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Composer: Franz Peter Schubert (1797 - 1828)

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Song Cycles, Collections, Symphonies, etc.

  • Alfonso and Estrella, D 732 [opera]
  • Claudine from Villa Bella, D 239 [operetta]
  • The magic bell, D 723 [opera]
    • no.1 duet (text: Georg Friedrich Treitschke)
    • no.2 aria (text: Georg Friedrich Treitschke)
  • Deutsche Messe (Messe allemande, translated by Guy Laffaille), D 872 [mass] FRE
  • The fair miller-maid, translated by Emily Ebest) (De mooie molenaarster, translated by Lau Kanen) (La bella molinara, translated by Amelia Maria Imbarrato) (La belle meunière, translated by Guy Laffaille) (La bella molinera , translated by Salvador Pila) (아름다운 물 방앗간 아가씨, translated by 곽명규 Myung-Kew Kwack) (Myllärin kaunis tyttö, translated by Erkki Pullinen) (Η ωραία μυλωνού, translated by Athanasios Papaisiou) (A bela moleira, translated by Caê Vieira) , op. 25, D 795 CLOSELYDUTITAFRECATCORFINGREPOR
  • The conspirators, D 787 [operetta]
  • The Magic Harp, D 644
  • Fierrabras, D 796 [opera]
  • Chants out Wilhelm Meister, op. 62, D 877
  • Jesus Christ hovers on the cross (Stabat Mater) (Gesù Cristo sta sospeso in croce (Stabat Mater), translated by Ferdinando Albeggiani), D 383 [cantata] ITA
  • Cantata in honor of Josef Spendou (Cantate en l'honneur de Josef Spendou), D 472 [cantata] FRE
  • Rosamunde (Rosamunde, translated by Guy Laffaille), op. 26, D 797 [a play - incidental music] FRE
  • Swansong (El canto del cisne, translated by Saúl Botero Restrepo) (Zwanenzang, translated by Lau Kanen) (백조 의 노래, translated by 곽명규 Myung-Kew Kwack) (El cant del cigne, translated by Salvador Pila) (Joutsenlaulua , translated by Erkki Pullinen) (Svanesang, translated by Marianne Beate Kielland) (Le chant du cygne, translated by Pierre Mathé) (Κύκνειο άσμα, translated by Athanasios Papaisiou), D 957 CLOSELYSPADUTCORCATFINNORFREGRE
  • Six antiphons for palm consecration on Palm Sunday (Antienne pour la bénédiction des rameaux, translated by Guy Laffaille) (Zes antifonen voor de palmwijding op Palmzondag, translated by Lau Kanen) (Six Palm Sunday Antiphons, translated by Laura Prichard), op. Posth. 113 , D 696 FREDUTCLOSELY
  • Winter journey (Winter journey, translated by Arthur Rishi) (Le voyage d'hiver, translated by Pierre Mathé) (Viaje de invierno, translated by Saúl Botero Restrepo) (Il viaggio d'inverno) (Winter journey, translated by Lau Kanen) (El viatge d'hivern, translated by Salvador Pila) (겨울 나그네, translated by 곽명규 Myung-Kew Kwack) (Winter rice, translated by Pieter Wiersma) (מסע החורף, translated by Max Mader) (Talvinen matka, translated by Erkki Pullinen) (Winter rice , translated by Robert Schall), op.89, D 911 CLOSELYFRESPAITADUTCATCORFRIHEBFINAFR