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Gene Gumfory earned his first payday by hand-tilling a garden patch for his grandmother when he was 12 years old. When Gene told her she paid him too much, she replied, "You did a man’s job - you get a man’s pay." Her value of hard work stuck with him, and so did the gardening.

In 1958, Gene took a second job bagging fries at Griff’s Burger Bar. His work ethic earned a promotion to the front counter, then eventually to manager. By the time Gene left the company, he was a vice president. He left to try his own hand at making burgers.

Since then, Gene has owned many restaurants, but he's owned even more gardens. He’s had one everywhere, he’s ever lived. Gene’s biggest garden isn’t one he owns though - Shiloh Field belongs to God. When Gene turned 70, he began what is now the largest community garden in America, and you can find him there most days growing and sharing food with the people of Denton.

Since the 1950s, Gene carried a newspaper clipping in his wallet. Before it fell to pieces, he memorized what it said: "There are few who make things happen, many who watch things happen, and a vast majority who have no idea what's going on." Gene always aspired to be one of the few, and he is.

Gene created this restaurant so you could relax from your own hard work, enjoy a burger, and employ the next generation of people who are making things happen.

It's-a-Burger Values

Hard work



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