Now I've found the ground in which

Deutsche Telekom: Found ground - price potential!

We provide the trading ideas and then you have to watch your profits yourself - that is the concept.

In addition to specific entry prices for shares, we also often offer the express service that we alternatively call the WKN of a knockout leverage certificate. If you want to give knockout leverage certificates a try and don't really know how to get in and would like to get a suggestion here and there, all you have to do is subscribe to the RuMaS Express service.

Are you interested in the RuMaS Express Service?
Then you are welcome to subscribe to this powerhouse for short and medium-term trading profits!

High profits with strong leverage without risk - is that possible?
Basically, of course, we assume that all subscribers who follow our trading tips in the RuMaS Express service are aware of the risk of a strong leverage. Anyone who wants to make high profits with a strong leverage must also know that the leverage has a corresponding effect even if the stock does not take the desired path.

Which derivatives are suitable for beginners and inexperienced investors?

We have all levels of experience in the stock exchange business among our subscribers. These are beginners, experienced investors, to experienced traders. So that we can offer all subscribers what we believe to be a quickly manageable product in our trading proposals, we have opted for knockout leverage certificates. In terms of content, knockout leverage certificates are easy to understand even for beginners and the parameters can be recognized at a glance.

What our customers say about us!

The many positive reviews show us how satisfied our customers are with our trading service. We are constantly receiving customer opinions that make us a little proud and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all subscribers for their extremely positive feedback.

Fritz L .: I've been on the stock exchange for 40 years, using different methods (stock clubs, Platow stock exchange, etc.). But your approach, your tips and, above all, your starting point are really “top notch” - compliments!

André B. ... as a very satisfied customer, I have just renewed my subscription.

Heike S .: Dear Rumas team, I am happy to extend the “all-round carefree package” for both newsletters ... I have already received a lot of good trading tips.

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