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Fusion: blue seven and N! N pro became monobunt

REED. The two Rieder advertising agencies N! N pro GmbH and blausieben have merged. The new agency that combines offline and online advertising is called Monobunt. The two managing directors Andreas Rathner (blausieben) and Norbert Strappler (N! N pro) acknowledged the merger at “Dome Clubbing” at Fill in Gurten.

At N! N pro, the focus is on websites, web shops and online marketing, while blue seven focuses on the areas of branding, storytelling and design.

Norbert Strappler, Managing Director of N! N pro: "We started working together more closely a year and a half ago: While Andi's team was putting the customer's story on paper, we were responsible for implementing the associated online presence."

Andreas Rathner, managing director of blausieben, adds: “We noticed that we complement each other really well. Together we can achieve much more and also cover the full spectrum of the advertising world from classic print design and brand development to spectacular websites, online marketing, videos and even promotional items. "

13 employees

Monobunt is the only official “Google Partner” in the district and bears the seal of “Leitbetrieb Österreich”.

After the merger, the company has 13 employees at the previous location in Rieder Techno-Z and a further twelve freelance developers across Europe. The team will not only be retained, but will be continuously expanded. Strappler and Rathner: "Creative talents are always welcome at Monobunt."