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What a day .... we meet with our tutor in Sham Shui Po (yes this is a place) =)


Since we all need a lot of coffee, we are taken to the Yha Mei Ho House (a hostel), where there is coffee on the one hand and a pretty cool exhibition on the other hand that shows the changes in the building and the lifestyle there. With Swiss-I-hang-there-two-would-be-fancy-pictures-at-exhibitions, I usually can't do anything at all and I am all the more enthusiastic when a completely new concept smiles at us in every room. Diverse, innovative and exciting!

Then we go to SCAD, a pretty well-known design school that used to be a court. It has quite high tuition fees (CHF 100,000 per year). We can spontaneously sneak a tour there and are allowed to look at the library and the courtroom first.

And then we can even look at the prison cells in the basement ... :-D

Cell for 25 people ...

Then a short stop at a smoothie shop, where you can directly choose the fruits that end up in it. Insider tip: carrot, orange, lemon juice

Then you go to an electronics store with lots of fancy stuff (unfortunately, the quality is not as good as it is or just as expensive as in Switzerland) and then to a fabric market that would fill the entire Sechseläuten meadow. Abnormal.

Then we get a little nervous for a moment. Our tutor would like to continue with us in a bus - "the one with the red roof". The drivers are apparently a bit mafia-like and logically drive like the picked idiot. If the bus goes over 80 (mind you in the city center ...) the bus starts to beep, which is of course ignored. Races among each other are the order of the day. * yeeehaaa *

Since there is a lot of traffic, we can't make it to 80 - but it's still funny =)

Fortunately, we arrive safely in Yau Ma Tei (just scream where you want to get out) and visit a Tin Hau temple. The lamp things are not lamps but large, curved incense sticks. On the bottom is the name of a deceased person.

This paper house is burned for a dead, so that this one
get it in heaven.
For lunch I have Fried Noodles (like the ones from the pack in the Chinese store xD), still quite crispy with mixed veggies (shiitake mushrooms, Yuba (= chatty tofu skin), and more ... ;-)

And then we are allowed into our tutor's apartment. He is definitely an artist who, due to his creativity, has to get by with very little space. When he tells us that the apartment was actually designed for 8 people, we are a little worried.

To compensate for the caffeine requirement, we then go to a cute café with an integrated bookstore. Due to the many great books, we don't really get to rest.

Then we look again at a community space, where some artists use a space together for their projects.

An old lady does it herself
Pillow cases and dresses.

An artist takes printing courses - oldschool too
Embossing. Here is his shelf with the Chinese
Characters in different sizes. o.O.

No, the day is not over yet ... ;-) We go to the HKDI (also a design school), because a lecture by two designers awaits us. But first a short detour to the roof. The view is just unbeatable. Unfortunately, the view of the Toniareal can pack ...

Lecture on "Not here, not now"
The lecture is about critical design, design approaches from different perspectives, prototyping and so on. My brain is pretty muddy now, but it's really exciting - I don't even know what to do with all the thoughts and impressions.

Then we go to So Boring - a small restaurant - and the food is amazing! First they serve us pasta with a slight Italian touch, then more Chinese pasta and then a mushroom rice (or similar) from which I could probably have eaten two bowls. You can determine the price for the menu yourself. Wow.

Our tutor still has to go to water the plants, and we spontaneously decide to go with them. We end up at the occupied space where the umbrella movement took place. He maintains a small garden there and ensures that the lawn damaged by tear gas grows back again.

Most of them are already sleeping in their tents, but we can still look at some tents (libraries, art spaces, meeting points) and talk to the "residents". One guy tells us that they will never give up fighting for free elections and still stay peaceful. And he would be overjoyed if what was going on there was carried out into the world so that it would soon come to an end. It's really impressive what people can achieve through mass.

Yeah, and then it's over. The day with the thirty thousand impressions. Just wow.