How to record Amplitube with Cubase 4

Integrate Amplitube in Cubase ... HOW ??

G3 JAM wrote:

... So the Amplitube.dll in the Vstplugins folder of Cubase? o0

Amplitube can be opened via Cubase, but there is no sound ... just a clean sound ... the sound bars don't move either ... as if nothing was arriving.
If I start Amplitube without Cubase everything works fine ...
I have installed \ uninstalled the programs several times, even restarted Windows ... the problem persists.

Is there any other way to record Amplitube distorted guitar?

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Under which track did you integrate Amplitube?

If there is a track that is being recorded it is very logical that nothing comes
Approach the whole thing quite logically.

You first need the raw signal from your guitar so that you can loop it in through Amplitube.
There is of course a track that you can use for direct listening or the "Stereo In" track.
With the first you have the opportunity to hear how it will be, but you don't record it yet. You then practically record the raw signal on a separate track. And you can put Amplitube on top of it later. So you have the opportunity to do something on the sound afterwards.

With the other option, you take the sound that you are listening to. It's also logical.

I hope you have understood everything now