What does utter insolence mean?

Israel's new partners

At first glance, the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), followed by Bahrain, can be seen as an encouraging step towards the easing of d├ętente in the Middle East and an increasing integration of the State of Israel into its regional environment. This is not only the view of the architect of this development, the incumbent US President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Yared Kushner. This impression also seems to extend to parts of the Left Party. In return, Israel's declaration of renunciation of the annexation of the Palestinian territories conquered in the Six Day War, which should one day become a Palestinian state in accordance with the two-state solution invoked internationally, could keep the door open for such a solution. A blatant breach of international law and the final adoption of the Oslo Accords, which formed the basis for the two-state solution, would at least formally be avoided.

But it seems strange when "the only democracy in the Middle East" tries to close ranks with the most reactionary despotisms in the region, when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the two-state solution are not even mentioned in the treaties that have now been concluded. How stable are the new partners? Bahrain is inhabited by a Shiite population who was brutally suppressed by their Sunni ruling house with the help of the UAE and the Saudis in the "Arab Spring". In the foreground of interest is probably the common hostility towards Iran. Another reason for this step is arguably the pursuit of the two oil states for state-of-the-art Israeli weapons. This, among other things, in the context of transactions that have already been initiated for two decades. This development serves just as little to stabilize the international situation in the region as it does to strengthen Israel's security, which high officials of the Israeli security establishment and prominent former officers have also publicly declared. Because: The Palestinian leadership, which is losing all legitimacy, is likely to face popular uprisings and no longer be able to maintain its intensive cooperation with the Israeli police. The existing peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan could be in danger, in fact the latter, pro-Western country could be destabilized - after all, 80 percent of its inhabitants are of Palestinian origin.

And what does the declared renunciation of annexation mean, which the two Gulf autocracies are marketing as support for the Palestinians? Nothing! Because the settlements on Palestinian land are being pushed ahead rapidly, the expropriation of Palestinian private land is continuing, houses are being destroyed. Good, fast roads that are "only accessible to Jews" are being expanded. The real annexation through land grabbing and discrimination against the Palestinians continues systematically. The solemn solidarity does not reduce the conflict situation, it exacerbates it.

The two-state solution, invoked like a mantra by the EU in particular, has moved into the unattainable distance. The right-wing Netanyahu government is creating a one-statehood that delivers the ultimate fatal blow to any form of Palestinian statehood, with the support of the two Gulf states. Progressive Israelis and (Israeli) Palestinians had long been calling for a unified, secular and democratic state for all citizens. How Netanyahu and his right-wing government imagine this state, however, shows that in July 2018 - as a precaution? - Adopted nation-state law that finally regulates the relationship between the "Jewish" and "democratic" identity of Israel. By discriminating against minorities, abolishing individual rights and freedoms in favor of Jewish collective rights. Netanyahu summarized the meaning of the law in the simple but apt formula: "Israel is not the state of all its citizens."

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