What is Plopping Key and Peele Substitute

It could be the biggest role of her career so far: According to the news website “Deadline”, star director Jordan Peele is said to have selected the American actress, singer and presenter Keke Palmer for the female lead in a still-secret film project. In addition, negotiations are currently underway about whether Daniel Kaluuya should play her male counterpart. This would be the second collaboration between Peele and the "Get Out" actor.

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Keke Palmer: Hollywood's all-rounder

The director is said to have spent last fall looking for talent for his new film. This is how he came across Palmer, whom he had got to know and appreciate since his time at the “Key & Peele Show”. After meeting with the "Hustlers" actress to talk about the project, he is said to have offered her the lead role for the upcoming film, reports the news site. Keke Palmer has made a name for herself as an all-rounder in Hollywood: The artist has already played in various television and film formats, works as a singer and has already hosted her own talk show and the MTV Video Music Awards in 2020. In 2014, Palmer was also the first to take over African American Artist played the role of "Cinderella" in the Broadway musical of the same name. She currently lends her voice to the character "Maya" in the Disney revival of "The Prouds" and she speaks "Rochelle" in Netflix's new "Big Mouth" spinoff "Human Resources".

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The new film project follows "Get Out" (2017) and "We" (2019)

Little is known about Peele's film project itself. Only the release date has already been shared with the public: Universal Pictures announced that the still untitled strip should open in cinemas on July 22, 2022. Also, “Deadline” has been reported by multiple sources that Jordan Peele will be directing and writing the script for his third work again. Ian Cooper from “Monkeypaw Productions” - the production company that Peele himself founded in 2012 - will also help him with the production.

There is little doubt that the film will be a success - Jordan Peele has developed into one of the most exciting and best directors in Hollywood over the past five years. His first two feature films “Get Out” (2017) and “We” (2019) grossed a total of 500 million US dollars at the box office and earned the 41-year-old director an Oscar nomination for “Best Picture” and the award for “Best Screenplay”.

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