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Since a lot has been written about the history of the Rauschenberg fire brigade in previous commemorative publications and chronicles, we are limited to the last 25 years here. The 725th anniversary in 1991 was also a big event for the fire brigade. Like almost all Rauschenbergers, somehow you were there everywhere. Be it during a demonstration exercise in a traffic accident, at a pageant, or while selling ham on the historic market. Not to forget the historical exercise of the youth fire brigade. But even here enough has been reported.
For the fire service, the last ¼ century was all about technology. In 1993, for example, wireless alarm receivers were purchased for every active firefighter. The so-called "silent alarm". In 1995, the association bought a used VW bus, painted it in-house and converted it into a team transport vehicle. In 1997 the new fire protection clothing also found its way into Rauschenberg.

In 2006 the ELW command vehicle was replaced after 20 years. In the same year the loyal "tanker", the TLF 16/25, which has been in service since 1978, was adopted. An emergency fire fighting group vehicle HLF 20/16 came for him. The last time in 2014 was the 1984 LF 8 firefighting group vehicle being replaced by an LF 10 KatS, a fire fighting vehicle for the disaster control of the state of Hesse. The Rauschenberg fire brigade is therefore at a very good technical level.
If you talk about Rauschenberg's fire engines, you can't get past the old "Methuselah", an LF 8 from 1958. The old Opel Blitz was brought out again in 2008 on the occasion of the district fire brigade day in Rauschenberg and made roadworthy. But fire brigade in Rauschenberg doesn't just mean technology and vehicles. The most important thing is that there are people who are willing to spend their free time taking responsibility for defending against dangers in their own place and beyond. Furthermore, a renovation of the fire station is planned after 40 years, as the previous accommodation is no longer permitted and in some cases is too small.

The year of a member of the fire brigade in Rauschenberg is structured as follows, in addition to teaching, exercises, courses, rehearsal weekends, festival participation and operations:

The year of the fire brigade begins on the first Saturday in January with the annual general meeting of the operations department in the fire station. On the first Saturday after “Holy 3 Kings”, the disused Christmas trees have been collected by the youth fire brigade in the city center for 40 years now. Should the weather permit, the emergency department has been inviting people to ice-skating on the Irrbächer pond or tobogganing at the barbecue area in the winter months since 1993.
In the years 1991 - 2006 they took part in the German fire brigade cross-country skiing championships. From 1952 to 2012 a fire brigade ball was organized, from 2004 together with the men's choir. Due to a lack of participation, this event has been discontinued. The annual general meetings of the club, the marching band and the mission departments of the large community take place in March. From 1976 to 2009 the fire brigade took part in the city cup shooting of the Albshausen shooting club. This event will no longer take place either.

From 1978 to 2011, the marching band organized a musical twilight pint on the market square. This event has been integrated into the Rauschenberg Fire Brigade Days since 2011. Exercises are carried out here at the fire station on the first weekend in June, vehicles can be viewed or a tour with the LF 8 from 1958 can be made.

From 1990 to 2011, the summer night disco was carried out by the operations department on the barbecue area. This event was discontinued due to excessive circulation. It was revived in 2014 by the fraternity. The youth fire brigade has held a tent camp every year since 1975. Until 1982 at the Heinrich Damm fish ponds, then at the Ziegeleier pond. The tents have been pitched on the former urban young cattle pasture since 2012. Every year in June, the operations department takes part in the parade at the district fire brigade day together with the marching band. Since 2007 also with the Opel Blitz. The association has organized a hiking day every two years since 1989. At the same time, a day trip is made in the same year. In alternation between 1992 and 2006, a multi-day trip into the mountains was offered. This event was discontinued due to a lack of participation. Coffee has been drinking coffee for the age and honor department in the fire station since 1999.

For several years now, the fire brigade has been ensuring road safety when the kindergarten is moved. Every year on the day of national mourning, the fire brigade also takes part in the service and the subsequent commemoration at the memorial. The sausage roaster has been on the scene at the Rauschenberg Christmas market since 1995, and the marching band entertains with Christmas sounds. The departments Christmas celebrations take place in December. The marching band has been performing at the Christmas market in Marburg since 2010. The end of the year is the camaraderie evening of the operations department on December 27th.

The following membership numbers are recorded:

Marching band: approx. 20
Operations department: approx. 40
Youth fire brigade: approx. 15
Friends' association: approx. 230

The operations department meets every Monday at 7.30 p.m. in the fire station, the youth fire brigade already at 6 p.m.
The marching band meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the fire station, the youth department already at 7 p.m.


  • First Chairman: Matthias Krause
  • Second chairman:Jan Wittekindt
  • Cashier:Olaf Richter
  • Secretary:Mark Pfister
  • Representative of the honorary members:Thomas Würz
  • Representatives of the sponsoring members: Regina Seibert
  • Age department representative:Margret Wittekindt-Regulski
  • Representatives of the youth fire brigade:Mario Fritsch
  • Representative of the marching band:Heidi Schauberer
  • Representative of the operations department:Michael Stuhlmann


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Mobile: 0160 - 15 25 148 (Matthias Krause)