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EU: From 1.78 to 14.70 euros - that's how much the vaccines cost

For the first time it became known how much the EU countries have to pay the individual vaccine manufacturers. The actually secret price list was published by the Belgian State Secretary for Finance Eva De Bleeker - by mistake, as it was said. The tweet was deleted after a short time.

Nevertheless, WELT was able to take a look. This is the price list for the corona vaccines per dose: Astra Zeneca: 1.78 euros; Johnson & Johnson: $ 8.50; Sanofi-GSK: 7.56 euros; Curevac: 10.00 euros; Biontech / Pfizer: 12.00 euros; Moderna: $ 18.00.

Why the price differences are so great cannot be answered in general terms and is naturally also related to the production process. However, the British-Swedish company Astra Zenca sees its vaccine as a contribution to public health and a kind of gift to society - and therefore largely sells it at cost.

The EU Commission has signed contracts for a total of 1,305 million vaccine doses on behalf of the member states, plus an option for a further 600 million units.

Cheaper than for British and Americans

Experts point out that Europeans are likely to pay less for some vaccines than, for example, the UK and the US. According to unconfirmed information, the price for a dose of Biontech vaccine in the USA is said to be 20 dollars (16.30 euros).

New publications also show that starting vaccination early, like in the UK, does not automatically mean that Brits will end up getting more vaccine. For example, the EU countries received 0.67 doses per capita from the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine that was first approved, while the British only received 0.61 doses. The difference is even greater with the vaccine from the US company Moderna: EU citizens receive 0.36 doses per capita, the British only 0.11.