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In order to be able to adapt your diet to your fitness goals, it is important to know how many calories your body consumes per day. The calorie requirement can be calculated with a (but very complicated) formula. But don't worry: you don't need a calculator, our fast calorie calculator does that for you.

Therefore, you should know your daily calorie requirement

How successfully you lose weight or gain muscle depends on how many calories you consume each day. If you want to lose weight, you should rely on a negative energy balance. If, on the other hand, you want to gain muscle mass, you should bring about a positive energy balance.

  1. Negative energy balance: With the negative energy balance, you consume fewer calories than you burn during the day. If you supply your body with less energy than it needs over a longer period of time, you lose weight. Note, however, that you will not only lose body fat, but also some muscle mass.
  2. Positive energy balance:With the positive energy balance, you consume more calories than you burn in the day, which means that you will gain weight in the long term. Your body has more energy available in the form of calories. If you want to build muscle, it makes perfect sense, because your body needs the additional energy as 'building material' for new muscle tissue. However, this only works if you do weight training regularly. Otherwise, instead of muscle mass, you're just gaining fat.

But even if you want to maintain your weight, you should know your calorie needs. If the calorie intake and the calorie consumption are roughly the same, you are maintaining your weight.

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How does a calorie calculator work?

Just enter your age, height, weight and gender in the input fields below.

  1. Basal metabolic rate (GU): From these values, our calorie calculator first calculates your basal metabolic rate (GU). The basal metabolic rate indicates how many calories your body uses in complete rest to maintain vital functions. The basal metabolic rate is different for everyone and depends not only on your age, height, weight and gender but also on your muscle mass, which ensures that your basal metabolic rate increases.
  2. Service turnover (LU): Since physical activity is left out at the GU, the so-called performance metabolism (LU) must also be calculated in addition to the basal metabolic rate. The performance expenditure is the amount of energy that is consumed through sport and exercise. The LU also varies depending on how much sport you do and whether you work at a desk or physically hard. Simply state how much sport you usually do and how intense your job is. Based on these values, your individual calorie requirement per day (GU + LU) is then calculated.

With our calorie calculator, you can determine your daily calorie requirement with just a few clicks. If you feed your body as many calories as it needs, you will keep your weight. If you eat fewer calories, you lose weight. If you have a calorie surplus, however, you gain weight. Your goal therefore decides how many calories you should consume.

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