List of WhatsApp Emoticons Meanings Schaedel

List of smileys, emojis and emoticons and their meanings

😄Laughing face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes😃Laughing face with an open mouth
Smiling Face With Open Mouth😊Grinning face
Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes☺Smiling face with smiling eyes
Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes☺Smiling face
White smiling face😉Winking face
Winking face😍Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes😘Face that sends a kiss
Face throwing a kiss😚Kissing face with closed eyes
Kissing Face With Closed Eyes😗Kissing face
Kissing face😙Kissing face with smiling eyes
Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes😜Face with tongue out and winking eye
Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye😝Face with tongue out and eyes narrowed
Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Tightly-Closed Eyes😛Face with tongue out
Face With Stuck-Out Tongue😳Flushed face
Flushed face😁Grinning face with smiling eyes
Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes😔Thoughtful face
Pensive face😌Relieved face
Relieved Face😒Unpleasant face
Unamused Face😞Disappointed face
Disappointed face😣Suffering face
Persevering Face😢Crying face
Crying face😂Face with tears of joy
Face with Tears of Joy😭Violently crying face
Loudly Crying Face😪Sleepy face
Sleepy Face😥Disappointed but relieved face
Disappointed but Relieved Face😰Open mouth face and cold sweat
Face with Open Mouth and Cold Sweat😅Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat😓Face with cold sweat
Face with Cold Sweat😩Listless face
Weary Face😫Tired face
Tired face😨Anxious face
Fearful Face😱Face frozen in fear
Face Screaming in Fear😠Angry face
Angry face😡Pouting face
Pouting face😤Triumphant face
Face With Look Of Triumph😖Dismayed face
Confounded face😆Smiling face with open mouth and closed eyes
Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Tightly-Closed Eyes😋Face enjoying tasty food
Face Savoring Delicious Food😷Face with protective mask
Face with Medical Mask😎Face with sunglasses
Smiling Face With Sunglasses😴Sleepy face
Sleeping face😵Dazed face
Dizzy Face😲Amazed face
Astonished Face😟Worried face
Worried Face😦Frowning face with open mouth
Frowning Face With Open Mouth😧Pain-plagued face
Anguished Face😈Smiling face with horns
Smiling Face With Horns👿leprechaun
IMP😮Open mouth face
Face With Open Mouth😬Grimacing face
Grimacing Face😐Neutral face
Neutral face😕Amazed face
Confused Face😯Speechless face
Hushed face😶Face without a mouth
Face Without Mouth😇Smiling face with halo
Smiling Face With Halo😏Smug / mischievously smiling face
Smirking Face😑Expressionless face
Expressionless Face👲Man with gua pi mao (cap)
Man With Gua Pi Mao👳Man with turban
Man with a turban👮police officer
Police officer👷construction worker
Construction worker💂Security guard
Woman👴Older man
Older Man👵Elderly woman
Older woman👱Person with blond hair
Person With Blonde Hair👼Putti
Baby angel👸princess
Princess😺Smiling cat face with open mouth
Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth😸Grinning cat face with smiling eyes
Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes😻Smiling cat face with heart shaped eyes
Smiling Face Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes😽Kissing cat face with eyes closed
Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes😼Cat face with a daring smile
Cat Face With Wry Smile🙀Exhausted cat face
Weary Cat Face😿Crying cat face
Crying Cat Face😹Cat face with tears of joy
Cat Face With Tears Of Joy😾Pouting cat face
Pouting Cat Face👹Japanese ogre
Japanese Ogre👺Japanese leprechaun
Japanese goblin🙈See no evil monkey
See-No-Evil Monkey🙉Hear no evil monkey
Hear-No-Evil Monkey🙊Say no evil monkey
Speak-No-Evil Monkey💀skull
Skull👽Extraterrestrial being
Extraterrestrial Alien💩Poo
Pile of poo🔥Fire
Sparkles🌟Shining star
Glowing Star💫Symbol for drowsiness ("see stars")
Dizzy symbol💥Collision symbol
Collision symbol💢Anger symbol
Anger symbol💦Splashing sweat symbol
Splashing Sweat Icon💧drops
Droplet💤Symbol of sleep
Sleeping symbol💨Whiz icon
Dash symbol👂ear
Mouth👍Thumbs up sign
Thumbs Up Sign👎Thumb down sign
Thumbs Down Sign👌Sign of everything alright
OK hand sign👊Fist hand
Fisted Hand Sign✊Raised fist
Raised fist✌Victory gesture
Victory hand👋Waving hand
Waving hand sign✋Raised hand
Raised hand👐Open hands
Open Hands Sign👆The back of the hand (white) pointing upwards
White Up Pointing Backhand Index👇(White) back of the hand pointing downwards
White Down Pointing Backhand Index👉(White) back of the hand pointing to the right
White Right Pointing Backhand Index👈(White) back of the hand pointing to the left
White Left Pointing Backhand Index🙌Person holding hands up while celebrating
Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration🙏Person with hands clasped in prayer
Person With Folded Hands☝(White) index finger pointing up
White Up Pointing Index👏Clapping hands
Clapping Hands Sign💪Tense biceps
Flexed biceps🚶pedestrian
Dancer👫Man and woman hold hand
Man and Woman Holding Hands👪family
Family👬Two men hold hand
Two men holding hands👭Two women hold hand
Two Women Holding Hands💏kiss
Kiss💑Couple with a heart
Couple with Heart👯Women with rabbit ears
Women With Bunny Ears🙆Face with everything-alright pose
Face With OK Gesture🙅Face with not-okay pose
Face With No Good Gesture💁Information desk staff®
Information desk person🙋Happy person raising a hand
Happy Person Raising One Hand💆Facial massage
Face massage💇Haircut
Haircut💅nail polish
Nagel politur👰Bride with veil
Bride With Veil🙎Person with a pouting face
Person With Pouting Face🙍Frowning person
Person frowning🙇Person bowing deeply
Person bowing deeply🎩Top hat
Top hat👑Crown
Crown👒Ladies hat
Womans Hat👟Sports shoe
Athletic Shoe👞Men's shoe
Mens Shoe👡Women's sandals
Womans sandal👠High heeled shoe
High-heeled shoe👢Women's boots
Womans Boots👕T-shirt
Necktie👚Women's clothing
Womans clothes👗dress
Dress🎽Running shirt with sash
Running Shirt With Sash👖Jeans
Ribbon🌂Closed umbrella
Closed umbrella💄lipstick
Lipstick💛Yellow heart
Yellow Heart💙Blue heart
Blue heart💜Purple heart
Purple heart💚Green heart
Green Heart❤(Black Heart
Heavy Black Heart💔Broken heart
Broken Heart💗Growing heart
Growing Heart💓Beating heart
Beating Heart💕Two hearts
Two hearts💖Sparkling hearts
Sparkling Hearts💞Hearts spinning around each other
Revolving Hearts💘Heart pierced by an arrow
Heart with Arrow💌Love letter
Love letter💋Kiss print
Kiss Mark💍ring
Gem Stone👤Silhouette of a bust
Bust in silhouette👥Silhouette of several busts
Busts in silhouette💬speech bubble
Speech balloon👣Footprints
Footprints💭Thought bubble
Thought balloon