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Mini excavator CAT 301.4C | 2016 year


Mini excavator CAT 301.4C

The excavator is equipped with a 17.68 kW motor that works with a load-sensing hydraulic system. This results in excellent digging performance and smooth control. The boom cylinder is located above the boom, which ensures a long machine life. The Cat 301.4C mini excavator has much shorter hydraulic hoses because the connections are near the work tool. This significantly reduces the risk of damage. The cables run in the boom, which offers additional protection.

Cat 301.4C is a great convenience. The ergonomic control system, accelerator pedals and adjustable palm rests are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

The main valve and hydraulic hoses are easily accessible, as are the daily maintenance points and regular maintenance. The excavator has protection in the form of steel plates over the entire circumference. The pins were attached to the blade, eliminating the risk of loss.


The bucket breakout force is 16 kN - the excavator copes well with hard materials. The maximum digging depth is 2.2 m, the maximum digging height 3393 mm and the digging radius 3700 mm. The maximum height of fall is 2403 mm. Of course, a wide variety of working tools (hammers, earth augers, etc.) can be used on an excavator.

Its small dimensions allow it to be easily transported from place to place. The excavator also has a sliding undercarriage and a blade (caterpillars extend up to 1300mm), which makes it easy to get through narrow corridors and doors. It also guarantees greater stability during operation.

Advantages of mini excavators

Mini excavators are a great solution for many businesses, not just the general construction industry. It is a good solution for companies that specialize in water supply services, for example. The mini excavator is also a brilliant solution for a small, often one-man business that deals with small-scale construction work. CAT machines are very popular, but the price of new equipment is relatively high. However, it is worth thinking about the secondary market, where we can find mini excavators of renowned brands not only in great condition, but also at a great price. Of course, they will be slightly older models, but they are not inferior to the technical condition of newer excavators.

Thanks to the purchases in our company, you will save time and resources looking for a reliable machine. The excavators we sell are thoroughly tested and refurbished. They offer a very high standard of shopping that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our machines are often more expensive than others on the market. We do this consciously because ours are simply better. They are all in perfect condition, with no leaks and the like.

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