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security The video identification process: what is it and how do I use it?


The Video-Ident-Procedure is an online identification to confirm your identity. Video-Ident is the short form of video identification. This procedure is mainly used by online banks (so-called direct banks) to have the personal data provided by your customers confirmed.

Video Ident - what is it?

Video Ident is a Procedure for online identification via video chat. It's supposed to be an easy way to verify identity. It may completely replace the Post-Ident procedure in the future.

Such an identification process is necessary, for example, if you have a new bank account or open one online Cellular contract want to complete. Some too Online orders, for example from FSK18 titlesmay require such confirmation.

Video-Ident - how does it work?

The video identification takes place on-line instead of. So you can do it from the comfort of your home or even on the go. There are also hardly any problems with technical requirements. All you need is a stable internet connection have. And a device, the broadcast live video on the internet can like a Smartphone, tablet or a PC with a webcam. The device should also have the latest updates for a current browser be installed. You should also valid ID or passport have at one's fingertips. This must not expire within the next three months.

You will receive one from your bank, usually by email link. This then leads you to the secure side of a company, for example IDnow, which operates independently of your bank. Most banks have outsourced such identification procedures for increased security. About the link introduces Employees of the relevant company then go through the video identification procedure with you.

You have to be seen in front of the camera yourself. All you have to do is follow the instructions. At times you should also have yours Identity card in the camera hold - it is important that both the Front and back legible are. Some companies will also send you a security code or a TAN via SMS or email to which you have to enter at the end of the process. After that it became yours Identity successfully confirmedso that you can then process money transactions at your bank as normal.

Video-Ident - how secure is it?

The video ident process is considered to be a good way of doing that Verify personal data securely allow. Because as long as your own device is well protected against viruses, the risk remains for you Data abuse very low. A 100% protection is of course not guaranteed, because despite a secure connection it can always be to you Hacking attempt come.

By the way: Both the Post-Ident procedure and the Video-Ident procedure are permitted under the German Money Laundering Act. According to this law, in order to open and maintain a bank account, a clear evidence of one's own identity.

Video-Ident works securely, especially for many working people better than the Post-Ident procedure. In contrast to Post-Ident, you don't have to go to a branch to have your identity confirmed there. Instead, you can your ID conveniently online present in a video chat so that your personal information can be confirmed.

Skepticism only exists if you should be asked to external program to use. This can be Skype, for example. If the identification does not take place via the company's own site, then a comprehensive security not guaranteed.