How to play gta4 2 player offline

Multiplayer (IV)

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The Multiplayer mode there is, among other things, in Grand Theft Auto IV. Getting into the multiplayer mode of GTA IV is very easy: Activate the mobile phone menu and select the menu item "Multiplayer".

Player mode

The player mode is for pure entertainment. Everything you achieve here is not documented (as part of the Rockstar Social Club).

Party mode

This is a special mode that always starts at Alderney Casino. It can be selected before Quick Game and Custom Game. The party mode is always private and friendly fire is switched on, regardless of what you have set in the preferences. There are all kinds of weapons around the casino, a pistol with full ammunition is available to the player in the inventory right from the start. The guns are also distributed all over the city. There is a Maverick and an Annihilator on the roof of the casino, as well as a second Maverick and two NRGs on the square in front of the casino. In The Ballad of Gay Tony there are three buzzards in total. Two squalos are laid out on the jetty. Strangely enough, there are also two Comets on the area, otherwise the Comet is only available in multiplayer in the race. The vehicles do not always spawn, however. There is a bug how you can get into the Blue Hell and mercilessly slaughter all participating players.

Fast game

Quick Play allows you to quickly participate in an online game without putting too much effort into it. Just choose the mode you want to play.

Game modes


The Lost and Damned

The Ballad of Gay Tony

If you have selected the game mode, you will immediately be taken to the lobby of the game you want. You cannot host a game via "Quick Game" and you cannot change any settings. If the host leaves the game, there is a possibility that the other players will choose you as the new host, which will give you access to the settings.

Custom game

If you choose slots 0 in Custom Game, you get into a lobby in which you are not the host. Why this is so is not known. In the custom game, you can host "private games" for invited players.

Before you select "Start game" on your mobile phone, select the option for opening private games (lobby with 32 private slots on PC / 16 private slots on XBox360 & PS3) ". Other players do not come in here without an invitation.

After the game has started you will be in the lobby. You can now invite players using the Games for Windows Live or Xbox LIVE invite system, or on PlayStation Network, grab your phone, go to "Friends" and invite your friends who are currently playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Once the game has started, you can continue to use the mobile phone.

Ranking system

Default settings

Below is a list of settings that can be made to customize a game. Not all options are available in every mode.



  1. Liberty City
  2. Alderney
  3. Algonquin
  4. Bohan
  5. Dukes / Broker

special locations

  1. industrial area
  2. jail
  3. Docks (Normandy and Port Tudor)
  4. Happiness Island
  5. Colony Island
  6. Charge Island
  7. Airport


Time (in minutes)

Money (in dollars)

  • 500
  • 1.000
  • 2.500
  • 5.000
  • 7.500
  • 10.000
  • 20.000
  • 50.000


Which team do you want to be on?

Friendly Fire (fire from your own side, can only be set in single player)

  • Attack (attacks on other players or teammates can be fatal)
  • Off (attacks on other players or teammates have no consequence)

Automatic aiming (can only be set in single player)


  1. All
  2. Weak (weapon set bad)
  3. default
  4. Strong (weapon set good)
  5. Pistols
  6. Shotguns
  7. Projectiles (grenades and Molotov cocktails)
  8. Fists (knife and baseball bat)
  9. SMGs
  10. Assault rifles
  11. Rocket launcher
  12. Sniper rifles

Police (can only be set in single player)

  • Off (no police)
  • To (with police)


  • Out
  • Parked cars
  • Few
  • medium
  • Lots



  • What is immediately noticeable: You die in multiplayer much fasterthan in single player. 2 shots in the head and the player is dead. For example, the shotgun has an immediate death at close range, but in single player it only takes 1/4 to 1/2 life.
  • Often it can happen that a player does not exist in the lobby, but for example with a friend.
  • It can also happen that if you try to kill a player and he does not die, that player goes out of the game, has just been spawned or is using mods.
  • If you are spawned, you are for 5 seconds invulnerable.
  • The Blue Hell is very suitable for the games. From there you can kill all opponents without hesitation.

But Attention: You can get wounded in a few buildings.

  • You will often see friends driving against walls, for example, or accidents without touching vehicles.
  • The traffic in multiplayer has many bugs: You often see vehicles spawned into each other, exploding on the roadside or mass collisions and occasionally vehicles fly off bridges.
  • The traffic in multiplayer is generally very bug-rich.
  • In multiplayer, every vehicle has a radio, including emergency vehicles.