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Beetroot juice - what is it healthy for and how should you drink it properly!

The beetroot juice is a miracle cure for health. However, like any product of this type, it must be consumed with caution. With this miracle drink you can completely detoxify your body, but it has certain side effects. First, let's enumerate the benefits of consuming beetroot juice. Then we will give you some tips for its preparation. Finally, we will provide you with useful information on dosages and combinations that avoid the harmful side effects.

The beetroot is a health bomb

In which cases is beetroot juice recommended?

Many of us know the beetroot from delicious salads and know that this vegetable is very healthy. However, if one is aiming for certain quick health effects, the beetroot juice is much more effective. The healthy ingredients can be found there in much larger quantities and concentrations.

Many of these beneficial ingredients are lost in cooking. Find out what they actually are!

You can dilute the juice with soda and ice

The healthy ingredients of beetroot at a glance

These are the most important ingredients that make this juice healthy:

  • Vitamins in groups A, B and C,
  • Folic acid,
  • Flavonoids and carotenoids and a number of other detox agents,
  • Amino acids,
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium,
  • Dietary fiber,
  • Water,
  • Carbohydrates,
  • Sugar.

Many of the ingredients in beetroot promote the detoxification process. This also reduces the risk of heart and circulatory problems. This drink is also recommended for anyone with high blood pressure. The nitrates it contains are particularly helpful in this regard. Older people should generally drink more of it, especially if they tend to store far too much water in their bodies. Mostly this is due to problems with the heart and kidneys. Both of these are positively influenced by beetroot juice.

Don't overdo it with the quantities from the start

Reduce the risk of cancer!

If you drink the beetroot juice regularly, you would reduce the risk of developing cancer. With its properties, it can fight free radicals in the body. This also restricts the spread of carcinogenic elements in the body. So by drinking such a juice regularly, you reduce the risk of cancer.

It is recommended to combine it with other fruits

Your athletic performance is promoted!

The beetroot juice increases the volume of the lungs. Because of this, many athletes drink it before various sports competitions. Scientific studies have found more than 15% improvement in such performance. If you are not a competitive athlete, you can drink this juice too. This gives you more strength to go for a longer walk or to keep moving in some other way and to keep yourself in good shape.

Beetroot is much healthier in the form of juice

Improved digestion

Are you having difficulties processing certain foods? The beetroot juice can be particularly helpful in this regard. You would no longer feel heaviness in your stomach. You could drink a little after a hearty or over-extensive meal. If someone has to lie in bed longer because of illness, it could also stimulate their appetite.

The beetroot is healthy for many diseases

Improved thyroid function

The beetroot juice is particularly healthy for women because it improves their thyroid puncture. Many health problems that are hormonal and age-related are related to problematic thyroid function. This can be balanced by the ingredients in the beetroot.

Beetroot stands in the way of the aging process

Not only your skin, but your entire body will look younger through regular consumption of beetroot juice. The work of the brain and the ability to concentrate are clearly strengthened.

Older people can improve their health in many ways

Cure anemia

The beetroot juice is a powerful source of folic acid and iron. Because of this, patients with anemia feel much better about consuming these juices. In a less advanced stage, the problem could even be cured with it.

Beetroot juice for future parents

The beetroot juice improves overall health and reproductive functions in the body. That's why it's a perfect product for future parents! For both men and women.

A plate full of beetroot - pure health

Beetroot juice recipes and dosages

After all, beetroot juice is a very powerful health agent. It must therefore be consumed with caution, otherwise there will be side effects that can be demotivating and even deterring for some people. One might feel nauseous and weak. Therefore, you should drink this juice in small quantities at the beginning, around 50 ml per day in combination with around 250 milliliters of carrots. Over time, you can change the ratio and achieve a balance of around 50/50.

Start with no more than 50 milliliters of juice per day

Make beetroot juice with carrots yourself

If you have a good juicer, you can make the beetroot juice yourself. Take a piece of beetroot, a celery, an apple and a carrot. Juice all the ingredients and mix with a glass of water. You can also add a lemon if you wish. The beetroot should be included in the juice in a small amount at the beginning. Over time, this could be increased.

Many healthy smoothies contain beetroot


The consumption of beetroot juice is recommended for many specific health problems. But it also has a general positive effect on our well-being. Beetroot juice improves the immune system, clears free radicals from our bodies, slows the growth of cancer cells and in some cases can even prevent them from forming. In general, it will make you feel younger and full of energy.

We wish you good health and enjoyment