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Cat owners, however, want to find names that reflect their kitty's personality as well as possible. A few decades ago names like Miezi and Minka were widespread, today cat names are becoming more and more individual. The most popular cat names. Just like names for humans, cat names also run through fashions Hope & Ivy - high-necked midi dress with ruffled cuffs and cream-colored tapestry pattern (maternity wear) -Cream whiteV Vaca Vafa Valencia Valeska Vallet Valmy Vanderbuilt Vania Vanna Varia Vasa Vedette Veggie Veleda Velly Va Venga Venga Vest Via

The name Pheobe comes from Greek mythology, from the titian Phoibe. He is a popular maiden name in English-speaking countries. 49. Yosie: Comes from Hebrew and has the somewhat strange meaning "increase". May also be written with "J". Calla: The Swedish first name is the short form of Caroline and is also related to the flower Calle, which in turn stands for beauty and admiration. Some of you may know the name from the wonderful series "The Gummy Bear Gang", in which the pretty Princess Calla plays a role.

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  • 3. Ursula: The most popular girl name in the 20s. And you know: it all comes back!
  • First names at babyclub.de! Finds national and international first names from a for African to w for Welsh. No matter how rare or unknown your favorite is - we'll tell you more about your favorite name, its origin and what it means. Rummage through our first name lexicon for over 9,500 girl and 7,000 boy names and take part in the hit lists.
  • There are many names that have been very popular for decades. The names Bella, Mini, Amy, Emma or Luna are particularly popular. Incidentally, when it comes to male dog names, the most popular are Rex and Bello.

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  • The M in the name Schmu'el could be explained in German with the preposition of. Seen in this way, the whole name is actually an artificial word with which one wants to express: asked of God. And that's what his mother Hanna said
  • There are many beautiful names that can make your cat unique. In addition to the common and popular names, a few unusual or funny and cute cat names are also listed. The cat names are sorted by gender (male / female or tomcat / cat) and alphabetically
  • 39. Novalee: Consists of “Nova” (or “Novum”, Latin for new) and “Lee” (Old English for meadow) and can mean “new meadow” or “butterfly”.
  • 2. Yara: A name with Y? Totally rare! Yara also has a beautiful meaning: in Greek it means "peace".
  • Lilith: Has a Hebrew origin and means "The nocturnal". In addition, the name plays an important role in emancipation. And the country needs strong women!
  • Fantasy Names Female Magical Names Rare First Names Interesting Baby Names Popular Baby Names Unique Baby Names Baby Names. Eslanda, Irish for the truth, Serenity, E baby girl names, E baby names, female names, whimsical baby names, baby girl names, traditional names, names that start with E, strong baby names, unique baby names, ttc.
  • First names: 2330 old German names. On this page you can see all 2330 old German first names for boys and girls from our first name dictionary. Read more Here you can find old German first names for girls and boys. You can also show the first names separated by gender if you select the corresponding link with the mouse.

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  • 72 Rare girls' names: These names are pioneers! As is currently the case with the maiden name Lea, for example, one can already imagine what sight mothers will see in a few years when their girls take their first steps in kindergarten
  • Joleen: Either a variant of the American first name Jolene or a derivation from the name Josephine or Jolie, which means "pretty".
  • Lazy means lazy. Most four-legged friends are very active and like to move around. But there are also specimens that prefer to spend their time on the couch. For them, this name is perfect.
  • Z Zabba Zaffe Zaira Zana Tong Zanna Zaola Zarina Zassa Zecke Zeke Zelli Zene Zenta Zerline Zhira Ziela Zila Zilka Zima Zini Zipora Zira Zisa Zista Ziya Zoka Zora Zosca Zoya Zula Zuri Zussel Zyba Zahna Zaly Zanda Zaniia Zanny Zappi Zasa Zeldatja Ziena Zilfrida Zilla Zimba Zinna Zippa Zirella Zisca Zita Zoe Zola Zorba Zoschka Zsa Zulla Zurka Zwaantje Zylla Zahra Zamba Zandra Zanja Zanra Zara Zasja Zdena Zeika Zelina Zena Zennie Zenzi Zeter Ziana Zieni-Zinnra-Zippe Zippe Zippe Zurra Zweety Zyra Zaida Zamira Zanella Zank Zanta Zarena Zaska Zea Row Zella Zenda Zenobia Zera

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  • To find the right female dog name you first have to know in which direction the name should go. Should the name be sweet or rather cheeky. Cute or dreamy. Brave or Rebellious ...
  • Other dog names female: Inxa Ioleen Ipsi Irena Irina Irma Irmi Irsi Isabelle Ischi Isesi Isi Ismet Issa Istrid Italie Ivana Ivett Ivonne Iwen Izabell
  • 13. Delilah: A name that emancipated mothers might like: Delilah was Samson 's lover in the Bible and cut off his hair in his sleep, whereupon he no longer had any power. The name therefore means something like “leader of women.” Well then: Hey there, Delilah!
  • has at least two other names
  • Today I like the name all the better. He's something special and I get a lot of nice compliments, especially from my customers.
  • Rare girl names you haven't thought of yet. You are looking for rare girl names, but what actually defines rare girl names? Are there special girl names or unusual girl names that are more likely to be found abroad? Whatever. The main thing is that your partner and you feel good about the choice

Rahel: Are you looking for an unusual first name that is related to the Bible, among other things? Then the Hebrew name Rachel is a wise choice. Among other things, this stands for “The Mercy of God”. I have several rare names in my family. My brothers are called Rick, Gary and Pit (in short). My cousin's name is Sten and my cousin is Liv. My niece Lotta and my nephew are called Collin. They are all relatively rare and short names. I hope I was able to help someone. Then watch the video above, because there we present you the most beautiful names for summer children! The hype about American baby names could now be re-fueled all over again. Maybe your daughter will be a talented musician? A certain similarity to the first name of the singer Rihanna already exists at least once.

X Xabea Xaira Xalla Xambie Xandria Xanka XantaKim Xanthe Xantila Xare Xaski Xawa Xela Xella Xena Xenia Xenta Xerese Xesta Xi Xiena Xila Xilla Xinca Xinka Xinti Xirpa Xitta Xkippi Xora Xulda Xutta Xane Xane Xana Xelvaanne Xambantra Xantinke Xane Xalvaanne Xambian Xerina Xetanja Xia Xieni Xilda Xilli Xinda Xinna Xippe Xirpe Xitti Xola Xoumba Xulla The meaning of the name Smith is comparable to the German Schmidt and has its origin in the blacksmith profession. In addition to occupational drawings as family names, the English surnames also include Jones, whose origin comes from John's Son, the son of John. More than 500,000 people own the name Jones. Other dog names female: Tekla Tempo Tennessee Terina Tesina Tessy Thai Thea Theoline Thessa Thudpaw Thusi Tia Tiena Tigrise Tilia Tima Tine Tinkerbell Tipsi Tirza Tizzy Tobsi Tolli Tonja Topsy Torsa Toschi Tova Tracy Trassa Traul Tronaisch Treva Trilogy Trudel Trulla Trutzi Tsin Tula Tune Tuski Tutu Twiedy Twister Tzigane

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  1. Some names were newly created, others come from mythology or from series and books. Many sound very melodic or are variants of common first names. But they all have one thing in common: They are all rare first names that you don't hear on every corner
  2. Mirella: The name Mirella is the short form of the Italian name Mirabella and means "the beautiful one". Simply a beautiful first name.
  3. Rare names can be both a blessing and a curse. Parents who choose unusual girl or boy names should always keep in mind that this name will accompany the child throughout their life. If you are unsure, it can be a good idea to only use the rare name as a middle name. This is especially one.
  4. Other dog names female: Hertika Hespa Hestora Hexe Heyke Hilary Hildi Hilla Hillga Hinde Hira Hisca Hixi Hola Holle Honey Hora Hortensia Hula Hurry Hyanzinth Hylla Haiga Haitje Halinka Hally Handy Hanna Hanta Harina Harta Haska Hastra Hatty Hawa Hazel Heddy Heera Helmut Heide Heige Heinke Heldreti Heldritti Herdis Herma Herpha Hertrada Hessa Heta Hexerl Hidda Hilda Hildrut Hillary Hilly Hindi Hiris Hiske Hodna Holda Holli Honeybee Horita Hoshi Hulda Huschel Hydi

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Is the name easy to pronounce? Once you have a list of names for your dog, think about whether they are easy to pronounce and whether you think you will like them for life. Names associated with a very short-lived fad can quickly seem out of date. Names for female cats with D Beautiful names for kitties with E Cat names for women with F Beautiful names for cats with G Names for cats with H Female names for your cats with I Cat names that start with J Beautiful cat names with K Inspirational names for cats with Elektra is the name of several different characters from Greek mythology. On the one hand she is the daughter of Agamemnon, on the other hand the sister of Kadmos and as the daughter of Atlas she is one of the Pleiades. The name is known from the opera by Richard Strauss. Other dog names Female: Ypsi Yrisette Yska Yudith Yula Yummy Yutta Yvetta Ywone Yaika Yakitah Yalle Yaluta Yamba Yandy Yanna Yarda Yasi Yassa Yaya Yda Yeila Yellow Yena Yerina Yessa Yet Yetti Yimba Ymeok Ylle Ylle Ymoi Yole Yonka Yosi Youri Ypsilon Yrka Ysona Yudy Yule Yune Yvanka Yvette Yaila Yale Yalli Yam Yambi Yane Yanne Yari Yaska Yassi Yaza Ydit Yelka Yelly Yenga Yerna Yesse Yeta Yeza Yka Ylda Ylona Yeta Yeza Yka Ylda Ylona Yosselia Yosselia Yonne Yuppy Yola Youthi Yajou Yalka Yalta Yama Yammie Yanika Yanni Yarrow Yaskia Yasu Ybbs Yeane Yell Yelta Yenka Yerry Yessica Yete Yica Yke If you have a hobby or a passion, many names are sure to come to mind. For example, if you love series, in most of them you will find perfect names for bitches, like "Aria", "Rachel" or "Lisa". Select the types of names you would like to see suggested in our search engine and it will be very easy for you to find a name for your dog.

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Aletta: The sonorous name originally comes from Italy and means "the little wing". In France and the Netherlands, Aletta is the short form of Adelheid and means something like “Of noble shape”. Philomena: The Greek first name sounds like music to the ears and also has the beautiful meaning "who remains true to love" or "who is loved". And what could be better than showing your daughter by her first name that she is loved from the heart? Dog names female. Will a new member move into your family? Have you just adopted or bought a bitch? Well then you are sure to be looking for a name that perfectly suits your bitch, congratulations because you have found the right place for it

Choosing a short name is a good idea, and for two reasons: first, your bitch will learn it faster, and second (and no less important), it is very convenient if the pet's name is easy and easy to pronounce. Remember that if you decide on a long and difficult name to pronounce, you will be saying the name many times a day, so you may quickly regret it. W Wachhild Waike Walburga Waleska Walide Wallina Wanda Wanja Wara Wasca Wasser Watz Wecke Weida Welka Welli Wencke © iStock, druvo You can find even more ideas and inspiration here: Rare girl names Rare boy names "Marie! Leon! Come here, let's go home", echoes it about the playground. Wonderful first names - of course. And yet tainted with a flaw. If these names fall in schools, daycare centers or on playgrounds, four children turn their heads at the same time and feel addressed. At least. Not everyone likes that. That is why more and more parents are consciously deciding against current fashion names. They start looking for first names that underline the specialty of their children and make them stand out from the crowd. The meaning and origin of the names do not play a prominent role. The only important thing is that it is not a name like any other. Individuality is the key.

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Names from other languages ​​are also attractive for another reason: Name researchers have found that sound is the decisive criterion for most parents when choosing a name. So what speaks against a French, Italian or English name if the combination with the surname sounds good? In addition, first names from other cultures often have appealing meanings. And that cannot be a disadvantage either. 56. Thea: This name was very popular in the 30s, now you hardly hear it anymore. We think it's time to change that. Ask other family members what they think of the name because your bitch won't be dealing with you only. For this reason, it is very helpful if your family and friends also enjoy the name you gave your dog. This way you can be more sure that you have chosen the right name. Some names are only beautiful at first glance. In a different culture with a different language these names are suddenly disparaging or make the bearer of the name look ridiculous. Here are some examples of impossible names.

Yasmina: The Persian name is the symbol of love and is associated with a beautiful and fragrant flower. Malina: Comes from Hebrew and comes from the name (Maria) Magdalena. Malina means “raspberry” in Polish and Croatian and “beautiful girl” in Italian. A lovely name for a lovely girl. Rare female first names with meaning. Here you will find rare first names for boys and girls that you won't hear on every corner! Speaking of importance. When it comes to this topic, parents should take a closer look more often. the name must be clearly identifiable as a first name and clearly as male or female First name sought

And that's where they come in: rare baby names, very special names that cross our path at most every few years and then usually trigger total enthusiasm. We asked around for 20 rare baby names for girls and put them together for you With some names, the letters can be rearranged so that a different first name comes out. One example is Mila and Liam - short, pretty and concise. Playing with the letters is a nice thing if you are looking for something extraordinary that doesn't sound too aloof Quiche Quicksilver Quiena Quila Quimba Quinde Quinta Quiri Quiska Quita Quixi Quoll Qusy Qwispel Qiuena Quadia Quaifa Quana Quanita Quappe Quarna Quasra Quata Queen Quella Quenda Quentchen Querida Quessi Quesy Queue Quick Quicky Quieni Quill31. Kaia: By the way, top model Cindy Crawford is a fan - her daughter (who is also a supermodel) is called Kaia. Finding a name for your pet is a very special moment. That's why you should enjoy it, share the ideas that come to you with family and friends, and choose the perfect name for your bitch together.

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There are over 50,000 dog names, many of which are very individual. The dog names can be pure fantasy names (e.g. Milius), names of famous personalities (e.g. Picasso), names of (trick) film animals (e.g., Idefix, Lassie) or specific places correspond to Anna, Mia, Julia, Emilia - names that 2019 at the top of the lists of the most popular girls' first names. At 08/15? Understandable, because a first name is a woman's longest-lasting and most personal accessory - and that's why you don't want to share it with tons of other people.As an inspiration for all pregnant women looking for an unusual and rare (and yet stylish) girl's name, we have selected our 60 favorites including their meanings:

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  • 17. Quila: No, when the name was created you didn't forget a syllable in the tequila suff. Quila is Germanic and means "the ruler".
  • Anna, Mia or Emma have been among the most popular first names in Germany for years. Accordingly, they are widespread. Many parents consciously use z ..
  • Not much needs to be said about Chanel. It is the name of the famous French fashion designer and also of the perfume she created. Chanel also comes from the French-speaking area and means “little jug”.
  • 5. Rixa: Perfect for all families who have an "x" in their name and are looking for a beautiful maiden name for the sister of their Max and Alex. Rixa is old German and means "the rich".

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06/08/2019 - Explore cdinkersfield's pinboard Future Pictures on Pinterest. de discovered over 8,700 female first names 50. Elara: In Greek mythology, is the goddess of nature and a lover of Zeus. It is also the symbol of motherly love.

Other dog names female: Sue Suleika Sun Sundra Sunnybrook Supertramp Suse Susi Swami Sweet Cheeks Sybill Sylva Synergy Sabina Sachi Saemi Sage Sahrah Sala Sally Salty Samanta Samira Sandie Sanka Sanra Sara Sarras Sassy Savanna Sayo Scarlett Schandra Schatzie Schila Smart Schmuse Schnupp Schwarze Scuba Seffi Selke Sessy Seven Shahna Shawnee Sheer Sherie Shiksa Shoeless Shyla Sidra Siene Sigga Sigrid Silas Silka Sillys Silvetta Simka Singa Sirena Sisi Sita Sixi Skona Snaggletooth Snoogybear Snowball Snuffles Sogern Sonata Wina Windkind Wini Winna Wintertime Wiska Witch Woelfin Wolfa Woman Wonne Woof Woska Wuna Wunnja Wusi WynnK Kabora Kaessi Kafra Kaja Kalifa Kalunga Kamina Kandra Kanta Kara Karianne Karis Karmen Karolina Karsta Kasha Kasha Kassandra Kastra Kathinka Katia Kera Kera Katshyelli

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14. Elva: Simply enchanting: This name is derived from the Old Norse word for "elf". For all the little fairies out there! Other dog names female: Victoria Viella Vignette Vilda Vilky Vima Vinja Viola Vira Virna Vita Vivia Vixa Vogi ​​Volla Vorra Vraga Vreda Vrija Vunki Vaga Valentine Valet Valletta Valva Vanesca Vanilla Vanni Varild Vaula Vee Veila Velia Velma Venecia Veni Venscha Verona Verrylee Vestala Veva Vichyssoise Victory Vienchen Vikki Vilfa Villa Vimme Vinka Violet Virga Visa Vitta Vivian Vixie Voice Vollie Vorta Vraka Vrely Vrinia Vupsy Vagry Valera Valetta Valley Vamp Vanessa Vanina Vanta Varina Vechta Vefa Veilchen Veilchen Velka Velvetia Vilga Vilma Vina Vinni Violette Virgin Visar Viv Vivien Vjenna Vola Volta Vosta Vranka Vreni Vroni Vurie Vahra Valerie Valka Valli Vana Vanga Vanja Vantie Varta Vectra Vefi Velca Vella Vema Venessa Venice Venus Veri Veroni VeruschkaEternity means eternity. How nice would it be if our beloved dogs could accompany us for an eternity? But who knows, maybe they will! Leandra: Translated into Greek, the name Leandra means “The Woman from the People”. Who doesn't think of a Greek goddess with this wonderful girl name?

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Leona: As some of you might have guessed right, this first name is the female equivalent of Leon. Leona comes from Latin and means "the lioness". A very pretty name that exudes power and strength and is not only suitable for girls born under the zodiac sign Leo. Leonore: Was derived from the female first name Eleonore. The origin and the meaning of the first name have not been fully clarified. What is certain, however, is that Leonore is a name with a wow factor. Elouise: This French name is ideal for any enchanting girl. Most of the time, these are actually very old and almost forgotten names. In some cases it is just an unusual spelling or a name in a foreign language that rarely makes a name. In any case, these names are interesting and extraordinary. Rare female first names with other dog names female: Feuer Fichta Fidelia Fiesta Filda Filli Fima Finis Finny Fiora Firebug Fischa Fix Flair Flannel Flara Flesa Flicka Flink Flocky Flore Floretta Florida Florosa Flott Fluffy Folina Fora Forma Fraeulein Frana Franeka Frauke Fredericke Freja Fresia Frickene Frickene Friedini Fuchs Fujita Funa Furia Fygi i'm urgently looking for rare american first names for my brother because he and his girlfriend are planning to emigrate to the usa soon. his girlfriend is now 4 months pregnant. you want a fancy name. Your suggestions so far: girls: Harley Sky for boys you have no idea yet

I am 17 years old and my name is Freyja (Frei-ja). Yes exactly, Freyja with y and j! This may be a bit confusing for some when I introduce myself. But for me it is nice to tell that Freyja is the old, original spelling of all the others. And my parents only knew this spelling. I've never had a stupid saying about my name. One of my greatest wishes is to find a girl with the same name with exactly this spelling! Other dog names Female: Krishna Krusa Kuma Kunfried Kunilt Kuropatin Kwinta Kyra Kafka Kaischa Kali Kally Kamilla Kandie Kannia Kapuki Karia Karine Karma Karola Karrin Kascha Kass Kasta Kathia Kati Katje Katry Kaula Kehlchen Kella Kena Kenya Keri Kerstin Kesse Ketty Kichi Kiku Kimba Kinna Kirby Kirsi Kischa Kita Kiwa Klaerle Klementine Klesa Klio Kloti Komtess Kontessa Kordelia Korona Kosy Kresa Krista Kudio Kumi Kunfriede Kunna Kurt Kyla Kysa The gender is not clear or unambiguous with names like Kim. In these cases, the registry office prescribes a second, unambiguous first name. Rare first names: Switzerland is fundamentally liberal. The Swiss registry offices are considered to be more liberal. In the meantime, even common short forms are accepted as names

. If parents do not get through with their proposal at the registry office, they can contact the Center for Name Research in Leipzig. Here the employees use name books to check whether the name can be assigned an origin anywhere in the world. There are three main criteria for her recommendations: Buffy is a Gothic name that stands for beauty, wisdom, courage and honesty. That makes Buffy a very apt name for many four-legged friends. Melda: The maiden name is mainly known in the Turkish region and is very popular there. The short form of Imelda means "The Delicate" or "The Perfect". Luana: The origin of this great first name is not entirely clear. The maiden name is often given in Albania and means "lioness" there. But Hawaii is also not excluded as the country of origin, then the name means "happy" and "satisfied". Our first 2 children have special, rare names. Now the third name must also fit into this category. It should be two-syllable and not start with A. We are looking for girls and boys names. Thank you for many suggestions

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Curious first names: a chocolate latte for Perseus-Bombastus As with all other first names, Scandinavian girls' names should be chosen consciously so that your baby is not exposed to any unwanted teasing in the future. Many Nordic names are familiar from Swedish children's and youth literature and are already known in kindergarten

As a short form of Henriette, the name means “the rich protector” and comes from Old High German. In Danish the name means “black as coal”. Sunja: This old German name means “the fighter of light” or “the soldier”.

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  • a: Feminine form of the name Ta
  • English maiden names have the following unique selling points. English maiden names are very popular first names in this country. All in all, baby names from England are very well known, not only in Germany, but also worldwide thanks to the colonial era. In this guide you will find a list of English maiden names that is not as culturally mixed as the.
  • Cool female dog names and rare dog names for females. In the following, the listener or reader will quickly notice that the somewhat strange-sounding names are of foreign origin. They are better explained below according to their meaning: Adele: The name Adal means something like noble or noble
  • Other dog names female: Biela Bieni Biggi Bika Bilka Bimba Binka Biona Birdy Birke Bischa Bits Bizzy Blackey Blanca Blank Blende Bliska Blonda Blossom Blume Boccia Bohemienne Bona Bonga Bonna Bora Botha Braga Brandie Brassy Brenta Brieta Brigitt Brina Brise Britt Brixe Bronka Burghilde
  • Most Popular Dog Names 2020 Unusual, melodious names for females and males, for small and large dogs of all breeds
  • Florentine: This name opens the heart. In the literal sense of the word, the Latin name means “flower goddess” and “the blooming one”. It could be worse than having a little goddess for a daughter who loves flowers.

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R Rabea Rada Raffles Rage Rahel Rain Raisin Rajah Rami Ranga Ranka Rany Rassa Ratri Rauka Raxi Ready Recka Reem Reggie Reha Reima Reka Remy Reni Reseda Rettie Rezi RheilaTaira (you have to read Ta-i-ra, i is emphasized), that's the name of my friend Russia. The name has Arabic roots, and 2 versions of the meaning, "clean" or "bird". Rarely, but not strange, and not only Muslim, family can not believe for several generations. First names often give rise to discussion, because the personal feeling for a name is purely a matter of taste. You can find opinions in the overview of comments. We generally advise against using complicated, long dog names, as the dogs should hear and a long name is usually ignored by the animal. Exceptionally rare girl names. Anna, Sophia or Mia are without question wonderful first names, but they are not exactly extraordinary girl names. So your daughter will share these names with many other children. The namesakes then meet at the latest in kindergarten or school

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  1. These are supposed to be the really really rare names now! Really Rare First Names Really Rare Boy Names Milton * Largo * Vlado * Okko * Lemalian * Ulrik * Savio * Basil * Flint * Edonis * Jersey * Tammes * Quendrim * Derrick * Gerardo * Nate * Bjarke * Skander * Fips * Tamio * Beppo * Morgan * Aldrin * Parker * Jero * Mars * Carlito * Bailey * Ottokar * Franklin * Carson * Maurus.
  2. Chat corner at Baby-Vornamen.de with the title 'Rare, English names wanted!', Created by Natascha
  3. Fleur: This beautiful French name, which has its origins from the Latin first name Flora, automatically brings to mind spring, fields of flowers and colorful petals. The ancient Roman goddess of spring already listened to this given name, which means "flower" and "blossom".
  4. Some parents want to give their children a first name that is as original as possible. Sometimes a name request is rejected by the responsible registry office.

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  1. Linnea: The name, which is still quite exotic in this country, comes from Sweden and was named after the flower Linnaea borealis. The moss bell, as the plant is also called, is the favorite flower of a well-known naturalist and means "the tender one". Sinja: Comes from Frisian or Low German and has the nice meaning "little sun". So very suitable for your own little sunshine.
  2. If there is nothing in the list, we don't know what to do next. Maybe Lena-Sophia after all? Yawn ... Oh and if it's not a girl but a boy, check out our 40 rare boy names.
  3. There are several places with the name Lacona in the United States. Horse names with L female, horse names with L, horse names with L mare, horse names with L female, female horse names with L, female horse names with L; Attachments. Female horse names with K written on July 13th 2020
  4. Fabiola: The beautiful Italian first name means “the noble one”, but also has the funny meaning “little bean planter”.
  5. NAMES FOR YOUR CHILD - CHARTS TOP 10. TOP-BABYNAMEN.de is looking for the most beautiful first names! These are the NAME CHARTS with the current favorite names of our visitors! The contributions are edited. Here you can vote with **** THE TOP 10 VISITOR CHARTS MOST POPULAR NAMES 2010

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  1. Overall, however, the number of girls and boys called Anakin, Calimero, Pumuckl or Schnuckepupine is negligible in Germany. Such a fancy name usually only attracts attention when it has to be fought for in court. Aside from such extreme cases, there are a number of beautiful names that make a child stand out from the crowd without exposing them at the same time. It is precisely because their sound is so different and they are so extraordinary and rare that these names are positively received everywhere and are no longer easily forgotten. Even if they are unfamiliar to some and are missing from the hit list of the most popular first names.
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  3. A bumblebee is an insect that is similar to the bee, but looks much more clumsy. So actually not a particularly advantageous name for a dog. But it can also stand for a very temperamental animal. If someone has “bumblebees in their buttocks”, there is no stopping them.

Other dog names female: Collin Conchita Conga Conny Coral Cordial Corie Corona Cosi Coura Creole Cresta Crischa Crystal Cuma Cura Custa Cybel Cynthia Caecillie Cai Cala Calinka Cama Cancara Candie Canette Canny Cara Caress Carka Carmelia Carny Caroline Carry Casandra Cassandre Cassy Cate Catja Caya Cecilia Cedina Cerale Cerry Cessie Cha-Cha Chanell Channey Charell Charlene Charming Chayenne Cheetah Chenoa Cherra Chia Chicki Chiepsie Chili Chin-Chin Chira Chizu Chocolata Chriemhild Chrissy Christl Chutney Ciala Cieta Cika Cilla Cimba Cindie Cini Cino Cinzia Cirke Ciskea Clia Cita Citti Colett Comtess Concordia Conja Cookie Coralie Cordoba Corina Cortina Cosie Courage Crescent Cretel Crista Crystale Cuna Curia Cutie Cybele Cyntia These names are usually very difficult to pronounce, so you should inform yourself about the accentuation before finally naming your daughter. Celtic girls' names are also often characterized by accent marks on the vowels; But these can be replaced by normal vowels. Browse through our baby album with lots of nice baby pages. As a new parent, you are also welcome to register your offspring there. Other dog names female: Jenka Jennjenna Jerky Jesika Jessie Jetty Jilke Jinka Jiska Jodie Johanna Jolla Jonda Jorika Josefin Josta Joyca Jubela Judy Julexa Julika Juma Junta Jurina Justinia Juva Jahve Jali Jamie Janda Janika Jenny Jenny Jena Jenny Jena Jena Jaresta Janda Jata Jeva Jill Jinn Jitta Jody Jola Jolli Jonka Jorina Josella Josy Joyce Judi Juelchen Julia Julischka Jummi Juppa Juscha Justy Juwel Jaika Jalka Jamila Jane Janila Janka Jannick Japeta Jarra Jasmin Jaya Jeany Jellie Jewel Jeni Jenne Jensine Joerry Jessa Jolly Jolly Jolly Jolly Jinnanda Jos Jota Joyvita Judika Jula Julie Julitta Juna Jura Juschka Juta Juxa Imprint | About us | Data protection | Privacy settings | Terms and Conditions © 2020 Eltern - Eltern is not liable for the content of external websites

Cordelia: Cordelia comes from Latin and translates as "the right heart" and "little heart". With this unusual first name, your little daughter is sure to become a heartbreaker. Of course in a positive way! Both names start with Lu, both have four letters and if you combine them you get Lunacy, which means something like madness or madness. And when you look at the two of them, when they romp around the apartment like madmen, you immediately believe their madness

Other dog names female: Prachda Pretiosa Priemel Princess Prisko Prix Prudentia Pudge Pumpkin Puppy Puschka Puste Putzi Palesse Palme Pamela Pandi Pania Panta Paradise Pasie Pastella Patra Patza Paya Pearl Peddi Pegal Pelda Penja Pepina Pepsi Perill Persica Petra Pickulia Phantasie Philliplesa Picira Pirae Pirae Pitra Plascha Plenka Poetsie Poldine Polyxenia Ponni Porda Poska Pracht Pretta Prima Printa Prissa Prixi Prussa Pudgette Punch Pur Pussa Turkey Pyesta22. Sansa: This English first name was invented for the "Game of Thrones" character Sansa Stark and has been known since then - but still rare! I've already asked in the girls' name forum and got a tip and thought that maybe someone else had an idea here (because of the higher response). We are looking for a girl's name that is actually rare like Villya, for example, which has a little something mysterious, but also makes people appear strong and graceful as women. If you want, you can of course give the dog a longer name and call it with a nickname . However, one should not expect that the four-legged friend can remember several names at the same time. You can read about what is still important when it comes to dog names. Not only parents-to-be, but also people who let a dog into their lives, increasingly want an unusual and rare name for their darling.

170 rare baby names from all over the world. Rare baby names from all over the world. which still come from the old Hebrew language as well as modern Hebrew names that partially overlap with Arabic. Hebrew names are particularly popular in Christianity. But despite their original Christian meaning, they don't use them. Other dog names female: Zetesta Zida Ziewa Zilge Zilli Zindi Zinta Zipper Zirma Ziska Ziu Zoff Zolli Zorri Zotje Zuca Zuna Zusa Zwenja Zaila Zampa Zanga Zanka Zantra Zari Zaskia Zebedee Zeiza Cell Zendi Zensi Zerbi Zewa Zidiwa Ziporie Zerbi Zombi Zewa Zidie Zigporie Ziporie Zigoffva Zottel Zuffa Zurga Zusel Zwergin This can sometimes be helpful if the first name has never been used as a name: In a judgment from 2006, the Bonn Regional Court allowed the name Joël November. Later the month name was also allowed as a middle name for a girl. The name Emma Tiger was also allowed - but here the prominent role model helped, because Til Schweiger had also named one of his daughters that. However, he had given the name in the USA, where the right of first names is completely different than in Germany.

Other dog names female: Udina Uffe Ugenie Ula Ulberta Ulfine Ulixis Ullana Ulme Ulta Uly Umea Unde Unga Unita Unna Untra Upgrade Urana Urca Urga Urisa Urmel Urri Urschl Ursia Usara Usia Ussi Usti Utana Utopia Ulme Utty Uwa Uzaicke Udessa Udine Uffi Uhle Uhle Ulaika Ultima Ulyne Ummi Undi Ungana Unitra Unni Uny Uprincess Urane Urda Uria Urise Urmeli Ursa Ursel Ursula Uscha Usina Ussia Ustinella Utcha Utre Utzi Uxa Uzi Other female dog names: Menta Meret Merle Meryl Mexi Midnight Mika Milde Milli Minca Ming Minne Mix. Mira Mirana Molista Mirk Mirk Monja Moody Moonlightshadow Mora Mory Mouschka Muggi Munka Muscha Muty Myra Myrtha

Rare names are also received positively and are not easily forgotten. Unmistakable - a list of rare girls' names. We asked for rare names for you to help you find them. Below is an alphabetical listing of rare girl names for inspiration that we have. 19. Dilara: A Spanish girl's name that is also common in Turkey and means "flaming heart" there. Female rabbit names In the following list you will find a large selection of popular female rabbit names from A to Z. By the way: If you think that the following lists are missing an important name (maybe even the names of your own rabbits?), Feel free to click Post rare male names to our rabbit Facebook page. So there they were, 50 Rare Boy Names I have to say that the meanings of boy names compared to the girl names I picked out seemed kind of harsh to me, and I sometimes had to swallow rare boy names that aren't on every corner If Elias, Jonas, Ben and Paul are too trendy for you, we have unusual ones. She was the notorious queen of Egypt, who was in a relationship with Caesar and who took her own life with the help of poisonous snakes. The name comes from ancient Greek and means “glory of the father”.

53. Fleur: Has a French touch and means "the flower" or "the blossom". How nice! Over 65,000 first names and their meaning, origin, distribution and name days. The most popular names for boys and girls in 2018. What social prestige does a name have? The first name in flag alphabet and in Braille and other exciting facts about your first name Other dog names Female: Sendi Sense Serena Setta Shad Shari Shayna Sheila Shiane Shira Shrapnel Sibylle Sieghild Sierra Siglinde Sigune Silhouette Silky Silver Silvia Simpel Sinka Siria Sissi Sitta Sixten Sloopie Snickers Snoopy Snowbice Soni Sonny Soraya Sox Sparkle Speed ​​Spider Spitz Sport Sprotte Spy Star Starlight Stelly Stini Stoney Strauss Stricke Stump Sugarbaker Sumi Sundi Sunkiss Sunshine Sure Susette Svenja Swany Swenja Sylk Symbol Syste

You can find out which names are in the other places when you start looking for an animal species and its gender. In the list of results you can display the order alphabetically or by popularity and you can distribute your own votes. Female dog names Magical, wild, fancy - Celtic names are everything, just not boring. The most beautiful first names for girls and boys This is evident in names that are derived from adjectives, where male / female double forms can exist, e.g. B. Cemil (male) and Cemile (female). However, this cannot be reliably relied on, because an ending on -a does not necessarily represent a gender marker, cf. for example Taha

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