My ear hurts when I swallow cold drinks

My throat hurts, it hurts to swallow: what to treat, what to do at home

Often we catch cold in the cold season, the body weakens, starts very hardSore throatis itswallow painfully. As a rule, it is angina (tonsillitis in acute form or in chronic form with exacerbations), tonsils - amygdala are affected. Pain when swallowing can also appear in the ears and throat when immunity is severely reduced.

In summer it is also easy to catch a cold and to "earn"Sore throatwhen we are wet on the train or when we drink a strongly chilled drink from the refrigerator, for example - milk.

The throat can hurt only on one side, or the process can be bilateral. If the ear hurts in parallel, then the inflammatory process has deeply affected the inner ear.

We strongly recommend contacting the ENT (ENT) doctor, especially when it comes to treating the child. But adults also have to pay close attention to their health, because pathogenic microflora that parasitize on the tonsils, with activation and reduced immunity, can affect the heart muscle and the kidneys.

Today we're going to talk about that ifSore throatand strongswallow painfully, theyou candoasthan treating a sore throat at homein children and adults.

Why does my throat hurt and swallow painfully?

As we said earlier, the most common cause of a sore throat and unpleasant painful sensations when swallowing (sore throat) is a sore throat.

It seems that yesterday you felt fine and woke up in the morning realized that swallowing is not only painful, but sometimes impossible. Appetite is not, take out food is difficult, nothing is happy. Maybe you ate something cold? Or chilled in a draft. By the way, angina can often be transmitted from a person with a sick goal - healthy. The reason - pathogenic microorganisms and violation of personal hygiene rules, close contact, associated with the ingestion of food from a dish, with the same cutlery, through the saliva at the moment of kisses very quickly you can get the germs and your mouth in your mouth.

What should I do if I have a sore throat and swallow at home?

Is It Possible To Treat Your Own Sore Throat At Home?

Let's just say that if you have good immunity, you are rarely sore, your throat is sore and swallowed painlessly without a fever, you can try independent home treatment.

Still, it is better to see a doctor for an ENT specialist, especially if the inflammatory process in the throat is accompanied by a high fever! In this case, active pathogens must be suppressed, since the risk of complications to the heart and kidneys is very high.

Probably every person has experienced this uncomfortable feeling in the throat, when everything is laid, it is very painful to swallow. Along the throat everything is stubborn all the time, you want to clear your throat. These symptoms speak of virus and respiratory failure.

The main reason in the throat when swallowing is, as already mentioned, the high activity of viruses and bacteria.

Often a sore throat with such diseases as:

  • Angina.
  • Paratonillar abscess.
  • Acute viral infections.
  • Acute laryngitis.

When?anginabecause of the excessive activity of microorganisms, almonds (almonds) are inflamed. Almonds grow in size, they appear yellow, white in color. Usually the patient feels pain when swallowing. The body temperature usually rises.

Parathonsillar abscessacts as complications of angina. The inflammatory process spreads quickly, passes from the tonsils to the cellulose, forms an abscess. Therefore, the patient feels a strong weakness, his head hurts, the body temperature rises.

With a paratonillary abscess, pain is only felt on one side! At the time, it is difficult to eat. Every time the mouth is opened, the patient feels pain.

Pharyngitis- inflammatory process in the pharyngeal mucosa. When swallowing saliva, the pain is not felt. Same goes forlaryngitis(Inflammation of the larynx). When?Pharyngitisconstantly pershit in the throat, withlaryngitisthe voice is hoarse, if one speaks periodically, there are coughing attacks, accompanied by a feeling of dryness in the throat.

Acute respiratory viral infections(ARVI) are the leading causes of the development of upper respiratory diseases. Symptoms: a general increase in body temperature, dryness and choking in the throat, it is very painful to swallow. At the beginning there is a strong dry cough, then it is difficult to leave the sputum (lean), and the voice becomes hoarse.

Small children often have a sore throat, but there are other causes: whooping cough, scarlet fever, measles. Illness is sometimes difficult to self-identify, so in the case of a sick child, contact a doctor-pediatrician.

Sore throat, untreated, full of complications!

Inflammatory processes in the throat can worsen, possible complications:

  1. Kidney disease;
  2. Bronchitis;
  3. Sinusitis;
  4. Joint disease;
  5. Heart attack;
  6. Lung infection;
  7. Fronts.

When a viral attack occurs, the body can develop bronchitis. Bad habits weaken the body and make bronchitis more likely.

Pneumonia - pneumonia is a terrible complication, the more the organism is weakened with a sore throat.

Acquired heart disease - cardiopathies - can also be a "gift" for an untreated patient's neck. By the way, common diseases of the joints, kidneys and heart - it's golden staphylococci and streptococci - live in the throat.

The symptom expressed in that it hurts to swallow - is useful, it signals the need to be treated!

Frontite, sinusitis - another main reason for sensation of pain in the throat and persentia. Remember, these are the consequences of diseases that are not cured to the end.

Although strep throat is not always associated with the inflammatory processes in the body. Additional causes of a sore throat:

  1. Allergy;
  2. Pollution;
  3. too dry air;
  4. HIV;
  5. Swelling of the throat or tongue;
  6. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If it hurts to swallow and a sore throat: what to treat at home?

Now let's talk about what and how to treat a sore throat at home. Remember, these are not complicated cases with a severe unilateral sore throat!

Local remedies for a sore throat when swallowing

Funds forgargle:

  1. Divorcedtwo tablets of furacilinin 200 ml. a glass of warm water.
  2. Or: a teaspoon fullbaking powdera teaspoon fullTable salt, 5 drops of tinctureiodinemixed in 200 ml. a glass of warm water.

It's important to gargle often with each option - 5-6 glasses a day! Rinse with a slightly warm medicinal solution. This will help wash away harmful microbes and raids on the almonds.

Funds forAbsorption:

In the form of lozenges or tablets for absorption, for example: Strepsils, Grammidine, Pharyngosept. We use medication according to the instructions for use!

Funds forirrigation:

Drugs from the pharmacy in the form of sprays and aerosols. After all, a young child cannot always be forced to swallow a pill or to dissolve the lozenge. Hence, sprays and aerosols can be of great help in treating sore throats in children.

Home remedies:

  1. compressed on the neck;
  2. Gargling the throat with decoctions and infusions of folk medicinal products made from plants;
  3. Inhalation of plants with essential oils (caution: steam inhalations are very dangerous at first, hot air strengthens the sore throat, body temperature rises very quickly, glands swell!).

Adherence to the diet:

This is not a hot, easily digested food, small servings throughout the day. Exclude salty, hot, hot. To drink warm infusions of grasses, mineral water without gas (cold), ordinary pure water.

If the throat hurts and swallows painfully: How are we treated at home?

Most infections get into the air through droplets. When bacteria damage the glands, the throat starts to hurt. Start treatment immediately!

Symptoms of throat diseases are known to everyone. With laryngitis and pharyngitis, pain with severe reddening of the throat (tonsil arch) is observed. Other symptoms indicate other infections. It is important to identify the cause of the disease. If you blew, grabbed cold milk or compote, try to fight the infection.

  1. First, exclude spices from the food. Cold food and drinks (and hot too!). Don't eat ice cream!
  2. Second, often take a warm drink: raspberry with lemon, mint.
  3. Third, gargle with the options above:Furacilinor mixSoda, saltandiodine.
  4. Fourth, for complete 100% treatment of angina, you need to see a doctor! After allSick leaveOf course, when you work, you need of course.

How and what to cure a child's throat

Not every young child will gargle or drink a pill. Lubricating the throat is uncomfortable, the baby just cannot open his mouth. Than to treat in home conditions of young children when it is painful to swallow? You can drip a mixture of sunflower and sea buckthorn oil (1: 1) into your nose. It is necessary to get the solution to the tonsils through the nasopharynx. This can cause a slight burning sensation, but in fact to get rid of a cold 2 days.

At normal temperature in the child, make a cotton swab with tincture of iodine a mesh on a chest and heels. Before you go to sleep, you can hold the baby's legs with warm water. Like an adult, children drink warm fluids throughout the day.

Try sprays and aerosols to treat sore throats in children!

It hurts to swallow: will home treatment be effective?

Remember that unpleasant sensations in the throat can lead to diseases of the teeth, heart, kidneys, joints.

To prevent this from happening, you need to sanitize the oral cavity, nasopharynx. This means that you need to drive out all pathogens by:

  1. Visits to the dentist - healthy teeth.
  2. Prophylactic visit to the ENT doctor: ear, throat, nose are all connected!
  3. Personal hygiene of the oral cavity.
  4. Prophylactically, rinse the throat and mouth with infusionof marigolds(Claws, marigolds), infusionchamomilefor example. Prepare medicinal infusions as follows: 1 tablespoon of flowers is poured 200 ml. boiling water, wrap, insist 2 hours, drain and ... gargle. One glass is enough for a day, just rinse longer with one sip.

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