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Zelda Breath of the Wild Molduga Guide - How to Find and Kill the Molduga in BOTW

Far out in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will face the Molduga, a powerful creature that lives in the desert. Zelda Breath of the Wild Molduga Guide, we will go through youHow to Kill a Molduga in Breath of the Wildwith as little effort as possible.

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How to start the Molduga quest in the wild

To begin your search for Medicinal Molduga, head to the town of Gerudo in the southwest corner of Hyrule, then to the Riju mansion. Then leave the exit on your right and find yourself in an inner courtyard with soldiers training.

Malena becomes Molduga & amp; lt;

While the Molduga may seem like a terrifying foe, it can be taken down fairly easily if you use the Remote Bomb feature correctly and Link is armed with a large number of melee weapons.

The Molduga senses connection through movement, which means that once the battle begins, you'll want to sprint straight to the rocky outpost on the battlefield and get the rock to safety.

During this time, Link must slide off the ledge and fall down near the Molduga, land a few valuable blows, and then retreat to the rocks as soon as the Molduga begins to lift off the ground again.

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Be sure to pick up the Molduga entrails if the animal is ultimately killed, and then make your way back to Gerudo Town to claim Rs300 from Malena for the item.