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Gabriel (Camouflaged as Loki and Trickster) was the fourth archangel of God. He was created after Michael, Lucifer and Raphael and was thus the youngest of the brothers. Although he is the youngest of the brothers, he is extremely powerful and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Although he was the first heavenly being to be seen on the series, he was the last Archangel revealed.

Gabriel was very compassionate towards his family. When Michael and Lucifer began to fight each other because of Lucifer's refusal to show love and respect to human beings as God's greatest creation, Gabriel could not bear it because he loved both his father and his brothers. He disappeared to earth, faked his death and lived under other names (Loki, Trickster) on earth.

His true identity was later exposed by Sam and Dean Winchester and he began to stand up for the people and support them in the fight against the apocalypse. For example, he gave them the crucial information on how to open Lucifer's cage so that Sam and Lucifer can rush into it. When Dean tries to save Sam and Kali from Lucifer, he is apparently killed by Lucifer.

In the ninth season he appears again, but only as an illusion that was created by Metatron.


season 2

Tricks and legends

During the course of the episode, Sam and Dean investigate a number of strange incidents. It begins with the death of a university professor who is killed in his office by the ghost of a student. The caretaker of the university tells the brothers that it was known that the professor liked to take young female students into his office. Furthermore, a known thug is kidnapped by aliens and an animal laboratory worker is mangled by a huge crocodile. Besides, Sam and Dean start to quarrel more and more often over small things. They decide to turn on Bobby, who explains to them that their quarrel and the humorous and deadly punishments of people are probably the work of a trickster, a powerful demigod. You realize that the caretaker has to be the trickster. So they play him a violent argument, at the end of which the brothers split up. In fact, they return to university with Bobby and, after a short conversation, pierce the trickster with a wooden stake. When the hunters have left the building, the corpse disappears and Gabriel appears out of nowhere, grinning.

season 3

And greetings every day ...

Sam and Dean are caught in a time warp, but only Sam notices. In this Dean dies every day in a different way, whereupon the day starts again. Sam tries in vain to save Dean, which only ever results in a different type of death. Ultimately, he exposes a man in a café as the trickster. He agrees to break the loop. When Sam wakes up the next day, the time has indeed advanced, but he has to watch as Dean is shot in the street. But this time there is no repetition. Sam spends the next six months chasing the trickster, completely breaking off contact with Bobby and others and being driven only by revenge. Eventually the trickster contacts him. He explains that it was all just a lesson: Sam should accept that there are some things that cannot be changed. Specifically, that Dean will die by his pact. Then he turns back time and the trickster allows Sam to save Dean.

Season 5

As in heaven, so on earth

The brothers plan to investigate the death of a man in Wellington who was rumored to have been killed by the Incredible Hulk. There Dean and Sam find out that the murder happened with the same mixture of humor and punishment as they already know it from previous meetings with the trickster. Sam convinces Dean that they should ask the trickster for help against Lucifer and the Apocalypse, since he is a very powerful demigod. The brothers then follow an emergency call on the police radio that sounds like the trickster, but in reality Gabriel lures the two into a trap: When they arrive, he broadcasts both of them into the world of "Dr. Sexy", a TV show. Suddenly the two of them are doctors in a clinic.

As a fan of the series, Dean recognizes the trickster in the main character Dr. Sexy. But he only wants to talk to them after they have "played their roles" for 24 hours. After that, a number of different TV shows of all genres begin. The brothers only escape when they do

to play roles for which they were supposed to play. Castiel appears in a game show. He tells the brothers that the trickster is much more powerful than it should be. He wants to continue, but Gabriel appears and teleports him away with a snap of his finger. Gabriel tells the brothers that they will only leave this world when they are ready to accept the roles that fate has assigned them and say "yes" to Michael and Lucifer. When he talks about the two archangels, he climbs into an angry and emotional monologue. In the next section, a crime thriller, the brothers decide to fight back. They pierce the trickster with a wooden stake, which should actually kill it, but it does not happen. Instead, the spectacle just continues.

Dean got the idea that maybe this isn't a trickster at all. Rather, based on the emotions, he suspects that he belongs to the family of angels. The brothers catch the alleged trickster in a circle of sacred oil. After threatening to douse him with it, he dissolves the TV world and brings back Castiel, who recognizes him as Gabriel. When the three of them leave, Dean says that Gabriel’s problem is that he’s afraid to assert himself against his brothers, then he triggers the sprinkler system that puts out the holy oil and leaves.

His last trick

Gabriel appears in the role of the pagan god Loki to free Dean and Sam from the power of the other gods who hold them captive in order to use them as hostages against Michael and Lucifer. He also reveals to the brothers that he had an affair with the goddess Kali. However, he himself falls under the blood spell of Kali, who has seen through his true identity. To prove to the other gods that archangels can also be killed, she stabs Gabriel with his archangel's blade. As it turns out, however, this was just a fake and Gabriel escapes. Meanwhile, Mercurius betrays the other gods and summons Lucifer. This kills all the pagan deities present in a fit of rage. When he wants to kill Kali too, Gabriel appears.

He allows Dean, Sam and Kali to escape, but is killed by his older brother in the ensuing fight. Before the fight, however, he gave the brothers an episode of "Casa Erotica" on DVD. On this he gives the two of them the advice to use the rings of the Apocalyptic Riders, as they cannot kill Lucifer, but can banish him back to his cage with the help of the rings.

Season 9


Gabriel, who was thought to be dead, stands one day in Castiel's motel room and asks him for help. Because he wants to kill Metatron. When Castiel asks why he is still alive, Gabriel claims to have been hiding in heaven. Ultimately, they decide to look for the Winchesters. When they stop at a gas station, they are suddenly surrounded by Metatron's supporters. Gabriel tells Cas that he can stop her and that Cass can leave without him. However, Cas realizes that everything is just an illusion. Gabriel then admits that he really tried to help Cass, but he is currently unable to do so because Metatron is abusing him for his game. However, Gabriel is able to convince Cass to round up the fallen angels to face Metatron. Before Gabriel disappears, Castiel asks if he is really dead. Gabriel doesn't answer, just wiggles his eyebrows pregnant with meaning. Metatron later praises Gabriel for believing he's pretty good at his role as a trickster.

Season 11

An unequal alliance

God mentions that he does not have enough power to resuscitate Gabriel since he does not have enough time to resuscitate such ancient beings.

Season 13


Since he disguised himself as a trickster, he also displayed such mischievous behavior. He is often sarcastic and enjoys his "games". Even after his disclosure, he uses these traits to mislead others and to protect himself. But when it comes to his brothers, he can get serious and very angry quickly. Unlike his brothers, he respects people despite their mistakes, and admitted to Lucifer that he loves them.

Powers and abilities

Although he is the youngest of the archangels, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Besides his archangel skills.


  • God - As its creator, he also has the power to kill him.
  • The darkness / Amara - As the sister of God, she has the power to kill an archangel.
  • death - Has the power to kill anything.
  • Michael's lance - Since it is also able to kill his brother, this weapon can kill him too
  • archangel - The archangels would be able to kill each other. In addition, Gabriel is the youngest of the archangels.
  • Enochian sigils - Can shield from angels and archangels.
  • Archangel sword - Is able to kill an archangel while using an archangel and, according to Asmodeus, is the only weapon that can kill archangels. In the episode of the Devil's Pact he claims that.
  • Holy oil - Can kill angels as well as lock up normal angels and archangels. Gabriel was trapped in it by the Winchesters.
  • Removal of grace - This is how angels become human and therefore mortal.


"Gabriel. Ok? They call me Gabriel. [...] I ran away from heaven, had my face operated on and carved out my own little world. Until you two screwed everything up for me. [...] I loved my father The way I loved my brothers. But watching them fight each other? I couldn't take it anymore. Ok? That's why I left. "


  • It is possible that he only appeared in the ninth season because Metatron inscribed him in his "story".
  • When Castiel wants to kill the Nephilim, he suspects her to be Gabriel's daughter, since only Gabriel and Metatron are on earth so far.
  • Ironically, he is helping the Winchesters stop the apocalypse, while his alter ego, Loki, is known from Norse mythology as the god who started the Norse apocalypse known as "Ragnarok".
  • Another irony is that he is known in various cultures as the herald of the end, but in the series he helps prevent the apocalypse.
  • While his "alter ego" Loki is known in Norse mythology as the god of lies and illusions, he uses his trickster skills to pester people with the help of illusions and "deceit".