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Food and drink in the USA

Breakfast - the rich breakfast

Americans love their breakfast. Depending on the region, cornflakes, pancakes, bagels, porridge, donuts, muffins, scrambled eggs with ham, French toast, sausages, fruit and sometimes steaks are on the American breakfast tables. In the hotel, the continental breakfast is sometimes announced, which on closer inspection can turn out to be very spartan: a dry donut with stale coffee. Younger people often forego the most important meal of the day at home and instead stop at the coffee shop. You can actually find them on almost every street corner.

Eat well for little money

If you want to eat cheaply, it is best to stick to the smaller, immigrant-run restaurants. Here you can get good and simple food from the Asian, Mexican, Italian, Greek or Indian cuisine. Even the classic diner often offers breakfast, burgers and daily specials for little money.

Fast food often outperforms its reputation - at least in terms of taste, not necessarily when it comes to health. In addition to the well-established McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC, the best-known system catering chains in the USA are Wendy's, Jack in the Box, Carl's Junior, El Pollo Loco (fresh chicken pieces from the grill), Del Tacco, Tacco Bell, Little Ceasar's Pizza, Red Lobster, Tony Roma's (steaks) or the Hard Rock Cafe. A visit to Dunkin Donuts should definitely still be included, for example for breakfast.

Local specialities

If you are going on a tour of the USA, then a visit to a diner or restaurant with local dishes provides new taste experiences. On the east coast, for example, you can get the popular New England Clam Chowder, a hearty clam soup with local clams. Corn cakes with ham, so-called grits, are available in Georgia - best dipped in coffee or cola sauce before consumption. Texas is known for its Huevos Rancheros, richly topped tortillas with a spicy fried egg. And California has a wide variety of artichoke dishes to offer. Good Appetite!


In addition to the soft drinks á la Coca Cola known to us, there are some non-alcoholic drinks that take more or less getting used to. For example the root beer. This is a “shower” made from the root of the sassa fra tree. Even with Cream Soda (tastes like vanilla ice cream) and Dandelion & Burdock Soda, which is made from dandelion and Velcro root, you shouldn't throw the gun in the grain right after the first can. You will quickly get used to the new flavors.

American coffee and American beer are a topic in and of themselves. Every German who drinks one of the two for the first time waits after the first sip to see if the taste is still delayed. Unfortunately, no. The Americans don’t let their coffee go, we Germans have to get used to it. When it comes to beer, things are different, as German beers have become an indispensable part of American households.

In contrast to Germany, American beer has a lower alcohol content. One reason for the high water content is the large consumption at sporting events. This is a health aspect: Since it gets very hot in many regions of the USA in summer, the high water content in beer is supposed to balance the water balance and counteract heat stroke.

Drinking or even carrying alcohol in public is prohibited in the United States. Anyone who gets into a police check with their car and has a “six pack” of beer on the passenger seat can expect a fine. If you buy alcoholic beverages, be sure to have them packed in a paper bag. In the USA, spirits are mainly to be had in so-called “liquor stores” or in large supermarket chains. If you want to enjoy your beer with a cigarette, you can do so at home. Otherwise it means: drink beer inside and go out to smoke! There is an absolute ban on alcohol in the Mormon state of Utah and, in a crazy way, in Lynchburg, the hometown of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.



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