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Pedaltrain PRO FX including soft case

The Pedaltrain PRO FX is perfect for guitarists who want to organize and safely transport their valuable multi-effects devices and switch systems and who need additional space for external expression pedals, volume pedals and other accessories. A large format pedal board for all guitarists who prefer a flat design.

Simply put, the PRO FX is a flattened Classic Pro. The two models share the same 8 "x 16" footprint for pedals, the same five-rail design and rail spacing.

The advantage of the flat design of the PRO FX is that even higher pedals, e.g. those with built-in expression pedals, can be mounted, and the board still has enough space in the soft case and can be easily transported. The flat design also offers perfect ergonomics for operating expression pedals.

There is plenty of space on the underside of the PRO FX for cabling and power supply. If something fits under a Nano or Metro, it also fits under the PRO FX.

The softcase has also been heavily revised - the most important improvements:

  • New Platinum SBS zippers with improved sliders. The closures run smoothly - zipper nerds will be delighted!
  • Noticeably more space ("headroom") for higher pedals or e.g. Mult-FX with integrated expansion pedal
  • The quality of the shoulder strap and snap hook has been further improved and machine tested for a permanent load capacity of 20 kg.
  • The belt has extra comfortable shoulder pads from the Pedaltrain "Premium Softcase Series" (PSC)
  • The strap is attached to the case with new, triangular Sure-Grip metal fittings. The fittings on the case are double-reinforced with durable Cordura nylon.
  • Water-repellent outer skin; Inside lined with easy-to-wipe material.

Pedaltrain pedalboards are rock solid, practically indestructible and built to last. The ultra-light pedalboards made of aircraft aluminum offer a unique ratio of robustness and weight. Each pedal train board is cut out, welded and painted by hand. No compromise, never! No moving parts, screws or other elements that could break. Pedaltrain grants a lifelong guarantee (material and workmanship) on all pedalboards.


  • Same design as the Pedaltrain Classic PRO with a flat design
  • Perfect for e.g. larger Multi-FX devices (e.g. Line 6 Helix), switcher systems and extra space for volume, wah and expression pedals
  • Pedalboard dimensions: 81.2 cm x 40.6 cm
  • Large format pedalboard for guitarists who prefer "flat" to "angled"
  • Flat design offers ergonomic operation of expression, volume and wah pedals
  • Made from high-quality aircraft aluminum (ultra-light and robust)
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Including Velcro tape (industrial quality, generous amount (4.4 meters per roll)) and range of cable ties
  • Compatible with all power supplies that fit under a NANO or METRO Pedaltrain Board
  • Soft case bag with high quality zippers (manufacturer "SBS")
  • Shoulder strap with extra comfortable shoulder pads (from Pedaltrain PSC series)
  • The snap hook and strap have been tested for a permanent load capacity of 20kg
  • Soft case offers enough space for higher pedals
  • Bag with water-repellent outer skin and wipeable inner lining

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Pedaltrain PRO FX including soft case

Suitable accessories (Not included in the delivery)