What does Packin Gats

Packing Town

People working in a packing house
The packing towns were very poor working conditions. Jurgis at times was up to arms in blood. They would throw the meat on the ground and not clean it off before they would pack it. The meat would be rotting and they would just rub it on soda so it wouldnt smell anymore. They would mix good meat with bad meat so people couldn't tell. They did all of this with the meat to make more money. All the companies wanted were money and would do anything to not lose any.
The people that worked in packing town didnt like it much. Jurgis would listen to other people complain all day but he never would. He didnt always like his job but he knew he needed it. If he lost his job they would lose thier house and he might not be able to find another one. If Jurgis lost his job then his whole family would sufer from it and he didnt want that. He always want to be able to carry him family and never let them fall.
This connects to Plato's Allegory of the Cave because the packing towns opened up Jurgis's eyes. He couldn't believe what they did to the animals. He had no idea how many they killed and how they hung them upside down and just cut into them. America opened his eyes to how hard life was and the evils of capitalism. How he could be treated so unfair at the packing houses and that no one cared.