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List of new features in MailStore Server

MailStore Server 13.1


  • Note In line with Google's extensive renaming of products for corporate customers, the name G Suite has been replaced by Google Workspace in the software.
  • New If a license has changed, e.g. through renewal or expansion, it can be updated automatically in the background (within about a day).
  • New The Management API can now be used to retrieve license information.
  • New Support for AD FS OpenID Connect has been added for the Active Directory directory service type.
  • New Support for AD FS OpenID Connect has been added for the directory service type "LDAP Generic".
  • New The administrator receives a warning on the dashboard and in the status report if certificates used as access data are about to expire or have already expired.
  • Improved Significant performance improvement when moving messages within the same archive.
  • Improved client: When opening emails in a mail client, the profile names for all Thunderbird profiles are displayed.
  • Fixed Folder names with multi-byte Unicode characters are saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed Client: The x64 version of Thunderbird is not recognized correctly.
  • Fixed Client: The client does not check whether certificates have been withdrawn.
  • Fixed Client: The ad hoc export of e-mails to Microsoft 365 or to an Exchange Server using Auto-Discover fails.
  • Fixed Outlook add-in: If the add-in has been unloaded, it cannot be reloaded in the same Outlook session.
  • Fixed Outlook Add-in: File attachments with special characters in the file name cannot be downloaded.
  • Fixed Web Access: File attachments with special characters in the file name cannot be downloaded.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 13.0.5


  • Fixed directory services: "Only these groups" filter behaves differently for Microsoft 365 (Modern Authentication) than for other directory service types.

MailStore Server 13.0.4


  • Improved DATEV EMA migration profile allows the timeout to be configured.
  • Improved DATEV EMA migration profile supports the adaptation of error handling using JSON control files.

MailStore Server 13.0.3


  • Improved "Ignore SSL warnings" has been replaced by "Accept all certificates" in archiving and export profiles in order to avoid confusion with MailStore's own warnings when the option is activated. The behavior itself remains unchanged, since "Accept all certificates" is an insecure setting.
  • Fixed Certificate warnings cause RunProfileArc audit log events of the type "Error".
  • Fixed Client and Outlook Add-In do not check whether certificates have been withdrawn.
  • Fixed Discontinued product Zarafa in the list of included implementation guides.

MailStore Server 13.0.2


  • Note Before updating from version 13.0.1: If Microsoft 365 (Modern Authentication) is used as the directory service type, please check whether there are MailStore users whose email addresses contain capital letters. In such a case, please contact technical support for assistance in preparing the update.
  • Fixed directory services: When using Microsoft 365 (Modern Authentication), e-mail addresses are not always converted to lower case, which can lead to the creation of a second folder structure and duplicate e-mails.

MailStore Server 13.0.1


  • Fixed directory services: Incomplete list of e-mail addresses when using the Microsoft 365 (Modern Authentication) profile when the Azure AD is synchronized with an Active Directory.

MailStore Server 13.0


  • Note In accordance with Microsoft's extensive renaming of products for private and corporate customers, the name Office 365 has been replaced by Microsoft 365 in the software. All references to Microsoft 365 are to be seen as synonymous with the Office 365 Enterprise and other plans that have kept Office 365 on their behalf.
  • Note In this version, support for unencrypted access to MailStore Server has been completely removed. This also includes the option for HTTP to HTTPS redirection, which can be viewed as insecure without the use of correctly configured HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).
  • Note The Mobile Web Access has been completely removed in this version. Many improvements and bug fixes included in this version of responsive web access make it an adequate, modern and secure replacement on all supported mobile devices, including support for user logins directly against Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite.
  • Note In order to manage connections to remote SMB / CIFS network shares, the MailStore Server Service Configuration now offers built-in functionality as a simple and secure replacement for the startup script method in earlier versions. It is therefore strongly recommended to replace existing "net use" commands in the startup script with the built-in functionality. A corresponding warning appears on the MailStore administrator's dashboard if the use of "net use" commands has been detected in the startup script file. Please note that the Startup Script section is only displayed in the MailStore Server Service Configuration if a corresponding file already exists.
  • Note Microsoft has announced that it will remove HTTP Basic Auth in Microsoft 365's Exchange Web Services (EWS). Since the classic Microsoft Exchange archiving profiles only support EWS with Basic Auth, a new Microsoft 365 archiving profile with support for more modern OAuth authentication and a new directory service with support for user logins via OpenID Connect have been added. Microsoft 365 customers are strongly advised to follow regular announcements from Microsoft regarding a schedule for removing HTTP Basic Auth and to plan an appropriate migration to the new profiles in advance. It should be noted that access to the archive via IMAP is no longer possible if users are authenticated using OpenID Connect.
  • Note Google announced the removal of basic authentication types for IMAP in G Suite. MailStore uses IMAP to authenticate users against Google G Suite. The existing directory services options for G Suite have therefore been expanded to support the modern OpenID Connect authentication method. Google G Suite customers are strongly encouraged to follow regular announcements from Google regarding a schedule to remove basic authentication types and plan ahead for an appropriate migration to the new settings. It should be noted that access to the archive via IMAP is no longer possible if users are authenticated using OpenID Connect.
  • Newly dedicated Microsoft 365 profiles for archiving and exporting emails using modern OAuth authentication as required by Microsoft. Please note that for technical and organizational reasons, these profiles are only available to MailStore administrators.
  • New directory services: New profile for Microsoft 365, which uses modern OAuth authentication to synchronize users via Microsoft Graph API and enables these users to authenticate themselves directly against Microsoft 365 using OpenID Connect.
  • New Directory Services: OpenID Connect added as an authentication method to the G Suite profile, which allows synchronized users to authenticate against G Suite directly.
  • New two-stage login process in client, Outlook add-in and Web Access that supports modern authentication using OpenID Connect, so that users can authenticate themselves directly against Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite.
  • New management of network shares added in the MailStore Server service configuration as a simple and secure alternative to the startup script.
  • New templates for group policies for client and Outlook add-in are now included in the MailStore Server installation.
  • Improved options for allowing unencrypted connections via HTTP, completely removed from MailStore Server.
  • Improved Outlook Add-in: Support for unencrypted access to MailStore Server via HTTP has been completely removed.
  • Improved localization of group policy templates.
  • Improved Improved handling of the logging of job results from jobs that did not generate any output.
  • Improved Audit event MessageDelete is set to "All users" by default on a new installation.
  • Improved The port on which MailStore Server receives validation requests from Let's Encrypt can now be adjusted in the MailStore Server service configuration. It should be noted that Let's Encrypt still expects to be able to connect to port 80 of the externally resolved IP address.
  • Improved On the dashboard of the MailStore administrator and in the results of the profile execution, information about potentially unsecure (e.g. unencrypted, SSL warnings ignored) outgoing connections to e-mail servers or directory services are now displayed as warnings. Since version 12, such notes have already been displayed as information in the same place.
  • Improved client: Clicking on the folder path in the message view opens the folder and displays the messages it contains.
  • Improved Web Access: Clicking the folder path in the message view opens the folder and displays the messages it contains.
  • Improved Web Access: Show a specific error message when the session has expired.
  • Improved Web Access: Comprehensive update of all underlying Web Framework components.
  • Improved Web Access: The space available for displaying news content in the mobile view has been increased.
  • Improved Web Access: Search with "This week" and "Last week" filter now takes into account the area setting for determining the first day of the week.
  • Improved Web Access: Images attached to emails are displayed by default in the web browser when opened instead of downloaded.
  • Improved Uniform certificate validation across all client components that connect to MailStore Server. It should be noted that fingerprints of certificates can no longer be accepted via group policy.
  • Fixed Messages of the type "IPM.Note.NotSupportedICal" generate an ErrorAccessDenied error when archiving Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
  • Fixed When processing retention policies, defective search index files are not marked as such.
  • Fixed The audit log cannot be opened if it contains entries with a colon in the user name.
  • Fixed Passwords with spaces at the beginning or at the end cannot be used in Exchange / Microsoft 365 archiving profiles, although it is supported by Microsoft 365.
  • Fixed Client: In contrast to the Legacy Web Access and Outlook Add-in, only the date, but not the time, is displayed in the message list.
  • Fixed Web Access: Scrolling in the sidebar does not behave as expected on iOS devices.
  • Fixed Web Access: Sidebar does not scroll to the expected position when switching between search and folder view.
  • Fixed Web Access: Escape characters are displayed in the folder path of the message view.
  • Fixed Web Access: Folders cannot be accessed if a deep folder structure exists in the archive.
  • Fixed Web Access: Microsoft Edge (Spartan) crashes when selecting a custom date.
  • Fixed Web Access: In the case of e-mails with too wide content, the entire message content cannot be reached due to the lack of horizontal scroll bars.
  • Fixed Web Access: Unlike the Legacy Web Access and Outlook Add-in, only the date and not the time is displayed in the message list.
  • Fixed Incorrect Dutch translation of "Uncheck all".
  • Fixed Mobile Web Access is based on the no longer maintained jQuery Mobile. To address security concerns and to support the modern OpenID Connect authentication method, Mobile Web Access has been removed in favor of responsive Web Access.
  • Fixed Major update of a third party component that fixes numerous issues with archiving, viewing and exporting emails.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 12.1.3


  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Missing certificate validation during login.
  • Fixed Group policy for the Outlook add-in allows certificates to be whitelisted using their fingerprint.

MailStore Server 12.1.2


  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Opening a saved search does not clear the checkboxes for parameters that are not part of the saved search.
  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Marking of the selected folder appears too light in connection with new icons on some screens.
  • Improved DATEV EMA migration profile now supports flexible limit per run of up to 100,000 messages.
  • Fixed error handling in the DATEV EMA migration profile for "Failed to retrieve from the store" error on the other side.
  • Fixed error handling in the DATEV EMA migration profile for "The procedure or function 'SP_EXPAM_ISDOCUMENTPURGED' expects the @ DOCGUID parameter, which was not provided." Errors on the other side.
  • Fixed Error handling in the DATEV EMA migration profile for "Failed to convert message to EML" error on the other side.

MailStore Server 12.1.1


  • Fixed Attachments with umlauts in the file name cannot be downloaded in the Outlook Add-In and Legacy Web Access.
  • Fixed Missing localization of a section title in some export profiles.

MailStore Server 12.1


  • Note Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Small Business Server 2008 support has been removed from this MailStore version. For an overview of the supported operating systems, please refer to the system requirements in the "System Requirements" article in the MailStore Server manual.
  • New Outlook Add-In: "Print E-Mail" button added, which triggers a quick printout of the message on the standard printer.
  • Improved Outlook Add-In: Update of the icons for better integration into the design of current Outlook versions.
  • Improved Significant increase in performance when comparing e-mails during mailbox archiving.
  • Improved installation program: Prevent installation on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Small Business Server 2008.
  • Improved links to the Exchange Implementation Guides added in the first step of the wizard for creating Exchange archiving profiles.
  • Improved Maintaining the archive folder structure is now optional in export profiles.
  • Improved audit log: Copying to the clipboard now includes all details of the logged events.
  • Improved Orphaned archives are displayed on the Permissions page.
  • Improved SMTP settings: added support for multiple recipients (comma-separated list of e-mail addresses).
  • Improved Thunderbird support: MailStore warns users of incomplete archiving due to an IMAP-based Thunderbird profile.
  • Improves jQuery security updates to address potential XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Improved Windows Mail archiving profile removed, as MailStore can no longer be run on an operating system on which Windows Mail is available.
  • Improved Quick export of the results of saved searches via context menu added.
  • Fixed occasional errors when accessing public folders in hybrid Exchange or Office 365 environments.
  • Fixed MailStore freezes when a forwarding loop has been configured in Autodiscover for Exchange or Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Fixed Change password authorization is not listed in the user list.
  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Login fails the first attempt if TLS 1.0 is disabled on the client computer.
  • Fixed Web Access does not forget the user logged in first after logging out, which leads to unexpected errors when logging in again.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 12.0.6


  • Fixed "Method not allowed" error when trying to obtain or renew a certificate from Let's Encrypt.

MailStore Server 12.0.5


  • Improved error handling in the DATEV EMA migration profile: behavior in the event of timeouts.

MailStore Server 12.0.4


  • Improved error handling in the DATEV EMA migration profile.

MailStore Server 12.0.3


  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Missing text in error dialogs.
  • Fixed SMTP sessions are not terminated with the QUIT command when sending messages to external systems.
  • Fixed Some buttons in the MailStore Server service configuration are too small to display the entire label in some languages.
  • Fixed Group policy for client does not apply the language setting correctly if the value "(System)" is selected.

MailStore Server 12.0.2


  • Fixed Missing translation of new texts in version 12 when a language other than German or English was selected.

MailStore Server 12.0.1


  • Fixed G Suite IMAP logins fail due to a token revocation bug.
  • Fixed Client: When clicking on a hyperlink in the email preview "about: blank #" is opened.
  • Fixed Archiving emails from a MailStore Gateway mailbox fails if the POP3 user name used in the proxy scenario is not all lowercase.

MailStore Server 12.0


  • Note Due to security-related bug fixes in the Client Launcher, it is strongly recommended to update the MailStore Client manually or with the help of automatic software distribution.
  • New support for Let's Encrypt certificates. MailStore Server supports administrators with the initial setup and takes care of the automatic renewal of the certificates every 60 days. Support for Let's Encrypt certificates has been built into the installation program as well as the MailStore Server service configuration.
  • New official support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
  • New On the admin start page and in the status reports, MailStore Server warns of the expiry of used certificates.
  • New The installation program supports selecting existing certificates, creating a self-signed certificate and requesting a certificate from Let's Encrypt.
  • New The unencrypted HTTP access, which is used by Legacy Web Access and the Outlook Add-In, is deactivated by default for a new installation in order to improve overall security when accessing the archive. A warning is displayed on the admin start page if unencrypted HTTP access is activated.
  • Note With this version, the unencrypted HTTP access used by Legacy Web Access and the Outlook Add-In is marked as obsolete and will be completely removed in a future MailStore version.
  • New The admin start page and the last profile results provide information about potentially insecure outgoing connections (e.g. unencrypted, ignore SSL warnings activated) to e-mail servers or directory services.
  • New Safe Mode: MailStore Server can be started from the MailStore Server Service Configuration in Safe Mode to solve configuration problems without the influence of profiles, jobs or users.
  • New MailStore Gateway: Free add-on application to replace MailStore Proxy. MailStore Gateway also offers limited email server functionality to receive messages from other email servers, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, via SMTP. A new archiving profile has been added in MailStore Client to archive messages from MailStore Gateway.
  • Improved Outlook Add-In: Secure connection is activated by default for new installations in order to take account of the elimination of unencrypted HTTP access on the server side.
  • Improved directory services: Secure protocols are proposed for new connections (e.g. LDAP-TLS, IMAP-TLS)
  • Improved password policy for MailStore-integrated users is now optional. It is enabled by default. For security reasons it is not recommended to deactivate the password policy, especially if the archive is accessible from the Internet.
  • Improved Automatic checking of the database schema when mounting or activating an archive store.
  • Improved G Suite added to the trademark list.
  • Improved Slight redesign of the MailStore Server service configuration.
  • Improved Web Client: Detection of the browser language and corresponding change of the application language.
  • Improved MailStore administrators are prevented from withdrawing their admin rights themselves.
  • Improved Web Client: Specific error message when performing searches that are too complex is displayed.
  • Fixed Inconsistent status icons in the detailed view of the results of multi-mailbox archiving profiles.
  • Fixed status reports: All non-failed statuses are treated as successful. This may not be the case under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Web Accces: Wrong date is displayed if the MAPI CST field is set in the message.
  • Fixed Error code of the start script is missing in the Windows event log.
  • Fixed HTML MIME parts with too high a recursion depth (e.g. nested DIVs) are displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed Help button on dialog "Create RAM" has no function.
  • Fixed Management API: Admin are able to delete themselves.
  • Fixed Searches which contain a date range fail when using extended RAM on Microsoft SQL servers.
  • Fixed Directory Services: Synchronization with G Suite fails if no groups exist in G Suite.
  • Fixed Client: Expired certificates that were previously whitelisted are trusted.
  • Fixed Web Access: Folders cannot be created manually below the top archive level.
  • Fixed Windows Firewall is not automatically configured for access to MailStore Management API.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 11.2.2


  • Note This version fixes a critical security vulnerability. We recommend that all customers who use an affected version of MailStore Server perform an update as soon as possible.
  • Fixed critical security vulnerability in version 9.6 and newer.

MailStore Server 11.2.1


  • Fixed Archiving from Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office365 fails under certain circumstances in hybrid environments or migration scenarios.
  • Fixed Very large recovery records lead to continuous auto-compacting of the recovery record files.
  • Fixed Audit log entries longer than 4096 bytes cannot be read from the file system.
  • Fixed Copyright increased to 2019.

MailStore Server 11.2


  • New official support for Microsoft Exchange 2019.
  • New official support for Microsoft Outlook 2019.
  • Improved Extension of the RecoverStore command to include a parameter for restoring deleted messages. Before using it, it is strongly recommended to contact technical support.
  • Improved retention policies: Stricter policy validation.
  • Improved Updated privacy policy and list of brand names and trademarks.
  • Fixed Incomplete exception handling in RecoverStore leads to situations in which the recovery process aborts due to defective search index files.

MailStore Server 11.1


  • New Password Policy defines the complexity requirements and the minimum length of passwords for MailStore-integrated users.
  • Note The password policy is hard-coded and takes effect the first or next time a MailStore password is changed.
  • New Web Access: MailStore-integrated users can change their own password.
  • Fixed Alt-N renamed in MDaemon to match the current manufacturer name.
  • Fixed VerifyStore fails under certain circumstances.

MailStore Server 11.0.2


  • Improved Improved performance when upgrading Archive Stores from version 10 or older. You can find more information on upgrading the archive stores in the notes on upgrading.
  • Note Users who have already performed an archive storage upgrade with version 11.0.0 must manually rebuild all search indices to restore full search functionality.
  • Note Users who are currently upgrading their archive storage from version 10 or older to 11.0.1 can cancel this process and upgrade directly to 11.0.2 in order to take advantage of the performance improvement for the remaining steps. A single search index may then have to be rebuilt due to the previous cancellation.
  • Improved Searches (including saved searches) without an archiving date are now possible for archive stores that have not been upgraded.
  • Fixed Error "System.NotSupportedException: Read operations are not supported by the data stream". Fixed

MailStore Server 11.0.1


  • Note version has been replaced by 11.0.2.

MailStore Server 11.0


  • New retention policies: By creating retention policies, administrators have full control over how long different types of messages are kept and whether they should be automatically removed after the retention period has expired. For each message, administrators can review how the current retention policies affect it.
  • Note A global retention period from a previous version is transferred to a corresponding retention policy. In addition, a new job is created which starts processing the retention guidelines every day at 3:30 a.m.
  • New Management API: GetRetentionPolicies and SetRetentionPolicies methods added. The "globalRetentionTimeYears" parameter has been removed from GetComplianceConfiguration and SetComplianceConfiguration.
  • New Under certain conditions, a warning is displayed on the dashboard and in the status reports, which reminds the administrator to make regular data backups. This warning is triggered by the absence of events (e.g. VSS, service restarts, etc.) that would be caused by internal or external data backups.
  • New Automatic Web Access Updates: MailStore Server administrators can opt for worry-free automatic updates to ensure that the latest security updates are installed as quickly as possible.
  • New Jobs: New template for processing retention policies.
  • Improved Web Access: Search criteria are now fully integrated in the sidebar of the desktop view.
  • Improved Web Access: Added setting for date formats independent of language.
  • Improved search: Messages can now be searched for based on their archiving date.
  • Improved Recovery records are now saved in separate container files, contain all metadata and are updated in real time.
  • Improved Recovery of archive stores based on the new recovery records enables the archive store database to be rebuilt without the need for re-archiving. The new RecoverStore Management API command provides access to this function.
  • Improved Further hardening of the key management to work around problems caused by errors in the file system.
  • Improved Integrated IMAP server: logins via insecure connections are no longer possible.
  • Improved TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 added support for outbound connections to access email servers.
  • Improved TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support for outbound connections to access PostgreSQL database servers added.
  • Improved proxy: TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support for incoming and outgoing connections added.
  • Improved client: TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 added support for outgoing connections to access MailStore Server.
  • Note It is strongly recommended to update MailStore Client manually or with the help of automatic software distribution in order to ensure TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 compatibility while the connection to MailStore Server is being established. This is absolutely necessary if TLS 1.0 has been deactivated on the MailStore Server computer, e.g. due to PCI compliance.
  • Improved Web Access version is now displayed on the dashboard and in the status reports.
  • Improved localization: description of audit events.
  • Improved telemetry data to include hardware specifications (CPU, main memory, storage media) and configuration of retention guidelines.
  • Fixed Client Launcher can be used to run any program, provided that files with the appropriate name are stored in a specific directory on the client computer.
  • Note It is strongly recommended to update MailStore Client manually or with the help of automatic software distribution in order to fix the security problem. After updating the Client Launcher, it will no longer be possible to connect to older MailStore Server installations.
  • Note It is highly recommended that you update the Email Archive Client manually or using automatic software distribution to resolve the security issue. After updating the Email Archive Client, it will no longer be possible to connect to older MailStore SPE instances.
  • Fixed Selecting the catchall folder causes an error under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Missing window title in progress dialogs with terminal output.
  • Fixed calling of an incorrect help page for jobs.
  • Fixed Output of VerifyStore and VerifyStores command does not contain any indications of corrupt container files.
  • Fixed The path to the archive is missing in the Windows event log when mounting archive stores.
  • Fixed Incorrect error message when Outlook Click-to-Run detection fails.
  • Fixed Incorrect text in the dialog for mounting existing archive stores.
  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Open and restore buttons are unexpectedly disabled.
  • Fixed Web Access: Mobile welcome page does not jump to search on iPhones when the search field is clicked.
  • Fixed Web Access: Under certain circumstances it is not possible to log in after restarting the MailStore Server.
  • Fixed Web Access: Incorrect design of the radio buttons.
  • Fixed Web Access: Buttons in the toolbar are not displayed if certain headers are missing in a message.
  • Fixed Comprehensive update of a third-party component that fixes numerous problems with archiving, viewing and exporting emails.

MailStore Server 10.2.3


  • Improved Web Access: The new Web Access is now available in all 17 languages.
  • Fixed Web Access: Login not possible if MailStore Server only accepts connections on the IP address of a network card.
  • Fixed Web Access: Under certain circumstances the login page is blocked after logging out (e.g. expired session).
  • Fixed Web Access: Problems with "save password" function in some web browsers.
  • Fixed Synchronization of users with "Office 365 operated by 21Vianet" (China) fails.
  • Fixed display problems when changing the standard password when using high values ​​for scaling fonts (high DPI).

MailStore Server 10.2.1


  • Improved MailStore Client: Update of the Implementation Guide list.
  • Fixed Folders are not recognized when archiving IMAP servers, which do not list the SPECIAL-USE capability but offer XLIST, and at the same time respond to XLIST requests with LIST (e.g. Dovecot with configured Outlook workaround).
  • Fixed Web Access: Downloading attachments with special characters in the file name fails.
  • Fixed Web Access: Search queries that are too complex do not generate an error message.
  • Fixed Web Access: The displayed name of a saved search is not updated if it is saved under a new name.
  • Fixed Web Access: Additional cross in the search field when using Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed Web Access: Internet Explorer uses compatibility mode if the Web Access URL is mistaken for an intranet page.
  • Fixed Web Accces: It takes a long time to open or download large emails and attachments or fails.

MailStore Server 10.2


  • New Responsive Web Access enables the archive to be accessed from any device, regardless of the operating system or screen size. In addition, it offers more functions than Legacy Web Access, such as deleting or moving messages.
  • Newly digitally signed export of e-mails enables the message integrity to be ensured outside of the archive.
  • New Management API: Method for managing SMTP settings added.
  • Improved Update notifications now contain an HTML display and show further information about the installation and the license status.
  • Improved SMTP settings: Default port was changed to 587 and STARTTLS is selected by default.
  • Improved Audit Log: Use of the Lock Smith is now logged.
  • Improves hardening of encryption key management.
  • Improved More information about skipping messages is shown in the profile execution summary.
  • Fixed User list under Audit Log not sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed HighDPI problems in the service configuration
  • Fixed HighDPI problems in the dialog for managing the automatic creation of archive stores.
  • Fixed Attaching a MailStore Server 5 or older archive store to a master database that was upgraded to 10.x fails.
  • Fixed "Test" button in Exchange profiles does not take into account the status of the "Ignore SSL warnings" checkbox when the autodiscovery mechanism is used.
  • Fixed Comprehensive update of a third-party component that fixes numerous problems with archiving, viewing and exporting emails.

MailStore Server 10.1.4


  • New support for the last Microsoft Office 365 update (Exchange Server 15.20).

MailStore Server 10.1.3


  • Fixed Synchronization of users with Office 365 Germany fails.

MailStore Server 10.1.1


  • Fixed User login against Active Directory fails under certain circumstances if the archive was originally created with MailStore Server 5 or older.

MailStore Server 10.1


  • New Status Report: MailStore administrators can have status reports sent to them on a regular basis by creating a corresponding job in MailStore. These status reports contain relevant information from all areas, such as successful or failed profiles and jobs, license information and much more.
  • New Automatic detection of the "Sent" folder in IMAP mailboxes.
  • New Depending on the audit settings, administrators and / or normal users are asked to provide a reason for deleting emails. This reason is logged in the corresponding audit log event.
  • New compliance: Additional protection against unintentional locking and unlocking of archive access by entering the password again.
  • New compliance: Administrators are requested to enter a reason for blocking and unblocking archive access. This reason is logged in the corresponding audit log event.
  • New "Find here ..." entry in the context menu of a folder enables you to easily carry out an advanced search in the selected folder.
  • Improved support for multiple IMAP folders for sent emails.
  • Improved Search added the ability to search for different expressions in different parts of an email. Added new keywords to only search in the email body or email attachments. Search documentation has been extensively revised.
  • Improved search filters "Older / Newer Than (Period)", "Not Older / Not Newer Than (Period)", "Older / Newer Than (Date)" and "Not Older / Not Newer Than (Date)" added in advanced search.
  • Improved Default limitation of the search index to 10000 tokens (words) per object removed.
  • Improved update notifications expanded to include information about the server environment (e.g. server name, licensee, ...)
  • Improved the retention time of profile and job results is increased to 90 days for new installations.
  • Improved "Test sync" function in the directory services configuration now enables the user to be tested directly from the list of results.
  • Improved Integrated backup and the VSS settings allow the exclusion of search indexes to increase the efficiency of remote backups or to prevent unencrypted data from being stored on other systems.
  • Improved Standard selection of "IMAP-TLS" or "POP3-TLS" in new profiles.
  • Improved Archive page now shows the total number of emails and the total size in megabytes.
  • Improved No archiving of e-mails as long as not all incoming archive stores are available (status: archive here, normal, write-protected). In certain scenarios, this prevents duplicates from being created during archiving.
  • Improved replacement of "Google Apps" by "G Suite"
  • Improved support for Google G Suites new JSON-based interchange format.
  • Improved workaround for handling emails with incorrect character encoding identifiers (e.g. utf8, cp1252 or CP-850).
  • Improved License information removed from normal user dashboard.
  • Improved Further improvement of the protection of user passwords inside and outside the application, e.g. by using the Windows password manager.
  • Improved hash algorithm of self-signed certificates changed to SHA256.
  • Improved The installation path for new installations now contains "MailStore" instead of the previous company name "deepinvent".
  • Improved renaming of the status on the auditing side to show the effect.
  • Fixed Upgrading from version 9 or older fails if an archive store cannot be opened.
  • Fixed Upgrading from version 9 or older fails if an archive store cannot be opened.
  • Fixed Outlook Add-In: Buttons may be disabled when using multiple Outlook windows.
  • Fixed Inconsistent status of aborted profiles.
  • Fixed IMAP server: Incompatibility with Pine / Alpine e-mail client by sending an incorrect continuation request.
  • Fixed IMAP server: PLAIN authentication method is output as a capability after logging in.
  • Fixed Debug log contains misleading UID information when archiving IMAP mailboxes.
  • Fixed MIME preamble is neither displayed nor exported.
  • Fixed Incorrect labeling of "Email preview by admin" on the dashboard.
  • Fixed Product key / generated passphrase must be entered in correct upper / lower case when unlocking archive stores.
  • Fixed CRAM-MD5 authentication is visible in the debug log.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 10.0.2


  • Note This release fixes two critical security vulnerabilities in Web Access. We recommend that all customers who use an affected version of MailStore Server perform an update as soon as possible.
  • Fixed Web Access: Reflected Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) vulnerability of the search function, with which it is possible for an attacker to gain access to the archive if the victim clicks on a specially adapted link while logged into Web Access. Affected versions: 9.2 and newer.
  • Fixed Web Access: Open Redirect in Dereferrer. This allows an attacker to create specially adapted links that redirect the victim to potentially dangerous websites even though the link itself points to a trustworthy resource. Affected versions: 9.0 and newer

MailStore Server 10.0.1


  • Fixed The upgrade process may end unexpectedly on slow hard drives or USB drives.
  • Fixed The database update does not delete the MailStoreFileGroup.fdb.key file of a previously failed update.
  • Fixed Integrated backup creates duplicates in the target directory when backing up former standard archive stores.

MailStore Server 10.0


  • New Full encryption of databases and audit logs. In addition to the existing encryption of archive content and sensitive information within the databases, all databases and audit logs are encrypted from this version onwards. This requires an upgrade of the archive stores. Please read the update instructions carefully to learn more about the upgrade process and the consequences of stronger encryption.
  • New rotation of keys for encryption.
  • New email notifications about the availability of software updates.
  • New Optionally activatable function to enable MailStore Server to send anonymized usage data so that we can better understand how the software is used. The raw data to be sent can be viewed at any time.
  • New All actions taken by administrators except MessageRetrieveContent are recorded in the audit log.
  • New dashboard: Notice of non-configured SMTP settings.
  • New Windows Performance Counter for monitoring the Firebird Database Connection Pool.
  • Improved Internal Archive Stores (formerly called "Standard Archive Stores") now support different storage locations for databases, search indexes and email content. This is also fully supported by the function for automatically creating new archive stores and the internal backup function. "Extended archive stores" of the "Directory (file system)" type are automatically converted to "Internal archive stores".
  • Improved The access restrictions for MailStore administrators have been extended and are activated by default for newly created archives. MailStore administrators are no longer able to search or export archives of other MailStore users as long as archive access is blocked by the compliance setting "Archive access" (formerly "Email preview").
  • Improved The standard password "admin" of the standard MailStore administrator "admin" forces a password change after login. Please note that you can still only log in with the standard access data on the same computer.
  • Improved Internal relative paths are used to store the directories of archive stores. This makes it easier to move an entire archive to another location.
  • Improved synchronization of Office 365 users who are not assigned an Exchange Online license.
  • Improved Pressing the delete key triggers the delete function when one or more emails have been selected in the email list.
  • Improved Web Access / Outlook Add-in: Forwarding of HTTP requests to HTTPS.
  • Improved display of a warning when trying to rename a folder, but the target name is already taken.
  • Improved Automatic deletion of the mailbox cache file "MailboxCache.fdb" if it could not be loaded.
  • Improved License installation is now part of the installation process.
  • Improved The license file is encrypted and saved on the hard drive.
  • Fixed Hyperlinks in dialogs are clickable.
  • Fixed Incorrect encoding of passwords when logging on to remote IMAP servers.
  • Fixed IMAP export to Tobit David fails if the server sends EXPUNGE as a response to the APPEND command.
  • Fixed RTF attachments are incorrectly used as email content when exporting to MSG files.
  • Fixed Clicking "Help" in the login screen leads to an error message.
  • Fixed Embedded web browser controls are no longer supported by Google's consent dialog. As recommended by Google, the user's standard browser now opens to open the consent dialog.
  • Fixed "Enter your name here" is displayed in the dashboard when the full name of the user is blank.
  • Fixed service configuration: Incorrectly translated command line example on startup script page in Dutch translation.
  • Fixed Comprehensive update of a third-party component that fixes numerous problems with archiving, viewing and exporting emails.
  • Changed "Extended Archive Stores" have been renamed to "External Archive Stores".
  • Changed In the navigation, "Users and Authorizations" has been renamed to "Users and Archives".
  • Changed The "Storage> Statistics" page has been moved to "Users and Archives> Archives". In addition, it now supports the administration (renaming, deleting, ...) of user archives.
  • Changed The compliance setting "E-Mail Preview" has been renamed to "Archive Access".

MailStore Server 9.8.2


  • Fixed When archiving multiple Google Apps mailboxes, the conditions for deleting emails are ignored.

MailStore Server 9.8.1


  • Fixed Cannot log in as a normal user.

MailStore Server 9.8


  • Improved Executed profiles are now marked with "Terminated with warnings" in "Last Results" if internal errors of the "Warnings" type have occurred. Previously, these warnings were only visible in the details and profiles were marked with "Successful".
  • Improved Job Scheduler: Added column "Result of last run".
  • Fixed Client: Slow display of the search result list when searching for recipients if a found e-mail has a large number of recipients in the "To" field.
  • Fixed Client: A large number of recipients in the e-mail view may mean that overlaying the e-mail content does not allow access to it.
  • Fixed IMAP Server: Various bugs have been fixed to improve the compatibility with IMAP clients.
  • Fixed Service Configuration Tool: Unexpected error message and inaccessible "IP addresses and ports" configuration when an SSL certificate is no longer in the Windows certificate store.
  • Fixed The archiving process is stopped and an error message of the type System.UnauthorizedAccessException is displayed if emails are archived by the file system and a folder cannot be accessed (e.g. missing permissions).
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 9.7.1


  • Fixed Invalid CSS in an HTML email leads to an error message and prevents the email from being displayed.
  • Fixed missing thousands separator when displaying the number of archived emails in the dashboard banner.

MailStore Server 9.7


  • New New Gmail archiving profile with support of OAuth authentication and the automatic deletion of emails from the mailbox. Please note the information on the update if you are currently using the Gmail archiving profile.
  • Improved Simplified configurability of the indexing of e-mail attachment content for supported file types. In addition, a message on the dashboard indicates if indexing has not yet been configured.
  • Improved checking for supported Adobe PDF iFilter versions added.
  • Improved client: Minor design adjustments to the dashboard.
  • Improved translations improved.
  • Fixed When synchronizing with Google Apps, invalid MailStore user names are created if the user's primary email address contains capital letters.
  • Fixed Synchronizing users with Google Apps is limited to 200 users per group.
  • Fixed Under certain circumstances, BCC recipients are incorrectly displayed to non-admin users.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 9.6


  • New client: Can be attached to the taskbar under Windows 7 and higher.
  • New Server: New API method GetServiceConfiguration for retrieving the MailStore Server service configuration.
  • New MailStore Proxy: Support for Delivery Status Notifications (DSN) added.
  • Improved support of various SSL certificate thumbprint formats in group policies.
  • Improved Group Policy allows you to configure the language of the client and Outlook add-in.
  • Fixed E-mail headers are missing when printing from Web Access and Client.
  • Fixed Incorrect number of deleted emails in the summary when trying to delete emails from read-only IMAP folders.
  • Fixed Server might stop responding if several simultaneous requests are sent to an LDAP-based directory service.
  • Fixed Computer name and user agent are not displayed under Active Sessions when accessing via Outlook Add-In.
  • Fixed Mobile Web Access: jQuery and jQuery Mobile updated to the latest version to protect against possible security gaps.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Server 9.5


  • New official support for Microsoft Exchange 2016.
  • Improved Improvement of the Exchange Autodiscover support.
  • Improved client: Calling up a saved search now marks the hits in the same way as the normal search.
  • Fixed Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Attachments whose file names begin with a # cannot be opened.
  • Fixed MailStore skips folders when archiving Mozilla Thunderbird if the path of the Thunderbird profile contains special characters.
  • Fixed The search does not use the regional settings of the system to determine the first day of the week.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes.

MailStore Server 9.4.1


  • Fixed Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Search for user-defined period yields incorrect search results.
  • Fixed Incorrect processing of CSS when displaying HTML messages under certain circumstances.

MailStore Server 9.4


  • New official support for Outlook 2016.
  • Fixed Installer ignores custom installation path during upgrade, possibly creating a new archive in the default path. The existing archive remains untouched.
  • Fixed Client: When copying table contents to the clipboard, columns may be duplicated or hidden columns may be included.
  • Fixed When using self-signed certificates, MailStore Server may select the wrong SSL certificate when starting.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes.

MailStore Server 9.3


  • New official support for Windows 10.
  • Improved directory service integration: Improved performance when building the group list if there is a very large number of groups in the directory service.
  • Improved server, client and IMAP server: Support for insecure SSLv2 and SSLv3 removed. Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
  • Improved X-Final-To header is taken into account when archiving IMAP multidrop mailboxes. This particularly improves the archiving of such mailboxes by Kerio Connect mail servers.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes.

MailStore Server 9.2.1


  • Improved the speed when fetching groups from Microsoft Office 365.
  • Fixed Synchronization of Microsoft Office 365 environments with more than 100 users fails.
  • Fixed Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Compatibility problems with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with .NET Framework 4.6.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes.

MailStore Server 9.2


  • New A new job scheduler makes it easier to carry out maintenance tasks such as data backup, data integrity check and index rebuilding on a regular basis. The scheduler, which is directly integrated in MailStore Server, works with every Management API command.
  • New The Microsoft Office 365 directory services can now be used by MailStore for user synchronization and authentication.
  • Improved Web Access and the add-in for Microsoft Outlook now have a completely redesigned message list view, which makes it possible to scroll through large folder contents and search results with minimal delay.
  • Improved MailStore Server now supports the 64-bit version of the MDaemon Messaging Server.
  • Fixed The information presented in reports of multi-mailbox archiving profiles is misleading under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Saved searches cannot be opened or deleted, depending on the characters used in their names and the browser used.
  • Fixed Some executables are not marked as "DPI-aware", which makes the user interface look fuzzy depending on the Windows version and DPI settings.
  • Fixed Access to Microsoft Outlook causes a protection fault if the root folder of the mailbox is not accessible.
  • Fixed An extended archive store cannot be created on a SQL Server with a Turkish server collation. Please note that even with this bug fix, the collation of the database used for MailStore cannot be Turkish.
  • Fixed Opening S / MIME messages in Outlook and restoring them in Outlook or exporting as MSG / PST fails under certain circumstances with the error message "Accessing content stream of non-leaf entities is not supported."
  • Fixed Some windows in MailStore Client are not displayed correctly if Windows has a DPI setting other than 96 dpi (100%) and / or if windows are resized.
  • Fixed Certain Outlook messages cannot be processed by MailStore. The error message "The argument passed to this method is out of range." or similar is displayed.
  • Fixed Google Apps directory service synchronization hangs under certain circumstances when there is a large number of users or groups.
  • Fixed The indexing of message content and attachments in HTML format is incorrectly performed under certain circumstances, which leads to incomplete results in full-text searches. If you notice this error, please rebuild the search indexes.
  • Fixed File system archiving profiles cannot be created using drag & drop from Windows Explorer, as described in the documentation.
  • Fixed Some tables in MailStore Client that allow multiple selections react very slowly if a large number of entries is selected.
  • Fixed Some tables in MailStore Client that allow multiple selections do not allow the use of the key combination Ctrl + A to select all entries.

MailStore Server 9.1


  • New First-class support for Google Apps (including synchronization of the user database, authentication, multi-mailbox archiving using a central service account, multi-drop archiving and export).
  • Improved The internal scanning of archive storage directories has now been reduced to a minimum, which leads to a significant improvement in performance, especially when larger archives are used and / or stored on network storage.
  • Fixed The email preview integrated in MailStore can now detect and repair invalid CSS to a certain extent.

MailStore Server 9.0.5


  • New support for the last Microsoft Office 365 update (Exchange Server 15.1).
  • Fixed An error message is displayed when trying to run an MDaemon multi-mailbox archiving profile that was created with an old MailStore Server version.

MailStore Server 9.0.4


  • Fixed Archiving and Export: If a profile is executed via a scheduled task or via the API, the memory and / or hard disk space used for reports or debug logs is not released until the server process is terminated or restarted.
  • Fixed archiving and export: The user interface displays texts in the wrong language under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed archiving and export: The CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism does not work when mailboxes are accessed via the IMAP protocol.
  • Fixed Archiving: MailStore cannot archive Microsoft Exchange folders that contain tab characters in their names.
  • Fixed Client, Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Messages in HTML format are not displayed correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Web Access: Windows authentication is not offered when Internet Explorer 11 is used.
  • Fixed server: Under certain circumstances folder names are made known to users without the appropriate authorization.
  • Fixed Server: A timeout may occur when trying to upgrade a large amount of archive storage created by old MailStore Server versions.
  • Improved server: The I / O load when accessing Firebird Embedded-based database files has been reduced.
  • Improved Various minor user interface improvements and bug fixes.

MailStore Server 9.0.3


  • Fixed Client: In 120 dpi mode, some controls are not scaled correctly (e-mail list, date ranges, folder inclusion / exclusion dialog, progress dialogs).
  • Fixed Client: Commands that cannot be called are offered to users who have limited archiving or export rights (only execution rights or only administration rights). However, users receive an Access Denied error message when they try to run these commands.
  • Fixed Client: The "Last Results" page is not offered to users who are only allowed to manage archiving and / or export profiles.
  • Fixed directory services integration: Due to a bug in the Windows ADSI connection pool, Active Directory authentication may fail when Transport Layer Security (LDAP-SSL) is used. This version contains a workaround, which carries out the authentication in the LDAP-SSL case via separate LDAP connections.
  • Fixed Integrated backup: The Restore.bat script, which is created by the integrated backup function, leaves out empty folders.
  • Fixed Management API: The virtual time zones $ UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and $ Local (local time of the server) are not available in the API methods GetTimeZones and GetWorkerResults.

MailStore Server 9.0.2


  • Fixed If a CD / DVD export profile was created with MailStore Server 6.x or lower and this was not removed as part of the upgrade to MailStore Server 7.0 or higher, an error message is displayed when trying to select the "Export emails" page to open.

MailStore Server 9.0.1