Serana healing, where is she going

Cure Skyrim serana?

I've been playing The elder scrolls: Skyrim for a few weeks now. About 3 days ago I completed the Twilight Quest series and have been using Serana as a companion ever since.

Today I discovered Labyrinthion and went straight to Schalidor's Labyrinth. Even in the labyrinth, Serana behaved strangely, in which she simply stood still. However, I took them out, put them down, made the maze and took them back with me. When I wanted to leave Schalidor's labyrinth, however, I first noticed that Serana was starting to run against a wall, but as I approached her, she came running towards me again.

My problem:

When I left the place, Serana did not come with me, even though she was standing right next to me. I re-entered Schalidor's labyrinth and saw that Serana was standing against the wall again. I tried to get her out of town for a few minutes, but it just doesn't work. I can do anything, give her orders, exchange things with her, make the arrows and fire her, but when I walk through the door, she always stays there and stands in front of the wall again. Icv have already tried to fire her and reinstall her after a few days, but it doesn't work.

I thank you in advance for the answers.

PS: I am using my mods and I cannot load an old save