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New Work Week in Nuremberg

Evi Reich is the owner of the Fürth-based institute: // Zukunftsmusik, in which people of all ages can discover and develop their creative potential on musical, rhythmic, moving and agile playing fields in courses, training sessions and play shops. The studied politics and communication scientist brings over 15 years of project management and project management experience in marketing, in the management of key accounts and in the personnel area of ​​a large international corporation. After a personal crisis in 2012, Evi remembered her passion for music and her “purpose”, to carry the unifying power of active music-making back into as many areas of society as possible , Design Thinking and LEGO Serious Play, as well as for the facilitation of Community Drum Circles according to Arthur Hull (villagemusiccircles.com). The focus of the work is training on team, organizational and strategy development as well as method training with reference to rhythm, cross-generational music making in the drum circle, stress detox in rhythmic-musical set-ups, and elementary work with children in the field of early musical education.