What is ela1 authorization

A1 certificate: changes as of January 1, 2020 compact

The other changes in the A1 certification procedure concern various information that is or may be relevant in connection with the posting.

A1 certificate: information on the employee (address)

Until now, the applicant was free to choose whether to give the employee's address in the country of residence and / or residence. As part of the review of whether the posted person is covered by the personal scope of Regulation (EC) No. 883/2004, third-country nationals in particular are required to have a legal residence in one of the member states, the information on the country of residence has been available since 1 January 2020 mandatory.

Here you will find an alphabetical list of all countries, in which the respective regulations on the personal area of ​​application are named.

Information on the employee in the A1 certificate (responsibility DRV / ABV)

So far, the name and address of the private health insurance company and the professional pension fund have been required in the application. This information is not required for a delimitation of responsibilities in the electronic procedure. The responsibility of the German pension insurance (PKV-insured employee) or the working group of professional pension institutions (ABV [PKV-insured employee and professionally supplied]) as well as the technical addressing of the acceptance point are determined and ensured by the payroll accounting program on the basis of the existing master and calculation data . Since January 1, 2020, this data is no longer requested.

The same applies to the name and address of the health insurance company. In future, as in the other reporting procedures, it will be sufficient to state the company number of the health insurance company.

A1 procedure 2020: information on posting

Up to now, it had to be stated in the application whether the posting was limited in time. Since a posting must always be limited in time, this question is deleted; Instead, the information "Start of posting" and "End of posting" has been mandatory since January 1, 2020.

Number of employment positions

Now that a total of eleven instead of the previous four employment positions can be specified in the newly drafted A1 certificate under points 5.1 and 5.2, this was reflected in the application process. As before, however, the indication "no permanent position" is also possible.

Restriction to EEA countries

Since in practice it often happens that applications for the issuance of an A1 certificate are made for countries outside the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, only member states can be selected under "State of employment". Other country specifications are no longer permitted by the system.

Approval of the Common Principles

The changes mentioned have been included in the common principles for the electronic application and certification procedure, which were approved by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in summer 2019.