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Since questions about the popular smoothie mixer often arise, we have thought of collecting some questions and answering them professionally. If your question has not been answered with, simply use the comment function and we will take care of your request.

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What is a smoothie mixer?

A stand mixer is an electrical kitchen appliance that uses rotating knives to chop, puree or mix food. The main components are the mentioned blades in the form of a knife star, a container made of glass or plastic and a motor block that drives the knife through a clutch.

What are blenders used for?

Most blenders are designed for the preparation of fresh smoothies. However, a smoothie maker can also be used to prepare other dishes such as soups, sauces, nut butter or crushed ice.
In industry or gastronomy, the mixers are also used for cooking. This is done using an integrated cooking function.

How many watts should my smoothie mixer have?

The wattage required differs depending on the purpose. For simple work, such as the preparation of smoothies, is already enough 300 watts. As soon as the blender does something harder ingredients how to chop nuts or ice cream, we advise you to use a device with about 900 watts. Any challenge can come with such a kitchen helper.

Where can I buy the kitchen gadgets?

Nowadays you can find the blender in almost everyone Electrical retailers to buy. Also a few Supermarkets and discount stores have added a few devices to their range. However, if that is too stressful for you, you can also comfortably use your blender Online portals to buy.

Which manufacturers offer blenders?

The range of brands and manufacturers in the industry has grown steadily and new devices and manufacturers are still being added. To name a few well-known manufacturers - Vitamix, Omniblend, Kenwood, Klarstein, Kitchenaid, Philips, Severin, AEG, Russel Hobbs, WMF or Krups.

How do I clean my blender?

A very important issue is the cleanliness and hygiene of a mixer. Simply rinsing out is often not enough. Sometimes washing up can be a bit difficult, so some manufacturers have reacted and offer dishwasher-safe containers, knives and lids. If the mixer can be dismantled, this is also a very big plus point for cleaning. The main dirt usually settles on the sealing rings and joints of the containers - exactly where it is difficult to reach by hand. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to such a feature before buying.
However, if you have a mixer without these features, that's by no means a problem. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the blender jug ​​with a little washing-up liquid and clear water. You can also use toothpicks or cotton swabs for the hard-to-reach joints.

What role do the knives play?

The blades of the stand mixer play an important role in this, as they are responsible for chopping up the ingredients. However, the number of revolutions per minute also plays a role here. Basically, one can assume that the knives are made of stainless steel. So far, most devices agree on this point. But if we come to the number of knives or the cut, it looks a little different. For example, many entry-level devices only have 4 blades - the mid-range devices, on the other hand, often have 6. This often results in a better mix result. The grinding of the blades, on the other hand, is rather negligible, it simply has too little influence on the result.

The situation is different when it comes to the arrangement of the knives. If the knife star extends over several levels, the mix result and the consistency of the finished product are often better. The reason for this - the food to be mixed is chopped up by several knives at the same time and there is also a better suction.


What is the difference between a stand mixer and a hand blender?

One difference would be the size of the device. A hand blender or hand blender is a rather handy device with a lot of accessories. In most cases, various functions such as grinding or crushing are implemented using attachments. That clearly sets it apart from the blender. The smoothie mixer can be seen as an "all-in-one" package. Thanks to its compact design, it combines several functions.

The performance of both devices is also interesting. Due to the handy design of the hand blender, the device usually has less power available. From a certain point, this also limits the ingredients that you want to chop up. In addition, professional blenders can also be used to prepare hot dishes, which is not possible with a hand blender. For a further overview of hand blenders, we recommend the


How safe is a stand mixer?

Many devices have a number of inherent safety mechanisms that are designed to prevent accidents. This includes pressure mechanisms to ensure the tight and correct seating of the container. If the blender jar is attached, it can be thrown from the engine block and possibly break. There are also protective measures for the mixer itself, such as overheating protection. It ensures that the electric motor does not heat up too much and thus be damaged. If it is used for too long, the lifespan can be shortened.

As a recommendation, we give you the tip to place your smoothie mixer out of the reach of children. If your child should ever use the blender then only under supervision. Make sure to keep the lid closed during the mixing process.


Should I worry about BPA-free blenders?

In a nutshell, yes. A BPA-free blender only has advantages and is therefore definitely recommended. The chemical bisphenol A is used in the production of plastics, just as they are used in stand mixers. However, there are studies on this very substance that indicate an increased health risk. You should therefore look out for the signs “BPA-free”, “0% BPA” or “BPA-free”. We have detailed information about the chemical Here collected for them.


How do I make the perfect smoothie?

For most it should be a Smoothie particularly fine and creamy be. To achieve exactly this result, we recommend a good smoothie mixer with a high speed. In this way, the small kernels of many fruits are also crushed and do not interfere with the drink later.
It is best to start with the preparation at a low speed and increase it continuously. This allows the knives to grip the ingredients better at the beginning and chop them up several times at the end. You can then achieve a good result after about a minute. For recipe ideas, visit our page.

What does a stand mixer cost?

The price of the device often depends on the functions and quality of the mixer. However, the price ranges from € 30 to around € 300. For smaller jobs, an entry-level model is sufficient for around € 50. Here we recommend a smaller smoothie mixer, as these are usually better in terms of price / performance ratio.
If you want to use somewhat harder ingredients, we recommend a mid-range device. These start at around € 80.
For industry or gastronomy, there are (almost) no limits when it comes to mixers. So-called professional mixers or high-performance mixers start at around € 300.

Is there a guarantee for the devices?

By default, the manufacturer of a kitchen mixer gives often two years Guarantee on his product. Thus, the legally guaranteed warranty is also covered. However, there are also some manufacturers who specialize in their mixers 5 or even 10 years Give a guarantee (see Revoblend).

How do you make crushed ice?

Crushed ice is one of the more demanding tasks for a blender. Both the performance of the mixer and the preset programs of the device are required here. In our experience, the easiest and fastest way to get crushed ice is through an integrated Impulse function produce. With this program, the blades are turned briefly and quickly and then stop again automatically. This allows the knife star to grasp the ice again and again and to shred it properly thanks to its performance.
If this is possible, we recommend one Mixer from 900 watts. Below this wattage, the mix result is more sobering than satisfactory.

Which is better - plastic or glass mixing container?

The question cannot be answered exactly. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. That is why we have shown them more clearly for you in the following table:



Plastic (BPA-free)


+ Scratch-resistant
+ easy cleaning
+ odorless and tasteless
+ break-proof
+ low weight
+ elastic


-high weight
-not suitable for high-performance mixers
- breaks in a fall
- Discoloration may occur
- scratches quickly


Why does my blender smell like it is scorched?

The smell of charred cables or the like comes from the engine block of the device. If such an odor occurs, it is usually an indication of excessive heating or overloading of the electric motor. The point at which a motor is overwhelmed depends on the mix, the duration of the mix and the performance of the smoothie mixer.
It is important to note that the smell can also be an indication of a reduced service life. The mixers are often only designed for short-term operation and tire more quickly. If you notice such a smell, we recommend that you disconnect the mixer from the power and give it a break. This allows the electric motor to cool down a little and you will probably have more fun with your kitchen helper.

How loud is a smoothie mixer?

You often hear from many customers that their mixer is extremely loud. An important point with the volume is the processing and the engine of the device. The latter in particular is a blessing and a curse at the same time. A background noise of around 90 decibels can quickly arise. For a stand mixer with around 1000 watts, it is easy to grind hard ingredients, but this usually happens with considerable noise. As this problem is well known among kitchen gadgets, some manufacturers have reacted and advertise their products with quiet mode or silent functions. Usually these are more like the lowest speed level of the mixer.
Another possibility is soundproof housing. These dampen the noise better and make work more pleasant.

What is the power consumption of a mixer?

The power consumption is different for each device, since it depends on the wattage and the duration of use. As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage, the higher the power consumption per hour.

Why don't professional mixers have glass containers?

Glass can quickly jump or even burst in the case of extreme vibrations, such as those that can arise when mixing. The same effect can also arise when exposed to heat. Most top-of-the-range mixers have cooking functions and high speeds, which also creates heat on the container. The risk of injury from the blender would simply be too great. Plastic, on the other hand, is significantly more break-proof than glass and can dissipate both vibrations and heat better.

How sharp should a stand mixer knife be?

The sharpness of the knives is largely negligible with a blender. Unlike kitchen knives, the device chops up the ingredients in the blender jug. What is more interesting is the rotation speed for a good mix result.

What should I look for in a stand mixer?

A good smoothie mixer stands out in our opinion good mixing results and the longevity out. Sufficient wattage and speed are required to achieve good results when blending. As a guideline, we can use around 900W and around 20,000 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, the blender should have at least 4 knives, which are distributed on different levels.

In terms of longevity, the quality of workmanship plays a major role. Damage to the device often occurs as a result of poor workmanship or overuse. To avoid both, we recommend that you thoroughly inform yourself about the device before buying. You can do that through, for example Test reports make on our side.
This is also important for the life of the kitchen helper Operating time. Most inexpensive devices are only suitable for short-term use (around one minute). If the device is used beyond this limit, this can reduce its service life. Some manufacturers therefore install a kind of timer that automatically switches the mixer off after a certain time.

Can I make baby food with my stand mixer?

Our answer here is clear - yes. Just make sure that you use a mixing container made of glass or Bpa-free plastic beforehand in order not to endanger the health of your newborn. It can also be helpful to cook fruit and vegetables beforehand to help your baby's digestion.

Can I also reorder individual parts?

The answer here is definitely yes. Many manufacturers sell spare parts on their homepage. You can also order a second blender jug ​​or a new knife star, for example - useful if you want to prepare several dishes at the same time. Wear parts are also offered, which should be changed in a mixer after a while. This also includes the rubber seals on the bottom of the blender jug, behind which, experience has shown, a lot of leftovers accumulate.