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Easy hike to the Urach waterfall

For me it is the most beautiful waterfall in the Swabian Alb.

The Urach waterfall is located 50 km south of Stuttgart near Bad Urach and there falls on the edge of the Swabian Alb in a particularly beautiful way into the valley. It even has its own train station (which waterfall can claim that?), So that, unlike other excursion destinations in the Swabian Alb, it can be easily reached by train - just get off at the “Bad Urach Wasserfall” station and start walking !

From the waterfall train station or the nearby hiking car park, you can reach the waterfall via an easy hike on a well-developed footpath in less than half an hour. The hike is also easy to do with children, strollers or people who are not very good at walking. Because only at the foot of the waterfall does a 'real' hiking trail begin with steps. If you want, you can combine your visit to the Urach waterfall with a visit to the nearby Gütersteiner waterfall, hike up to the ruins of Hohenurach Castle or hike along the entire "Wasserfallsteig" trail, which was named Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in 2016.

First stage through the Maisental

It starts at the hiking car park or at the "Bad Urach Wasserfall" train station. From here you hike on the well-developed gravel path that takes you into the Maisental. The path leads directly along a happily bubbling brook - much to the delight of the children, who are already romping around the brook full of enthusiasm and an urge to explore. Lush green pastures with a few cows and shady forest accompany you to the left and right of the path. Quite idyllic here!

Looking back through the Maisental towards the Hohenurach ruins

After a few minutes, a junction leads up to the left into the forest. If you like, you can take the somewhat higher and longer path in the forest, which leads via the Kreuzhütte barbecue area from above to the waterfall, or continue hiking in the valley along the Brühlbach (we decided on the second variant, because the bubbling brook is so liked).

If you walk quickly, you can reach the foot of the waterfall via the path in the valley in less than half an hour. An ever louder rustling announces it, and depending on the season, you can catch a glimpse through the trees from a distance. It has to be pretty big! You can only see how big when you stand directly in front of it.

Arrival at the waterfall

Yes, there are bigger waterfalls. But the Urach waterfall is just particularly pretty, as it falls 37 meters in free fall over a cliff edge, framed by trees, before it hits again. Then it divides into many small brooks, which then splash cheerfully further down the slope between moss-covered rocks and at the end unite again to form a bubbling brook. (Incidentally, depending on the season and the amount of rain that has fallen, the Urach waterfall has different amounts of water).

At the foot of the waterfall, a hiking trail with steps begins, which leads directly up along the flank of the waterfall. If you can, be sure to hike up there! Because that's how you get really close to the waterfall, feel its refreshing spray on your face and really admire the whole spectacle.

Up until last year you could still get very close to the waterfall and even Behind walk the waterfall, which of course was a very special experience. From where I am standing in the picture below, you can already see the place about three meters away behind the waterfall (the picture was taken in summer 2019). In the meantime, however, the sensitive and porous tuff at the waterfall has unfortunately been damaged by visitors. As a result, you can no longer get so close to the waterfall or go behind the waterfall. Signs and barriers will also be set up shortly. Hence my big request to you:

Please help to protect the sensitive nature at the waterfall and stay on the way!

Why this is necessary: ​​A special phenomenon can be observed at the Urach waterfall. In the area of ​​the waterfall, limescale is deposited from the lime-saturated spring water and thus sintered coatings form on moss cushions. New layers are constantly forming and over millennia, meter-thick deposits can arise. You can literally watch the porous tuff limestone (Quelltuff) as it grows. The filigree structures are very vulnerable, they are destroyed when stepped on and have to regenerate over a very long period of time.


Attention: In the meantime you can no longer get as close to the waterfall as in this picture from 2019, so that the sensitive nature can regenerate there. Therefore, please do not enter the area of ​​the waterfall, respect barriers and signs and help to protect the natural wonder!

Up to the plateau - the waterfall from above

You can not only admire the Bad Urach waterfall below and next to the waterfall (from the path), but also experience it from above! To do this, you have to continue on the hiking trail for about 15 minutes until you reach the plateau at the upper end. In the forest it goes up, past limestone cliffs with small caves.

Once at the top, the rushing stream greets you again and you can see how it plunges over an overhanging limestone tuff edge into the valley, which I also found very fascinating. Definitely worth hiking to the very top!

Up here in the forest, a shady rest area with barbecue areas and benches invites you to take a well-deserved rest. Alternatively, you can strengthen yourself at the waterfall hut, a kind of snack for drinks, simple meals and coffee and cake. Then you can continue hiking directly from up here (e.g. to the castle ruins, see info below) or you can return to the valley the same way.

Bad Urach waterfall - further information & tips

  • Combine your visit to the Urach waterfall with a circular hike on the Wasserfallsteig, which was named Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in 2016 by the hiking magazine. It takes you about 10 kilometers in length and over 500 meters of altitude to be mastered to the Urach waterfall and from there over the Rock slides and the foal farm of Marbach stud to the Gütersteiner waterfall and back to the starting point.
  • An alternative circular hiking trail combines the Urach waterfall with a hike up to the Hohenurach castle ruins (great ruin with a view!), length about 6 km.
  • The Uracher waterfall is a all year roundpopular destination in the Stuttgart area, which is why there is always a lot going on here. Especially on summer weekends with nice weather! I would therefore recommend you, if you can, to avoid the rush hour and come on other days or early or late in the day.
  • Due to the current Corona situation The trails of the Wasserfallsteig / Hohenurachsteig may be partially blocked. In addition, the number of parking spaces at the waterfall is limited. Since the waterfall still attracts many visitors, I would recommend you not to go there for the time being and plan your excursion at a later date. You can get the latest information online from the city of Urach or from the Tourist Info.
  • Stopping off: The Maisentalstüble at the hiking car park is a hearty restaurant with a beer garden and Swabian dishes, among other things (the spaetzle were delicious!). At the upper end of the waterfall there is a kind of kiosk / snack bar with the waterfall hut with simple meals, cakes and drinks (check opening times!). Here you will also find barbecue areas and toilets.
  • Getting there: By train from Stuttgart in about an hour to Bad Urach waterfall (with a change in Metzingen, connections every hour). By car: Park at the Bad Urach waterfall hiking car park.

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