How to Approach a Shy Scorpio Man

Conquer Scorpio Man: How to Crack His Shell

Scorpio Horoscope: More Drama, Baby!

The Scorpio man is third in the Fire ranks alongside the Aries man and the Leo man. The element fits like a glove, because the Scorpio is a very passionate person. Not only does he love passionately, he can also hate profusely or wallow in pain. A pretty deep guy.

The way he treats other people is just as extreme as his feelings. A Scorpio is notorious for his direct nature. If he does not like something or someone, he does not shy away from relentlessly expressing it. It goes without saying that he doesn't just make friends with his openness and honesty.

Anyone who meets the Scorpio man will find him either fascinating or disturbing and outrageous - there is rarely anything in between. One thing is certain, however: in the rarest of cases, he remains indifferent. His mysterious, obscure nature also contributes to this. And something else is typical of Scorpio: he is a real fighter by nature. When he sees meaning in something, he puts all his energy into it - be it a relationship or a job.

Conquer Scorpio-Man: don't get around the bush!

A passionate ambience is essential if you want to conquer the Scorpio man. For the first date, for example, a visit to the opera like Carmen or a play like Romeo and Juliet is ideal, as the pieces arouse deep emotions.

Basically, you don't have to worry too much about the location, because the content of the conversation is much more important to the Scorpio man. Small talk is not for this complex gentleman, he likes it more intimate from the start. The vibrations have to be right for him, otherwise he will quickly lose interest.

If you want to take the risk, you can lure him with a little secret of yourself. This is how you make him feel that you trust him. However, realize that knowing what's going on in your head will never be easy. He is also one of those people who like to be in control of everything. One thing is certain, however: it never gets boring with this man.