What is an enumerated paragraph


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Front side A bulleted paragraph should be formatted as follows: The bullet point should be indented 1 cm and the bulleted text 1.75 cm from the left edge of the page. Specify the settings for this in the following window under Enumerate

Formatting a bulleted paragraph

  1. First open the window for changing a style for one of the styles bullets, bullets 2, ....
  1. Using the command sequence you must then open the window .
  2. There, select the tab to specify the desired bullet.


  1. In order to be able to set the distance between the bullet and the bulleted text from the left margin of the page, the enumerated template must already have been assigned to the bulleted paragraphs. Then click with the right mouse button on the bullet point of one of these paragraphs and select the command .
  1. In the window that then appears, the distance between the page edge and the bullet point must be specified under and the distance between the page edge and the beginning of the text can be set under . Under select and deactivate the option . The indentation determines where the second and all subsequent lines begin. The tab stop means that the text in the first line also begins where it begins in the following lines.


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