How To Make Casu Marzu Cheese Prices

About Casu Marzu and cheese wars - interesting facts from the world of cheese

We can no longer imagine life without our favorite cheese. People made cheese seven thousand years ago; the Middle East is considered his home. The dairy product conquered the world pretty quickly. Exceptions are Asia and some countries in Africa where dairy products are not particularly popular. So let's take a look at and inside the cheese!

Today there are over 2500 types of cheese. You can't be more precise: Almost every week mankind gets a new, innovative type of cheese. The cheese feels particularly at home in France. The country is a pioneer in producing and exporting, and the first cheese factory was founded in Switzerland in 1815.

The Sicilian "Casu Marzu" is one of the most exotic types of cheese. It's a soft type of cheese. The larvae of the cheese flies soften it. They live in the cheese and accelerate the breakdown of milk fat. When consumed, the live maggots are still in the cheese. But be careful: the larvae can feel disturbed and jump up to 15 centimeters in height. Funny, is not it?

Milk protein from cheese is much more digestible for our stomach than from other food sources. In the US state of Wisconsin it is so popular that there is a very bizarre law: You have to serve cheese with every dish.

Cheese was also once a precious gift. Queen Victoria received a loaf of "cheddar" (450 kilograms) as a present. The German Emperor Charlemagne also enjoyed eating cheese: his favorite variety was "Brie". We agree on this!

And a few more facts: In the beginning, the cheese has to be yellow. Its color variations depend on the quality of the milk and consequently on the dairy cow food: the more ß-carotene cows digest, the more intense the cheese color. Sometimes you can also help with carrot juice and calendula flowers.
Cheese is a multifunctional product: it once helped win a war - no kidding! In 1841, during the decisive sea battle between Uruguay and Argentina, the cannonballs ran out. Almost dried out and leftover cheese wheels were used out of sheer desperation. The Argentines were afraid that their opponent might have a new weapon and cleared the battlefield cheese-white.

But not in Uruguay, but in Latvia, in the city of Preily, there has been a cheese memorial of grateful consumers since 2003.

And finally: What kind of cheese is sold the most? Guess!

Anyone who guessed mozzarella is absolutely correct! And I quickly go to the fridge to cut a slice of cheese.

Thanks to HNBS for the picture!