What is auth rejected 200

Rejection due to lack of mass - what does that mean?

What happens if insolvency proceedings are rejected due to insufficient assets?

That means about your wealth at all no bankruptcy proceedings opened becomes. When filing an application, the insolvency court checks whether the debtor's ascertainable assets will at least be sufficient to cover the costs of the insolvency proceedings. Whether there are still assets left to satisfy the creditors is left out of the question when it comes to the question. Procedural costs arise among other things through the work of the bankruptcy court (Court costs) and the liquidator or trustee (Remuneration costs), but also through the costs that a committee of creditors causes.

If the insolvency court comes to the above-mentioned determination and rejects your application to open proceedings due to lack of assets, the so-called "rejection decision" is issued. You as the debtor will receive this rejection decision. The coststhat the court incurs in connection with the preparation of the dismissal decision contributes Self-application by the debtor himself, at the Third-party application by the creditors.

The rejection decision means that your creditors can now try again to enforce the claims asserted against you by means of foreclosure measures.