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Python: Beautiful Soup's “find_all” does not extract any content from HTML

I am currently trying to webscrape googles playstore. More specifically I want to create a dataset, that contains ratings of the disney + app.

Based a tutorial on webscraping (Building a dataset of Graphic Cards on "") I had no troubles in extracting the necesary information from the website. I did so by finding the correct container within the html code of the site. Here is the code that works percectly fine:

which gives me the desired output of html chunks to extract more specific information:

However if I try to replicate the code for Disney + on Google's playstore, the function does not extract anything. Of course I also searched for the container within the html code that contains the review of a person. The Code:

Which produces the error:

I understand the error message, however I am puzzled on how to extract the review information the same way as in the example with graphic cards.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards Neil