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Twelfth house in astrology

The twelfth house of secrets, sorrow and self-sacrifice. Twelfth house - the most mysterious, of course, the last round. It is not always a bad and gloomy place, but actually determines the limits of your life. It creates a disappointment, accidents, problems and losses, protects the invisible forces, secret enemies, escape from reality, psychiatric hospitals, hospitals and prisons. The twelfth house is the house of karma, called spiritual duty, because it contains in itself a reward and punishment for all of your deeds in this world. He is also associated with supernatural powers and the ability to understand the meaning of life.

Entering the 12th house, we are nearing the end of the development cycle. We are tempted to view the 12th house as a “garbage house” where we dump everything that no game could find in one of the eleven previous houses. And as an excuse such considerations can be offered: If the plan cannot find what you need, if you do not understand your customers' every life situation or if you are simply confused, try to analyze the 12th house. The answer is you can't find, but you will see that it is often misunderstood and difficult to communicate efficiently or completely incomprehensible.

The traditional 12th house interpretation of this house reflects the more negative view of using “karma” (presumably “bad karma”), forced isolation, imprisonment, torture, confusion, deception, susceptibility to drug use, or other ways to get away from reality to escape and even madness. That list of horrors hasn't dried up. If you look at the "black list" of classical astrology, we can see that Saturn is the most negative planet. Scorpio - a sign of the most evil, and the 12th house - the most fantastic house. What Makes Them Treat So Badly? Indeed - nothing, except perhaps unpleasant factors of power available to these three “rogue states”, and nothing more. In fact, they are no more negative than the other planets, signs, houses.

Since the first house gives rise to the emergence of self-consciousness, which is similar to the birth of the "I", the 12th house shows everything that precedes the appearance of self-consciousness, ahead of birth. That is all that is below or above the usual levels of consciousness - in the primary environment in the "womb". The house can also be of importance for other types of dreams or intellectual work, susceptibility to intuitive messages and images, etc.

If the first house - a sphere of human radiation into the environment, its self-expression, the 12th house shows alienation from this environment - isolated from other people. Yes, this isolation could mean restricting freedom, or creating a sense of imprisonment, but this isolation can be done on a voluntary basis. Often the outside world penetrate deep within us and usually we are too strongly connected with it, all of which often, which contributes at least some kind of fulfillment of our desires. Loneliness can be a welcome change. From time to time we have to fight to keep power. We have to remove this from life, you have to return to the primary environment, calmly plunging into the ocean of consciousness from which we start. We need privacy.

Long term or seclusion during vacation or during meditation or yoga are important to us because they remind us of who we really are, they are able to update our relationship with the life of our lives. Short-term loneliness is also very helpful. Interruptions in work for acceptance of a cup of coffee are the milestones that measure the length of the working day, only breaking them into pieces of tediousness of daily work, offers the opportunity to dream and it removes from us the danger of emotional turmoil.

The twelfth house shows up in two ways: either we are in the world and some of us - it is; or the other way around. On something that has no name - as if we had one foot in the real world and the other. The trick is not to be separated from each other by these worlds, not to focus on one world, so after not boomerang back in another world. Correctly understood, the 12th house is an area of ​​positive self-sacrifice - the liberation from the desire to control oneself. This improvement in publication, done in the interests of virtue that comes from true humility. The house calls for the resuscitation of the "I" through the release.

Yes, the 12th house can be the garbage dump for spiritual development. It can demonstrate the collapse of nonsensical, fantasy care, addiction illusions. However, does not show up or negative characteristics of the 12th house, as well as show any symbolic factor astrology - it depends on the person. Requirement 12th house - the revival of faith. He insists that we be cleansed of all sins, of all battles, to remove the fragmentation of the ego and thus to harmonize all distortions and angles.

Following this path, we “finish” building it ourselves. We close the next development cycle and prepare the beginning of a new awareness of the development cycle, a new round of the acquisition of life experience in their homes. The twelfth house determines the Pisces sign and the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

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