For the fans, by the fans.

Metallica, Megadeth, Mortal Sin, Sodom, Kreator, Testament

+ Full band discography
+ Archival photos / Show flyers (20-page booklet)
+ Brand new interview with band
+ KICK ‘EM HARD produced by Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne)
+ Out of print nearly 20 years
+ Limited edition
+ New mastering by Jamie King
+ Layout / Restoration by Adam Peterson (WatchTower, Epidemic, Solstice)

CD 1
KICK ‘EM HARD (1993)
1. Distemper
2. Waiting for yesterday
3. Kick ‘Em Hard
4. You're perfect
5. Towards Extinction
6. Wacked
7. You never know
8. Man Made Act Of God
9. Serves You Right
10. Bitch

11. Crazy Train
12. Sniper (demo)
13. Look Before You Leap (Demo)

CD 2
PITY OF MAN (1989)
1. Get Out Of My Life
2. Come Before The Storm
3. Boiling point
4. Special command
5. The Forge
6. What Ward RU In?
7. Echoes Of The Mind
8. Addictive Friend
9. My Foe
10. Pity Of Man

BONUS TRACKS - WARD 74 (Demo Tape) - 1988
11. Addictive Friend
12. Special Commando
13. What Ward Are You In?
14. Pity Of Man
15. Come Before The Storm

*** PRESS RELEASE # 15 ***
-Pilgrim: Rhode Island Doom Bringers To Release Sophomore Full-Length; New Track Streaming + Live Takeovers Confirmed

Wizards and warriors, rejoice, for the chosen ones have returned! Since the early 2012 unveiling of their debut sonic behemoth, MISERY WIZARD, fans and critics alike have patiently yet anxiously awaited the second chapter from Rhode Island doom bringers, Pilgrim. Welcome II: VOID WORSHIP.

Wielding eight new epic tracks laden with tales of swords and sorcery, death, doom, and destruction, II: VOID WORSHIP was recorded at Moonlight Mile Recording by audio architect Mike Moebius and supplies an extraordinary quality of tone and heaviness. With II: VOID WORSHIP, Pilgrim takes a new approach to their songwriting, replacing meditated, repetitive hypnosis-inducing dirges with more calculated and demented power-house riffs. They build, shape, and climb into frenzied climaxes and fade into sweet sonic releases, molding perfectly crafted rock songs into twisting spires of evil doom metal masterpieces. It is obvious that Pilgrim has matured, both musically and as individuals, in their past two years of global conquest.

Feel the gargantuan crush of third hymn, "The Paladin," now streaming at

II: VOID WORSHIP track listing:
1. Intro
2. Master’s Chamber
3. The Paladin
4. Arcane Sanctum
5. In The Process Of Evil
6. Void Of Worship
7. Dwarven March
8. Away From Here

In related Pilgrim news, the band will bring their epic earth-rumblings to the stage next month supporting reunited stoner rock icons, Spirit Caravan. Slated to commence on March 7th in Baltimore, Maryland, the trek will rupture nearly two dozen cities and include a performance at this year’s edition of SXSW. See confirmed dates below.

Pilgrim w / Spirit Caravan:
3/07/2014 Metro Gallery - Baltimore, MD
3/08/2014 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
3/09/2014 Chop Shop - Charlotte, NC
3/10/2014 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
3/15/2014 SXSW - Austin, TX
3/17/2014 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
3/18/2014 Cheyenne Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
3/19/2014 Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA
3/21/2014 Rotture - Portland, OR
3/22/2014 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
3/24/2014 The Shredder - Boise, ID
3/25/2014 Burt’s Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
3/27/2014 Marquis Theater - Denver, CO
3/29/2014 Reggie’s - Chicago, IL
3/30/2014 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI
3/31/2014 The Fifth Quarter - Indianapolis, IN
4/01/2014 Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO
4/02/2014 Rock Island Brewing - Rock Island, IL
4/03/2014 Fubar - St. Louis, MO
4/04/2014 Hi Tone - Memphis, TN
4/05/2014 V Club - Huntington, WV
4/06/2014 Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
4/08/2014 Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
4/09/2014 Skully’s - Columbus, OH
4/12/2014 31st St Pub - Pittsburgh, PA
4/13/2014 Empire - Springfield, VA
4/14/2014 AS220 - Providence, RI
4/15/2014 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn NY

II: VOID WORSHIP is scheduled for release on April 1, 2014 in North America, and on March 28/31 in Europe / UK via Metal Blade Records. Special preorder packages, including vinyl, are currently available at

*** PRESS RELEASE # 16 ***
-Canadian Prog Rockers Inks To Release SECOND SOUND CD

TORONTO, CANADA - Canadian progressive rock band Druckfarben will release their sophomore album, SECOND SOUND, worldwide on March 22. The record will be available in CD form from their website ( and CD Baby, and digitally from iTunes and Bandcamp.

SECOND SOUND features bold new colors in such songs as “An Answer Dreaming,” “In Disbelief,” and “Liberated Dream,” and concludes with the 19-minute “Second Sound” suite. “This is a natural progression from our first album,” says guitarist Ed Bernard, “but also introduces musical elements that might be surprising to those who know our music so far.”

Bernard leads the group, which was formed in 2008 along with bassist Peter Murray (Surrender Dorothy, Ron Sexsmith), keyboardist William Hare (Crystal Shawanda, Angelica DiCastro, Abraham's Children), drummer Troy Feener (Full Nine, Tom Cochrane), and singer Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss, DDrive). In German, Druckfarben means "colored ink used for printing on textiles or other media." In the mid-’80s, teenaged Ed and Troy had no idea what the word meant when they discovered it stenciled on mysterious black barrels in their rehearsal studio. But many years later it resurfaced as the name of Canada’s great new prog export.

All five members of Druckfarben grew up with a shared love of classic progressive rock music, such as Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Rush, King Crimson, and Kansas. They played their first show on March 1, 2008 in Port Credit, Ontario. Their self-titled debut was released in October 2011, followed by a live DVD (ARTIFACT) in 2013. They quickly built up an international following, including supporters such as Kim Mitchell, Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard), and Maurizio Guarini of Italy's Goblin, as well as producers Terry Brown (Rush) and David Bendeth (Bruce Hornsby, Paramore).

The band is eager to perform the exciting new material from SECOND SOUND live throughout 2014 and beyond.

For news and updates, follow:
Twitter: @printing colors

*** PRESS RELEASE # 17 ***
-Kill Matilda Post New Music Video "Law Abiding Citizen;" # PUNK # ZOMBIE # ROCKNROLL Tour + EP

Dusty Exner - vocals / guitar
Mykel Exner - bass
Marcus Luk - drums

Vancouver’s Kill Matilda has posted a new music video for their track “Law Abiding Citizen” from their upcoming six song EP / re-release # PUNK # ZOMBIE # ROCKNROLL due out on March 4th. The EP features tracks from their 2011 full-length album I WANT REVENGE with an acoustic rendition of “Geisha With A Switchblade” and will be accompanied by a comic book created by vocalist / guitarist Dusty Exner.

“Law Abiding Citizen” music video

After a small hiatus due to health issues from a tumor in a carotid artery and an Ectopic pregnancy, Kill Matilda hasn’t let the odds against them stop them from an ass-kicking mission to Punk, Zombie and Rock n’ Roll across Canada. (Tour dates listed below.)

“I have a guitar, I have a microphone. One week out of my hospital bed, I will meet you onstage. "
- Dusty Exner (vocalist / guitarist) - A Rocky Start, A Re-commitment -

EP stream

Track listing: # PUNK # ZOMBIE # ROCKNROLL
1. Pomegranate
2. I want revenge
3. Zombie Apocalypse
4. Law Abiding Citizen
5. PBJ
6. Geisha With A Switchblade (Acoustic)

Also in the plans for later this year, the band will be releasing their yet-to-be-titled follow-up EP produced by producer extraordinaire Garth Richardson.

“The amazing attention of Garth Richardson! Although this man has produced so many amazing albums and we're not the only band getting some attention and love, he took the extra steps to personally engineer our new album, which is something he has not done in like, 10 years or something. That makes me feel very, very special, ”says KM vocalist / guitarist Dusty Exner.

Upcoming Shows: (more dates to be announced)

Feb 28 - Abbotsford, BC @ Gators Pub - w / Gnar Gnars, Hot Damn
Mar 6 - Vancouver, BC @ Railway Club - w / Tickling Grandma, The Injectors
Mar 7 - Maple Ridge, BC @ The Wolf Bar
Mar 8 - Mission, BC @ The Zoo - w / La Chinga, Random Dander, War Baby, Justice Against Monsters
Mar 11 - Kamloops, BC @ Cactus Jacks - w / Real McKenzies
Mar 13 - Vernon, BC @ The Green - Ides Of March Metalfest
Mar 14 - Williams Lake, BC @ Overlander Pub
Mar 15 - Prince George, BC @ TBA
Mar 16 - Burns Lake, BC - House Party Show - email km [@] for an invitation
Mar 17 - Valemount, BC @ Log and Rail Bar
Mar 18 - Hinton, AB @ Valley Zoo - Acoustic Show
Mar 20 - Edmonton, AB @ Foundation Music w / Reckless Rebels, Betty Sues A Tramp, Knuckledown
Mar 21 - Edson, AB @ Fat Greasy's Metal Lounge
Mar 22 - Calgary, AB @ Dicken’s Pub
Mar 23 - Red Deer, AB @ Slumland
Mar 24 - Siksika, AB @ Gordon Yellowfly Memorial Arbor
Mar 25 - Moose Jaw, SK @ 23 Main Street - Acoustic Show
Mar 26 - Regina, SK @ The Exchange w / Abandon All Ships, Skynet, Palisades, Collections
Mar 27 - Winnipeg, MB @ TBA
Mar 28 - Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Pub
Mar 29 - Timmins, ON @ Victory Pub
Mar 30 - TBA
Apr 3 - Sherbrooke, QC @ Bar Le Magog
Apr 4 - Montreal, QC @ Katacombes w / The Nailheads, Talk Sick, Ol School Johnny
Apr 5 - Trois-Rivieres, QC @ Cafe Rock Le Stage
Apr 8 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club (Punk Night!)

About KM:
The band is charged again with the task of clearing the nation of a spreading zombie epidemic after a life or death encounter one fateful night, Kill Matilda is rising to the challenge of zombie management. Specially trained to combat these unruly creatures, Kill Matilda is armed with two incomparable, indestructible, advantageous tools: With their bone-crushing music and front woman Dusty Exner’s famous cookies.

Showcasing the energy, power, and adrenaline-soaked insanity Kill Matilda is famous for, anyone who chooses to tempt fate and not pick up # PUNK # ZOMBIE # ROCKNROLL and I WANT REVENGE, or anyone who opts to not support KM's zombiecide mission on the band's upcoming cross-Canada tour, you've been warned - Kill Matilda may be coming for you next.

For more info, please visit these links:

“She’s A Killer” music video:

“Fault Lines” music video:


“If there's one thing guaranteed to wake the slumbering beast from the annual hibernation it's some gravelly voiced and quite frankly excellent punk. If you like Hole, The Misfits, or The Offspring (and Yeah, Yeah Yeahs,) and let's face it who doesn't, then these guys are right up your alley ... down and dirty punk with sexy riffs and a promise of blood, fists, and stomping buy this on March 4th. You won't regret it. " - Wyrd Ways Show Review

“The EP is packed full of high energy, powerful tracks. I personally find that the band makes you feel like you are at their show, rocking out with them. It's a mix of songs that gives you chills and makes you feel empowered by just listening. " - Canadian beats

*** PRESS RELEASE # 18 ***
-Lions Of The South Unveil Cover Artwork, Track List

South Florida metallers Lions Of The South will release their debut album, CHRONICLES OF AGGRESSION, on February 28 via self-release. The cover artwork for the CD was created by Eduardo Hidalgo, can be seen below.

Lions Of The South is a new upcoming, three-piece, South Florida metal band with South American roots in their blood. While the band simply describes their music as metal, others have described the band’s style as a fusion between heavy, groove, and crossover thrash metal.

Track listing:

1. Awakening
2. Vicious cycle
3. In Your Hands
4. Chronicles Of Aggression
5. Reflection
6. A Call To Act
7. Rising Sun
8. Mirroring Hells
9. Countdown

CHRONICLES OF AGGRESSION was produced by Nayar / Perez, recorded and mixed by Adrian Morales at Heiga Studios, Miami Florida. Photography by Juan Sebastian Maldonado.

Lions Of The South are:

Cristobal Perez - vocals, guitars
Andres Nayar - Drums & Percussion
Felipe Vilches - bass guitar

Lions Of The South recently released a promo video clip of the song "Vicious Cycle:"

Lions Of The South was formed by Andres Nayar on drums, Felipe Vilches on bass, and Cristobal Perez on guitar / vocals, has focused on creating a forceful, abrasive, and aggressive sound. Through different avenues, while at the same time incorporating introspective, experimental sections, it allows the songs to develop in a distinctive way. The band’s lyrical content has been geared toward exploring the darker side of the human race, as well as philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Its music, on the other hand, has focused on creating a chaotic, dissident, yet dynamic sound with energetic riffs and hard-hitting percussions.

*** PRESS RELEASE # 19 ***
-Andromeda: Debut With An Album In Italian!

The first Andromeda album called SHOCK will be released by Southern Brigade Records.

The band Andromeda explores with great dexterity and creativity the pretty unusual territory of metal music in Italian language and, if this doesn't sound original enough, they also bring a substantial dose of personality in songwriting for a final well-recognizable sound and, at the same time, with a very direct and strong impact. These qualities have led this Italian band to the attention of the label Southern Brigade Records with which they sign a contract for the production of their debut album SHOCK that will be promoted and distributed by Scarlet Records. The album consists of nine tracks and was recorded at the renowned Golem Dungeon Studios in Bari (already producers, among many others, of the excellent recent albums of Natron, Godyva, and Golem). Their sound is easier to hear than to describe it! You could give an including saying it is a skillful mixture of powerful guitar riffs and melodies with various stylistic nuances that takes something good from every kind of good rock music.

Apart from all the specialty shops of the world, you can also purchase a digital version of SHOCK on all major download platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CdBaby.

Soon the band will announce some of its upcoming live events including their already confirmed presence at the prestigious Total Metal Open Air Festival in Bitonto (IT), along with great names like Kreator, Annihilator, Behemoth, Moonspell, and Death Angel.

For further information:

*** PRESS RELEASE # 20 ***
-New England Metal & Hardcore Festival To Take Over SXSW 2014 With Free Showcase

In addition to the sixteenth installment of their massive annual gala in Massachusetts this April, the promoters of the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival today declare their plans of taking over this year’s SXSW at the other end of the country with a massive public showcase.

Now locked for Friday, March 14th, the seven-hour New England Metal & Hardcore Festival Takes Over Austin, TX will run from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the G Pen Annex at 6th Street and Red River, will be fully open to the public, and will be a free, all-ages event. The lineup includes a wide range of contemporary hardcore and metal acts including headliners Veil Of Maya and Comeback Kid, in addition to Within The Ruins, Backtrack, Counterparts, Expire, Xibalba, Reflections, Alpha & Omega, Downpresser, To The Wind, and Years Since the storm. "We are very proud of this lineup," stated Mass Concerts head promoter, Scott Lee. "It is defiantly a taste of what NEMHF is all about."

All of the bands set to storm Austin for the NEMHF showcase will also be touring out across the country to perform at this year's New England Metal & Hardcore Festival taking place on April 17th, 18th, and 19th at the iconic Worcester Palladium. Featuring two stages, the legendary event, now in its sixteenth year, continues to drive dozens of bands and thousands of fans to Worcester, Massachusetts every year.

Tickets for the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival are on sale now:

VIP packages

3-day passes

passes for Thursday

passes for Friday

passes for Saturday

*** NEWS / RUMORS ***
-Upcoming Anihilated tour dates for the UK:

3/13 - The Asylum, Chelmsford, UK
3/16 - Haven, Wales, UK
3/23 - Intrepid Fox, London, UK
4/12 - Snooty Fox, Wakefield, UK
9/14 - Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton, UK

The band’s album IDEVIANT is out now on Killer Metal Records.

-There’s a new interview with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian at

-Check out a trailer for Anubis Gate’s upcoming HORIZONS online now at HORIZONS is due out April 15 through Nightmare Records. See,, and for more.

-Sebastian Bach’s GIVE ‘EM HELL is due out April 22 through Frontiers. Bach’s backing band includes guitarist Devin Bronson and drummer Bobby Jarzombek, and the disc features guest spots from Duff McKagan, John 5, and Steve Stevens. Track list: “Hell Inside My Head,” “Harmony,” “All My Friends Are Dead,” “Temptation,” “Push Away,” “Dominator,” “Had Enough,” “Gun To A Knife Fight,” “Rock N 'Roll Is A Vicious Game, ”“ Taking Back Tomorrow, ”“ Disengaged, ”“ Forget You. ” The album was produced by Bob Marlette and can be pre-ordered now at iTunes and Amazon; iTunes customers will be able to download “Hell Inside My Head” instantly. For a full report on the album see

-Children Of Bodom's lyric video for “Scream For Silence,” off of last year's HALO OF BLOOD (Nuclear Blast), is online now at See http: // for more.

-The first of three track-by-track discussions of the songs on Ektomorf’s RETRIBUTION is online now at The remaining two parts will be online soon at the band’s YouTube channel,

-Elvenking will release THE PAGAN MANIFESTO on May 9 through AFM Records. Check out a teaser at

-Freedom Call - singer / guitarist Chris Bay, guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, bassist Ilker Ersin, and drummer Ramy Ali - have released BEYOND through SPV. Track list: “Union Of The Strong,” “Knights Of Taragon,” “Heart Of A Warrior,” “Come On Home,” “Beyond,” “Among The Shadows,” “Edge Of The Ocean,” “Journey Into Wonderland , ”“ In The Rhythm Of Light, ”“ Dance Off The Devil, ”“ Paladin, ”“ Follow Your Heart, ”“ Colors Of Freedom, ”“ Beyond Eternity. ” The limited edition boxed set version comes with a book, a poster, and a bonus disc featuring LIVE IN THE BLACK FOREST and UNPLUGGED: BACK INTO THE LAND OF LIGHT; track list: “Hero On Video,” “Rockstars,” “Farewell,” “Mr. Evil, ”“ Power And Glory, ”“ Freedom Call, ”“ The Quest, ”“ Warriors, ”“ Power And Glory, ”“ Farewell, ”“ Mr. Evil, "" Rockin 'Radio. " Hype: “You’d be hard put to find negative emotions or a depressive disposition in the Freedom Call camp. Among the greatest fortes of this German melodic metal act is their uncompromisingly positive attitude to life, which the musicians have incorporated in their fresh and catchy songs for more than fifteen years. This positive frame of mind is the central theme of their latest studio album, BEYOND. Compositions which blend the band’s greatest strengths and sparkle with a lot of class, finesse and enthusiasm. " See for more.

-Iron Savior’s RISE OF THE HERO is due out February 28 through AFM Records. There will be CD, limited edition digi-pak, and limited edition colored vinyl versions (250 black, 250 blue). Check out the album trailer at

-Ron Keel’s autobiography, "Even Keel: Life On The Streets Of Rock & Roll," is out now. His new solo album, METAL COWBOY, has also been released through Wild West Productions. The album features Y & T’s Mike Vanderhule on drums plus tons of guest stars including Tesla’s Frank Hannon, Faster Pussycat’s Brent Muscat, Beggars & Thieves ’Louie Merlino and Ronnie Mancuso, and Paul Shortino. Track list: “Long Gone Bad,” “Wild Forever,” “My Bad,” “What Would Skynyrd Do ?,” “Just Like Tennessee,” “The Last Ride,” “When Love Goes Down,” “Singers, Hookers & Thieves ”(duet with Shortino),“ Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty ”(Keel remake),“ The Cowboy Road, ”“ 3 Chord Drinkin 'Song ”(featuring the Sin City Sinners). Bonus tracks include “My Bad” (radio version), “Just Like Tennessee” (unplugged), and “Singers, Hookers & Thieves” (solo acoustic version). Hype: "This music is heavy enough to satisfy Keel fans while appealing to the metal cowboy in everyone." Check out clips of three tracks plus the video for “The Cowboy Road” at See and for more.

-In the latest issue of its “Kill For Metal” newsletter Killer Metal Records announced the recent signings of Dragon's Kiss (from Portugal; new album due out in May) and Fallen Angel (from the US; album due this year), and the release of Edge Of Thorns' INSOMNIA on April 4. See for more.

-Kiss news… Paul Stanley’s autobiography “Face The Music: A Life Exposed” is due out in April through HarperCollins and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and IndieBound. In an update from Stanley says, “People say I was brave to write such a revealing book, but I wrote it because I needed to personally reflect on my own life. I know everyone will see themselves somewhere in this book, and where my story might take them is why I'm sharing it. " Hype: "For the first time," Starchild "front man Paul Stanley will reveal the incredible highs and equally incredible lows in his life both inside and outside of Kiss.‘Face The Music’ is the shocking, funny, smart, inspirational story of one of rock’s most enduring icons and the group he helped create, define, and immortalize. " Stanley will make the following in-store appearances to promote the book’s release:

4/7 - Barnes & Noble Tribeca, New York, NY
4/8 - Barnes & Noble, Staten Island, NY
4/9 - Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ
4/16 - Barnes & Noble The Grove, Los Angeles, CA
4/17 - Warwick’s, San Diego, CA
4/25 - Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA (Q&A and signing)

See,, and for more.

-Lost Society is starting up a track-by-track video series for its upcoming album TERROR HUNGRY. Check out for information on the song "Spurgatory." See for more.

-Miracle Master’s debut album, TATTOOED WOMAN, will be released in Japan via Bickee Music on April 23. The Japanese version will have two bonus tracks, “Miles Broken” and “She Ain’t Mine” (acoustic). See and for more.

-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee announced on Twitter that he's now engaged to his girlfriend, singer Sofia Toufa (stage name: SOFI), who according to various online reports has worked with Fall Out Boy, toured with Motle Crue on the Crue Fest 2 tour in 2009, and worked with Lee's TV-based side project Rock Star Supernova.

-Pretty Maids' LOUDER THAN EVER is due through Frontiers on March 21. The release was produced by Jacob Hansen and includes re-recordings of songs from the 1995 - 2006 era and a handful of new tracks, plus a bonus DVD “including archive footage from the '80s, brand new interviews, and plenty of cool material for the fans! ” Track list: “Deranged,” “Playing God,” “Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth,” “My Soul To Take,” “He Who Never Lived,” “Virtual Brutality,” “Tortured Spirit,” “With These Eyes,” "Nuclear Boomerang," "Snakes In Eden," "Wake Up To The Real World," "A Heart Without A Home." Check out clips of all the songs at

-The 2014 Pure Rawk Awards - “Readers choice awards celebrating the showstoppers, jawdroppers, riff lords and ladies of the alternative’ since 2006 ”- will take place March 7 at the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, North London. Voting on the awards is scheduled to close this week, and the following bands are set to perform at the ceremony: Servers (“hard, brooding, cult inspired hard rock”), Dedwardians (“slick glamabilly hooks”), Teenage Casket Company ( “High energy power pop tinged rock”), and The Blacklist Saints (“catchy soaring melodies and songs from the heart”). See and for more.

-Rock Fest is set for July 17-20 in Cadott, WI. The main stage lineups so far: 7/17 - Wayland, Winger, Steel Panther, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar; 7/18 - Fully Loadid, Consult The Briefcase, Devour The Day, Pop Evil, Sick Puppies, TBA, Five Finger Death Punch; 7/19 - Strange Daze, 4th Floor, Eve To Adam, The Pretty Reckless, Live, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith; 7/20 - Left Of Reason, Thousand Foot Krutch, Redlight King, P.O.D., TBA, TBA. On Wednesday, July 16, Romantic Rebel and Vaudeville will kick off the fest on the Leinie Lodge and Miller Lite Pub side stages, respectively. The side stages will be active the remaining days of the fest as well. See and for full details.

-Saxon’s new live album ST. GEORGE'S DAY SACRIFICE - LIVE IN MANCHESTER was recorded last year on the SACRIFICE tour, at The Ritz on April 23 - St. George's Day, the date honoring the patron saint of England - and will be released digitally, as a two-CD set, and as a three LP set. It was produced by Biff Byford and was mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap, and is due out March 14 in Germany, March 17 in the UK, and April 22 in the US. The CD set's track listing: CD 1 - “Sacrifice,” “Wheels Of Terror,” “Power And The Glory,” “Made In Belfast,” “Rock'n Roll Gypsy,” “And The Bands Played On,” “I 've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive), ”“ Night Of The Wolf, ”“ Conquistador, ”“ Broken Heroes, ”“ Guardians Of The Tomb. ” CD 2 - “Never Surrender,” “Ride Like The Wind,” “Crusader,” “Stand Up And Fight,” “Dallas 1 PM,” “747 (Strangers In The Night),” “Wheels Of Steel,” “Strong Arm Of The Law, "" Denim And Leather, "" Princess of The Night. " See for more.

-Sonata Arctica’s fifth album trailer for the upcoming PARIAH’S CHILD (Nuclear Blast) is online now at See for more.

-Switchblade’s HEAVY WEAPONS is out now on Killer Metal Records and getting good reviews. Hype: "Switchblade are resurrecting the mighty’ 80s era of metal while often recalling Iron Maiden with Bruce Dickinson at the helm, huge, powerful sawing riffs a la Accept and spreading catchy choruses. " The band has a show for March 28 at Cinematech in Haifa, Israel.

-Tankard’s second studio report detailing the upcoming R.I.B. is online now at See for more.

-Therion has a trailer for the upcoming re-release of THELI online now at This deluxe version comes three bonus tracks plus a DVD of the whole album performed live. CD track list: “Preludium,” “To Mega Therion,” “Cults Of The Shadow,” “In The Desert Of Set,” “Interludium,” “Nightside Of Eden,” “Opus Eclipse,” “Invocation Of Naamah,” “The Siren Of The Woods,” “Grand Finale / Postludium,” “In Remembrance” (bonus track), “Black Fairy” (bonus track), “Fly To The Rainbow” (Scorpions cover) (bonus track). See for more.

-The self-titled release from Vandenberg’s MoonKings is out now on Mascot Records. Joining guitarist Adrian Vandenberg in the band are singer Jan Hoving, bassist Sem Christoffel, and drummer Mart Nijen-Es. Track list: “Lust And Lies,” “Close To You,” “Good Thing,” “Breathing,” “Steal Away,” “Line Of Fire,” “Out Of Reach,” “Feel It,” “Leave This Town , ”“ One Step Behind, ”“ Leeches, ”“ Nothing Touches, ”“ Sailing Ships ”(featuring David Coverdale). The disc was recorded at Wisseloord Studios near Amsterdam and was produced by Vandenberg. Check out clips of three songs plus an album trailer at There's also a great new interview with Vandenberg at See for more.

-Vanishing Point’s video for "When Truth Lies," from DISTANT IS THE SUN (AFM Records), is online now at

Thanks to Lance King, Mary Ouellette, Axel Wiesenauer, Jens Häfner, Yiannis Stefanis, Chad Bowar, Nix Cooper, Derric Miller, Metaltix, and Hawk for help gathering some of this information.

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