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Enigmatic lung disease : Number of deaths in the US after consuming e-cigarettes rises to twelve

In the United States, twelve people have now died after consuming e-cigarettes. The number of cases of lung disease has risen to more than 800, the CDC said on Thursday (local time). Exactly which substance leads to the diseases is still unclear. Most patients would have consumed products with the cannabis active ingredient THC.

The health authorities first became aware of an accumulation of serious lung diseases among users of e-cigarettes in July. It is now believed that the incidents are related to cartridges bought on the black market.

Because of the illnesses and deaths, the US state of Massachusetts has completely banned the sale of e-cigarettes for the time being. The states of Michigan and New York have banned flavored e-cigarettes - electronic cigarettes with sweet or menthol-tasting additives are particularly popular with young people. The city of San Francisco had previously banned e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is vaporized, have grown enormously in popularity in the United States and many other countries in recent years. The authorities are concerned about the trend, especially since little is known about the health risks. In Germany and across Europe, no similar increase in lung damage is known to date.

Proponents of the e-cigarette argue that it is significantly less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes and can help smokers to get rid of tobacco addiction. However, critics fear that e-cigarettes will make adolescents addicted to nicotine. (AFP / dpa)

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