Using the n64 controller on the Wii


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Genre: emulator
Developer: emukidid, tehpola, sepp256
Homepage: Google code
Platform: Wii, GameCube
License: GNU GPL v3
Player: 1
Release: 2012-02-23

Wii64 is one of tehpola, emukidid and sepp256 developed port of the OpenSource Nintendo64 emulator Mupen64 (continued as Mupen64Plus) to play N64 games on the Wii. Contrary to many assumptions, the development has not stopped, but has stagnated for more than a year. Unfortunately (almost, see Not64 in the download area and on there is no alternative.


Basic functions

  • Play Nintendo 64 games
  • use of .sav Files to save


The following devices can be used to control the emulator:

Depending on the game, one or the other game controller is better suited. In general, however, GameCube controllers and Classic (Pro) controllers work very well for all games. The steering wheel is of course suitable for racing games, but must be configured in the settings for the corresponding game beforehand. The controllers can also be used in any combination.


After Wii64 from the project page or it was downloaded from the download area, it just needs to be unzipped into the recommended path (SD or USB):

Game images (ROMs) and memory files (.sav) belong in the respective sub-folders on the same storage medium:

  • DEVICE: / wii64 / roms and DEVICE: / wii64 / saves

In principle, it is possible to use a DVD, but it is impractical. You can also install a forwarder channel.


After starting the Wii64 via a homebrew loader (e.g. HomebrewFilter), select a ROM via "Load ROM" from the desired location. To change the higher directory level, choose "..". Then just press on "Play Game" and the emulation starts. To save and exit the game (no automatic saving!) use the following key combination:


Under "Settings" you have access to the various settings of the Wii64:

  • "General": Storage locations of saved games and configuration files; Type of emulation ("Pure Interpreter" or "Dynamic Recompiling")
  • "Video": Aspect ratio of the screen, framebuffer
  • "Audio": Turn the sound on or off
  • "Input": Configure controller assignment
  • "Saves": Activate / deactivate automatic saving
  • Wii64 settings


There is an (incomplete and partly out-of-date) compatibility list on the project page. A current list is on to find.

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