How to restore the firmware for Apple TV 1

Firmware Restoration CD 1.8

On the computer where the CD will be used, do the following to obtain information about your Mac model (model identification):

  1. From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac.
  2. Click the More Information button. This opens the System Profiler.
  3. The entry "Model identification" is located in the hardware overview in the first window displayed. The information should look something like this: "MacBookPro 2.1".
  4. Compare the model information with the table above to load the correct Restoration CD image for your computer.

Restoring firmware using a Firmware Restoration CD

To restore the firmware of your computer, you must first create a CD with the disk image "FirmwareRestorationCD.dmg" as follows:

  1. Open Disk Utility (under / Applications / Utilities).
  2. Click the "Burn" icon or select the "Burn" menu item from the "Images" menu.
  3. Navigate to the location of FirmwareRestorationCD.dmg and click the Burn button.
  4. Insert a blank CD.
  5. Click the Burn button to create the Firmware Restoration CD. The files are burned onto the CD.

    Then restore the firmware using the Firmware Restoration CD:
  6. Make sure the computer that you want to restore is plugged into a wall socket with the power cord.
  7. Turn on the computer and press and hold the power button. The sleep LED will flash three times quickly, then three times slowly, and finally three times again quickly.

    Macs that don't have a sleep LED will instead emit beeps. Press and hold the on / off button until you hear three long, then three short and then three long tones.

    On Macs with an optical drive with a tray, the tray opens to insert the Restoration CD.
  8. Insert the Firmware Restoration CD as long as the optical or acoustic signals can be seen or heard, and then release the on / off switch. You will hear a long beep when the restore process begins.

    A progress bar will appear under the Apple logo on a gray screen. The progress bar indicates that the firmware is being updated. Disconnect during the update Not power, do not shut down or restart the computer. Otherwise, you will have to start the recovery process again starting with step 6.

The computer will restart automatically after the firmware is updated.

Before downloading and using this update, you must agree to the software license agreement:

Software license agreement