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Kurt - Blaine relationship

Kurt - Blaine relationship



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The Kurt - Blaine relationship, most often mentioned Klaine, is the romantic and friendly relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. They learn in season two Not kissed, know when Kurt tries to spy on the Warblers and immediately become friends. Subsequently Our own songs the two become a couple after Blaine kissed Kurt. In season three The Purple Piano Project, Blaine transfers to William McKinley High School to be with Kurt because he can't stand being apart from the person he loves. In season four Is separation the death of love?, the two separate and in Goodbye makes friends it is shown that they continue to be friends despite this. In season five Love, love, love, get back together and get engaged. In front New New York Blaine moves in with Kurt, but they both quickly realize that they need more space and that it would be stronger for their relationship if they lived apart, which is why he moves out. In The untitled Rachel Berry project he withdraws again. In Loser like me It is revealed that Kurt is breaking off the engagement and the couple has split up due to ongoing disputes. While Kurt wants to make up for his mistake and is still in love with Blaine, Blaine has since returned to Lima and has started a relationship with David Karofsky. In A wedding they find each other again and marry Brittany and Santana at a double wedding. In dreams come true one learns during the time jump that they have both become famous Broadway actors and are expecting offspring.


The two meet for the first time in the second season, Not kissedwhen Kurt is told by Puck to spy on the Dalton Academy Warblers. Since the chemistry between the two is right from the start, a close friendship quickly develops between them. Blaine supports Kurt when he has massive problems with Karofsky. When the bullying becomes unbearable, Kurt moves to the Dalton Academy and becomes a member of the Warblers, which allows the two to grow closer together. In How Sue stole Christmas gives Kurt after talking to Blaine Baby, it's cold outside sang to Will that he fell in love with this one and that he is gay. In Love song to sorrowKurt then confesses his feelings to Blaine, which he had no idea about and who admits that he also doesn't know what to do when it comes to romance and therefore doesn't want to endanger their friendship. As a result, the two of them remain friends for the time being, whichever comes first Our own songs the case remains. In this episode, Blaine realizes as Kurt Blackbird sings that he has feelings for him and kisses him for the first time, which is also the beginning of their relationship. In New York! confess your love for the first time.

Beginning of the third season, The Purple Piano Project, Blaine joins Kurt at William McKinley High School because he can't stand being apart from the person he loves. Kurt and Blaine throw each other romantic looks over and over again during a few songs and have had two arguments in the course of their relationship so far (Love side story and Houston, we have a problem!). At this point in time they have been together for over a year, their one-year-old was on 03/15/2012. Your relationship reaches the next level in Love side storywhere they lose their virginity to each other. By the end of the year, Blaine and Kurt are flabbergasted by the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKurt graduating and moving to New York while Blaine still has one year of school to go. Still, they insist on being together forever and getting a long distance relationship out there.

Season four tests their relationship when Blaine Kurt in The new and the old Rachel to New York. You are trying a long distance relationship and are initially successful at skyping and texting, but due to different schedules (e.g. Kurt's busy schedule at Vogue.com) things start to slip away. In Is separation the death of love? surprises Blaine Kurt in New York and is used during his acoustic version of Teenage Dream very emotional, which Kurt notices and is a sign that something is wrong. Kurt asks what's going on and Blaine admits that he had something with someone else (Eli C.), which leads him to abandon him and give him the cold shoulder. In The role that was intended for you Blaine admits to Sam that they broke up. When Kurt Blaine in Goodbye makes friends calls, the two approach each other again and inIndeed ... Glee Blaine is even Kurt's Christmas present from Burt. InGood things take time Kurt comes to Lima because of his father's cancer and the upcoming doctor's appointment and visits McKinley. Blaine flirts with him and asks his father's permission to ask Kurt to marry him. Burt, happy that Blaine loves his son so much, tells him that they are too young and that since they are meant for each other, he should calm down and everything will be all right.

In the fifth season,Love, love, love Blaine convinces Kurt to take him back after learning that his relationship with Adam Crawford has not worked, to which he agrees and they get back together. Blaine then asks the New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline, Dalton Academy Warblers, and Haverbrook School for the Deaf for help in assisting him with his application for Kurt, and receives their approval. In the Dalton he sings him along with the other clubs as well as Rachel, Mercedes and SantanaAll you need is love and finishes the song on the stairs where they first met. Blaine gives a heartbreaking speech before asking if he will marry him, who says yes with tears in his eyes. After Blaine in New Directions at NYADA, he moves to New York and moves in with Kurt, but they both quickly understand that it would be better for their relationship if he moves out again, which is why Blaine ends up with Sam New New York moves to Mercedes. In The untitled Rachel Berry project he moves back to the Bushwick apartment.

In the sixth season, Loser like me, it is learned that the two broke up as Kurt broke off the engagement after the arguments continued after Blaine's re-entry. Blaine then returned to Lima after he became depressed and was thrown off NYADA because of his bad grades. Kurt realizes his mistake and travels after to win him back, only to learn that Blaine is already dating Karofsky. The two find in A wedding back together and marry Brittany and Santana at a double wedding. In dreams come true they live in New York, have become famous Broadway actors and parents-to-be, with Rachel as their surrogate mother, who is eight months pregnant.

Season two

Not kissed

In this episode, Kurt and Blaine meet for the first time. Puck says to the former that he should make himself useful by spying on their opponents. Kurt sneaks into the Dalton Academy and sees all the students running excitedly somewhere. He stops one of the students, Blaine, and introduces himself briefly before asking what is wrong. He explains to him that the Warblers are giving a small sample of their skills and spontaneously takes his hand to show him a shortcut that Kurt uses to get an impression of the school. They arrive in the common room, where said rehearsal is taking place and Blaine goes to the other students. It is revealed that he is their lead singer and sings with them Teenage Dream, looking over and over at Kurt.

After the performance, Blaine and two other members, Wes and David, reveal to him that they know he's a spy. But instead of throwing him out, they invite him over for coffee and talk to him. When Kurt asks if everyone here is gay, Blaine says it's him and Wes and David have girlfriends. Wes explains to Kurt that their school has "zero tolerance for harassment" and that everyone is treated equally. Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy reaction to this and asks his friends to leave them alone. He speaks to him about it and he tells him tearfully about the harassment at his school, emphasizing that a "Neanderthal" looked particularly at him. Blaine, in turn, tells him that he was knocked out at his former school too and the teachers didn't care. Because of this, he moved to the Dalton and admits that he regrets running away. He advises Kurt not to make the same mistake and instead show courage to face his tormentors.

During the course of the episode, they appear to have exchanged numbers as Blaine texted Kurt with the word "courage"(Courage) sends, which means a lot to the latter, because for this reason he manages to stand up to Karofsky. He follows him into the locker room, where he is kissed by him during their argument. Kurt, who is completely shocked, Blaine asks for help confronting Dave with his hidden sexuality. The two try to talk to him, but he refuses or denies it and pushes Blaine against a fence when they don't leave him alone. Kurt intervenes and shoves Karofsky away from him, who then runs away. Blaine tries to tease him with a joke about Dave's coming out, but it doesn't work. He wants to know what's going on and why it's bothering him. Kurt reveals that he's up to This kiss has never been kissed before, at least not in the way that it counted (by that means his brief relationship with Brittany). Blaine nods in understanding and invites him to dinner, to which the other agrees and the two leave.

Later you can see how important Blaine has become for Kurt, as he has a framed picture of him in his locker and the word "courage", which he tinkered together from scraps of newspaper. Despite the rivalry between their respective glee clubs, their friendship blossoms in a flash, with Blaine taking on the role of mentor for Kurt.

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It turns out that Kurt and Blaine have become close friends. They often do something together, which leads to Kurt moving away from Mercedes and turning down their invitations. In order not to leave them out entirely, the two meet with Blaine at the Breadstix, where it becomes clear that he has the same interests as Kurt, for example fashion, politics (especially gay rights, Proposition 8) and books. Kurt later admits to Mercedes that under no circumstances will he give up Blaine as he is very fond of him and he tells her that he never thought he would find someone like him. Even if he doesn't address it directly, it can be assumed that he hopes it will become more.

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