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As mighty as a mountain stands, still a mist can obscure it. Same with a fog, a thin and vale thing like a fog can cover a bridge, an airport, or an entire region. Mists and Fogs and Darkness can make anything obscure or hidden. Perhaps that is why in LIFE it's best to ignore those things that simply cover-up and / or are used to conceal what’s behind the shadows and darkness.

Life is like that, huh. We often don't know about a lot ~ a LOT ~ of things hidden from us by the mist and darkness. A cancer cell, say, may lay hidden in our body; or some unknown accident maybe out there ’waiting for us; or somehow we really don’t know how a person really feels about us; or even in our darkest or most weakest times ... we sometimes even doubt the existence of God. Always the mists and fog are there to cover and make obscure what is really there all the time. Yet we must ‘move on’ and just ignore all the mists of life, don’t we. Otherwise, if we allow these mists to dominate our thinking ... we can't advance toward fulfilling our own Destiny and Happiness. We owe this to our Fathers, and not our Sons.

Mist and Fog in our LIVES are not REAL, but only exist to HIDE the ‘Real Things’ behind it, isn’t that right! Light and our instinctive impulse to "move forward" eliminates and makes impotent the power of mists and fog. A pilot flies the plane through clouds, mist, and fog because his instruments inform him that a mountain lies behind the curtain of fog .. and a new course need be taken. As Human Beings, our Internal Instruments ’normally are parental training, Societal mores, peer instruction and common sense gives a peak about the hidden mountains in our lives; but even these things can fail, then we feel forced to fend for ourselves. Our own flight instruments.

In times when all our attempts fail to see the obstacle within or hidden by the mists of life, we then fall on our knees (or get High or turn to alcohol) and 'Storm the Gates of Heaven' for answers and Relief, don ' t we. And depending upon our previous Disciplines and Faith ... the Answer is, and will always be:

"Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God ... and all else shall be added unto you!" or "Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord!"

"Let Go & Let God" works for me when my vision is obscured by Mists and Fog. I've learned thru the years that you can’t think your way thru LIFE! My brain is too prone to error and temptation ~ that's why I often just "LET GO!"


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