Yo mama where you are

Elisabeth Soundtrack - Mama, Where Are You? Lyrics

Elisabeth soundtrack
Mom where are you?
RUDOLF: Mama? ... Mama!
Mom where are you? Can you hear me?
I'm so cold, hug me
Everyone says I mustn't disturb you.
Why can't i be with you
Mom, my room is so dark at night.
Now I am awake and afraid.
Nobody strokes my hair when I cry.
Why do you leave me alone?

DEATH: She doesn't hear you. Don't call for her!

RUDOLF: Who are you?

DEATH: I'm a friend.
If you need me, I'll come to you -

RUDOLF: Stay there!

DEATH: I'll stay close to you!

RUDOLF: If I try hard,
can i be a hero
Yesterday I killed a cat.
I can be tough and bad like the world
but sometimes I would rather be soft.

Oh mom
I want to be with you always.
But if you go on, you won't take me with you.
And when you are there, you lock yourself in.
Why do you leave me alone?