Cl 75 grillo howard

Grillo CL75 30 "Grass Cutter

Cutter deck - The deck of the CL 75 is mounted at the front therefore allowing the operator to cut under low positioned branches or bushes. High grass, coppices and bushes are guided into the cutter deck and cut by the blade with (shock-resistant) swinging tips which are made from special steel, the cut material is then discharged out of the rear. If necessary the cutter deck’s front aperture will lift up automatically when entering high vegetation without crushing it down, which considerably increases the efficiency of the machine. The deck is made of steel, the cutting height can be adjusted from a minimum of 50mm up to a maximum 150 mm. The adjustment is progressive and can easily be regulated by means of a hand wheel. The cutter deck is kept parallel to the ground in all positions. The cutter deck's blade tips are produced with a special profile to reduce noise and produce an excellent quality cut even on English lawns !. The 150 mm maximum cutting height is ideal especially when the ground is very uneven and also to avoid striking the soil. The deck’s front wheel is made of solid rubber, i.e. puncture-proof.

Weight Distribution - CL 75 has a perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity. The result is perfect balance. It is possible to use the handlebar with one hand whilst working; this allows the adjustment of the drive and engagement of the reverse gear by a simple lever.

Handleable - The handlebar of the CL 75 has a double adjustment device, ie. Height adjustment, in order to meet the operators ’requirements, and lateral adjustment to make cutting easier in difficult areas such as under low positioned branches or in the presence of obstacles. Also under extreme conditions such as a very steep slope or uneven ground, mowing is easy thanks to the 4 ply wheels mounted on ball bearings and equipped with differential lock.