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Hi! 🙋🏼

since 12 days I am already in America. And already a week with my host family today! Hard to believe how fast the time flies. But yeah, maybe I'll start at the beginning. The last 2 weeks before my departure went by in a flash .. my graduation ceremony, many meetings with my friends, and with my family I also did a lot. I only really realized it the day before. Before that I didn't have the feeling that this is now a farewell for a year ... But when the last day in my old home came to an end, I realized - Hey, this is the last time you are in your bed is sleeping, or hey, this is the last time you will have dinner with your parents, but that is the compromise I made to live in America for 1 year. But now to the essentials:

On September 5th so started my adventure. at 12:15 the plane left Munich and for the first time direction PHILADELPHIA (!!!) there I had to wait 1 hour after a 9 hour flight for my onward flight which brought me to NEW YORK CITY. Once there, we were brought to Tarrytown where I spent my first days, the so-called orientations. I heard a lot of bad things about the first few days, but I found them very funny and interesting, maybe it was just because Sandee did it so well! 😀

My absolute highlight of the whole orientation was the NYC tour that took place on Tuesday evening !! To be honest, I don't know how to describe this tour! It was just incredibly unrealistic! I never thought that I would really stand at Rockefeller Center and enjoy the amazing view over NYC! After Top of the Rock we went to Times Square: O thousands of people were there - haha, hard to believe - but it was also just mega great 🙂 and in the end we drove to a bank to wave to the State of Liberty! It was just awesome 😀

The big day was on Friday, at 4:52 pm it started. All au pairs coming to Philadelphia and Washington DC boarded the same train. We were all so very nervous, no wonder it was the day we met our host families - well not for me, because I was very lucky to get to know my family in Austria beforehand. So it wasn't that bad for me. But when the conductor called "Philly next" I got a little nervous. But when I saw my Hostmum and Leonie again, my nervousness was gone! Unfortunately only the two were there to pick me up because Gunti was at boarding school and Gregor and Maxi had an ice hockey game where Guntram was with us.
When I arrived at the new home, I was just flashed 😮 the house is mega big and indescribably beautiful ♥ On Saturday Claudia showed me a lot, from my tasks to my new place! On Saturday evening I went to a stadium with the kids to watch a soccer game 🙂 and on Sunday I went to Philly with two other girls. 😀 it's amazing how beautiful it is there 🙂

In addition, this week I was also in the second largest mall in America, as it is only about 15-20 minutes away from me 😀 HAMMER, right? 😮

To cut a long story short:

The first week with my host family was really great! And I feel really in good hands here. 🙂

xxx An ♥

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